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Sunday, January 11, 2009

The laundry, the PR, and the Middle East conflict

Just finished doing my laundry an hour ago, which included the damn towel that I loathe washing the most. It's the hardest thing to wash, okay? I was feeling like a dead fish after brushing to-and-fro on that damn piece of fabric. I'd rather have 10 pieces of clothes to start with than doing this stupid thing! And oh, I think I was being so exceptionally diligent this week as I've done my laundry for like 3 times already. Amazing!

¤ ¤ ¤

I was shocked to find the Google PageRank for this blog dropped drastically from 3 to 1 one day. I thought it must have been Google going around punishing blogs laden with PPP entries, like what happened a year or two ago (mine was not affected then, thankfully). This left me feeling kinda dejected for the rest of the day. But after 1 week, it climbed back to the gleeful 3 again. Yay! But then, my PPP database still records it as PR1. I must somehow take an action else I'd lose a great deal of opportunities that cater for blogs of higher PageRanks! As for my dear sOleiLian, it's now a PR2 blog. Whee... Double happiness!

¤ ¤ ¤

And regarding the recent hot political issue, posters calling for an end to the Israeli occupation in Palestine are everywhere at my university campus. While I strongly condemn the killings of innocent civilians like those defenceless womenfolk and children, it doesn't mean that Israel is to blame for all these acts. It is those cowards of Hamas who triggered this war by frequently firing rockets into Israeli zones which of course provoked the Israeli army. These rockets, although weaker in power and much smaller in scale to the big artillery used by the Israelis, do possess the canny ability to kill and inflict harm on others, in this case the innocent Israeli civilians.

I'm so tired of this one-sided national view on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. It's always the fault of the demonic Israelis and Americans, while the Palestinian murderers are unanimously hailed as heroes and warriors. Bullshit! So double standard. You see, I'm not standing on either side of the war, but murderers will always remain as murderers. No matter Israeli or Palestinian (or wherever shit one is from), those who murder someone intentionally should be brought to court in the name of justice. If they want to battle, fine, do it the proper, gentleman way, i.e. not targetting the masses who are largely innocent. What's the point of killing an old lady or a young toddler when the ones behind these heinous acts are the big guys who form the Government?

Apart from McDonald's, Coca Cola, Starbucks, L'Oréal, IBM, and other familiar big names, Intel is also included on the list of products to boycott. This makes me wonder whether the dudes behind this boycott thing were using Intel-powered computers to create all their posters and stuff, which I'm 99.9% certain that they were guilty of it. Plus, those who wholeheartedly support the ban should just throw away your Intel-based computers immediately and stop being a hypocrite. You guys disgust me.


day-dreamer said...

Maybe they use AMD... lol!

jemima said...

Mine was a 4. Now it's only a 3.
But, I don't care.. I still love my blog even if it ranks a zero. :p

kyh said...

day-dreamer: Most people use Intel anyway, so it's safe to say they use Intel for all their agendas.

jemima: I'm still working towards 4! Ahhh!