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Thursday, January 01, 2009

Funky Holiday Eyeglass Frames

New Year's Day is finally here! A brand new year, a brand new me. Hmm... This kinda make sense, doesn't it? So what better way to kick off a fantastic year than going for an image change? No, I don't mean those intimidating plastic surgeries, liposuctions, botox injections, or expensive designers wear and accessories. There's no need for me to folk out thousands to undergo a transformation. All I need is a funky pair of eyewear that matches my style and personality and I'm ready to impress everyone out there! :D

I've been wanting to change my pair of glasses since God knows when. The paint on the frame has faded that I feel like dumping it somewhere. Honestly, it's a sight that's downright pathetic. Even my friends are urging me to change! And yes, I'm aware that I've been saying this too many times but heck, I can't seem to find a suitable one. *sigh*

But this time around, my saviour has finally come to save me! Zenni Optical is introducing a range of super affordable Holiday frames fit for any joyous occasion! They are all funky and stylish, so I'm sure everyone will definitely find his or her desired pair of eyewear from the range. I've found one, and here it is...

Zenni Optical Holiday Frames

How's it? Oh do say it looks nice! I wonder how it would look on me. Haha!

And I hereby wish each and everyone of you a fantabulous year in 2009! :D