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Monday, November 22, 2010

Manage your personal finance with Mint!

Living in the 21st century and an ever-borderless, globalizing world, our markets are perpetually inundated with various products and accessories flown in from every part of the world. We as consumers are definitely spoilt for choice! And on a typical shopping day, we might make a visit to our favourite stores in town and more often than not, we'll shop till we drop, especially when these stores are having big sales and promotions! Now tell me… Who could ever resist that temptation?

That said, upon returning home and after having indulged ourselves in that temporary bliss of shopping frenzy, reality hits. And it hits REAL BIGGG. We sigh, shriek, and utter in disbelief, “Goodness gracious! I’ve just spent hundreds!”

Well my friends, does that seem oh-so déjà vu to you? Ouch! All I can advise is, you seriously need to seek a personal finance manager - a budget planner to be precise!

But don’t you put on a grumpy face yet! It ain’t gonna cost you thousands! With the awesome Mint online app, in fact, it’s totally free! You heard it right - FREE! What’s best about this nifty thing is that, it’s only a click away on the web! You don’t even need to leave your home! With this app, you can now manage your personal budget, home budget, or any budgets you need with ease. You get to see your spending trends through helpful graphs and charts, and you'll know where and when you ought to stop spending! Besides, you'll also get personalized ideas on how to save money, and that will probably save you from splurging on unnecessary items in the future which you'll regret sooner or later!

Be rest assured, with Mint's awesome budget software, you'll never have those unwelcome surprises from your bank at the end of the month again. 100% guaranteed! :D

Friday, November 19, 2010

Yet another breakie day

I'm quite amazed at myself. I rarely wake up before noon on hols or weekends. It's like a mission impossible to make me greet the morning sun on these days, unless and unless. But ever since I came home, I've been getting my butt off the bed early (by early, I mean before noon). And I even made it for breakfast! :D

It was another day of breakie for me, all prepared by mum. Don't you all just love mum's cooking? Even if it's just an ordinary meal, nothing fancy and luxurious - to me, it's priceless. Money can't buy you that. Not even those sumptuous meals at Michelin star-rated restaurants can compare. They all lack one important ingredient - the affection of a mother. :)

Longevity noodles
Longevity noodles

Congee in the broth of angelica sinensis
Congee in the broth of angelica sinensis

Thanks mum! ♥

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Breakfast, sprinkled with mum's love

It feels so good being home! One of the best things - to taste mum's cooking! She made us breakfast this morning, and even though it was just a simple meal, I was oh-so satisfied! :D

Dry noodles
Dry noodles with shiitake mushroom

Noodle soup
With soup, tofu, and meat analogues

Oh, looking back at these pics is making me hungry! :S

Monday, November 15, 2010

I'm back home!

Ah... How I missed my home! Everything... The smells, the colours, the air... And mum's cooking. My hometown was hit by the worst flood in recent years last week. Thank goodness the waters have receded and now all things have returned to normal. Am so gonna laze around in my couch these days while not forgetting to prepare for my finals next week. Gosh!

Friday, November 05, 2010

Estoy muy muy muy cansado!

The title says everything. Am just fed up with what I'm doing now. My health would definitely deteriorate sooner or later if I continue to be like this. No hay tiempo para otros actividades. Mi vida es un disastre ahora.

But what to do? Es la realidad. Life's like that.