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Friday, December 19, 2008

Cities, Cities, Cities

Some interesting facts about the mega cities around you...

  • Which city has the most buildings with a minimum height of 90m? Many would answer NYC. But no, it's HK! Apparently, the bustling Pearl of the Orient has more than 3000 buildings which exceed 90m in height while the Big Apple comes in a distant 2nd with about 900.
  • Only 4 cities are given full points (12) in the performance rating of world cities: London, Paris, New York, Tokyo.
  • Moscow boasts the most U.S.-dollar billionaires of any city in the world, followed by NYC and London.
  • Awarded a total of 227 stars, Tokyo has the most Michelin-rated restaurants in the world, which is more than thrice of NYC's total and twice of Paris's total. However, it should be noted that Tokyo houses more than 160,000 restaurants, versus New York's 25,000 and Paris's 13,000.
  • Istanbul, Turkey's largest city is the only city in the world that straddles 2 continents ~ Europe and Asia. The great imperial capital of the now-extinct Christian Byzantine Empire and the Muslim Ottoman Empire also acts as a pivotal bridge between the Christian West and the Muslim East.
  • London is home to the largest number of Muslim converts in the Western world, with over 100,000 White British and 35,000 Black Caribbean converts.
  • Zürich, Switzerland's financial heart is the world's wealthiest city by personal net earnings in the 2008 rankings. It is also the city which offers the best quality of life this year.
  • London is cited as the world's most expensive city in the same year.


13th Panda said...

I want to go to Turkey one day. I find it interesting, the cultures, the architectures.

kyh said...

Same too! I find it very beautiful and full of culture. :D

[SK] said...

hmmm, interesting.. i love all these trivia facts~~

kyh said...

Thanks! :)