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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Bed bugs

Yes, I'm talking about those nasty creatures. These microscopic bugs are a real pest ~ they bite you when you're asleep! Just when you're happily wandering around in some dreamland, suddenly you feel an itch on your skin that gets you scratching like crazy. Sometimes it's just not an itch, but a lot of itches! When this happens, you'll find yourself jumping into reality from your sleep and starts brushing your bedsheets with your bare hands, hoping to sweep off those invisible bloodsuckers. Sheesh, aren't they as annoying as the infamous mozzies?

I too have my fair share of bitter memories with these bugs. Whenever I wake up with rashes on my skin, I know they are either the works of the mosquitoes or these lil' vampires. One thing for sure, these tiny red spots can ruin your otherwise beautiful day. And when this happens, you'll most probably find me grumpy and moody for the rest of the day. It sucks, really.

There are a lot of guides available on the Internet on how to treat bed bug bites, and bed bug bite treatment is one of the good ones. It's very easy to follow, and I'm sure it spells effectiveness too!

My dear friends, together we say no more to itchiness from bed bug bites!