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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I miss cinemas

Ever since I came back to Alor Star from Penang for my semester break (and yes, my 12-week long industrial training), I've been yearning to go for a movie. It's not that there are no cinemas here, it's just that... Well, whatever.

There are so many movies that I've wanted to watch but missed. Angels and Demons, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian, Drag Me to Hell... Aaahhhhh! Can anyone understand my feelings now? *sigh*

I can't wait to resume my movie-going days when I return to Penang next month, though the thought of going back to school is just.... Well, 1 word ~ SUX.

Tired... And tired

My 12-week long industrial training programme at an architecture firm is gonna end in approximately 3 weeks. One thing that keeps bugging me is that I keep feelin' tired and sleepy at work. I know I'm never a morning person. I sleep late, I wake up late. But for the sake of adapting myself to working life, I go to bed much earlier than before. And even if I have 8 hours of sleep the previous night, my eyes keep fallin' down whenever I'm at the office. Grrr... I wonder if there's a remedy for this. Anyone?

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Halloween Express

Spirit Halloween is comin'! Yes, dressing up as ghosts, spirits, vampires, or your favourite movie characters and celebrate the day in a high and cheerful spirit!

It's never too early to get preparations ready for this annual fun-filled festival. First off, you would need a costume that brings out your best character, or something that would spook your neighbourhood friends. Then look no further than Halloween Express of Ventura County!

I'd love to experience the Halloween spirit in this sunny Californian county that borders the endless blue of the Pacific Ocean. With more than 10,000 costumes and accessories to choose from, I'm sure I'd be able to find a costume that fits me best and brings out the best in me at one of the many Halloween Express stores of Ventura County.

And nope, I'm not gonna dress up as your ordinary ghost that haunts the town at the night of Halloween, but rather as a European knight whose mighty conquests had brought so many fables and legends that still continue to live on in history books.

Now, now... Trick or treat? :D

Time machine

I used to wonder, how great it would be if there's really a time machine, where we could travel through time as our heart desires.

Done something terribly wrong and keeps blaming yourself for being so foolish? Zap.... You're going back to rescue the situation before it goes the wrong way!

Dread the lonely days without a companion by your side? Zap... You're fast-forwarding the pace of time until you arrive on the day when you have your companion beside you!

Curious about how our world becomes 100 years later? Zap... You're in 2109!

Wish that you're there to see the greatness and glory of the Roman Empire in its heydays? Zap... You're being transported 2 millennia back to meet Julius Caesar in the Eternal City!

Now my friends, if you were given a chance to experience time travel, when and where would you like to be at?