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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Good things must share-share... :)

*this is NOT a sponsored post*

You know, USM (my varsity) filters the World Wide Web and thus some sites are off-limits to us. :(

But... But! (Gosh... I can't hide my excitement, LOL) Today, I was led to a wonderful discovery that brings me hope, light, whatever blabla and I'm so exhilarated right now! :D

Presenting, a marvellous web site that defends your anonymity on-line and lets you surf those banned or blocked websites through their server! C'mon, tell me this is an amazing discovery!

I just tested surfing a banned website from my home through their server, and voila, it works! Can't wait to unleash its fullest potential when I return to Penang on Monday. And in case you're wondering, I'm home for the weekend + Muharram public holiday. :)

P/S: If you've already known about this moons ago, I'm so gonna kill you for not telling me this earlier! Hmpphhh!


day-dreamer said...

Safe bo? :P

kyh said...

Safe gua... :P

Doreen said...

Really? Wow, thanks for telling. Yeah, wonder if it is safe....would they somehow extract your private info? Emm.....

kyh said...

There's no info for them to extract also lah... :P

Go try it! ;)