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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Time machine

I used to wonder, how great it would be if there's really a time machine, where we could travel through time as our heart desires.

Done something terribly wrong and keeps blaming yourself for being so foolish? Zap.... You're going back to rescue the situation before it goes the wrong way!

Dread the lonely days without a companion by your side? Zap... You're fast-forwarding the pace of time until you arrive on the day when you have your companion beside you!

Curious about how our world becomes 100 years later? Zap... You're in 2109!

Wish that you're there to see the greatness and glory of the Roman Empire in its heydays? Zap... You're being transported 2 millennia back to meet Julius Caesar in the Eternal City!

Now my friends, if you were given a chance to experience time travel, when and where would you like to be at?


zewt said...

hahaha... we all wonder the same thing. honestly, i have actually sat down and seriously consider this... and i realised, i dont want to change anything. going back in time will change the course of history, something i dont really want to.

kyh said...

Imagine that the whole course of history is rewritten due to your presence somewhere in history! :P