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Sunday, June 01, 2008

New home, new life

It's June! How time flies...

Once again, congratulations to all of you who made it to the board in the month of May! Keep all the chups and hugs comin'! My blog needs 'em badly! :P

For the uninitiated, read up more here to learn what this monthly buzz is all about.

¤ ¤ ¤

DVDs; belated Mother's Day gifts; Great Architects

I hardly survived after having a splurge at Queensbay Mall. RM200 flew away within just a few hours! O.O

What's worse is that both my wallet and bank account were sucked near dry because of that! *sighs*

¤ ¤ ¤

In April, we had a major renovation going on in our home. We live in a double-storey shophouse (not running any shop businesses though) where the ground floor was used as a huge storeroom. For the sake of convenience of my elderly paternal grandparents, that floor was eventually converted into a liveable space consisting of a brand new living room, dining hall, kitchen, bathroom, toilet, and bedrooms for both of them.

And with brand new living spaces come brand new furniture! We bought a new set of sofa, rocking chair, LCD TV, coffee table, cabinet, air-conditioner, and fans. No more clusters upstairs! :D


Doreen said...

Wow! The living room looks really nice! I love that green curtain. It turns the living room alive!

kyh said...

5 chups!

I love that curtain too! We have another one in red. ;)

Anonymous said...

New month! New beginning! :)

Anonymous said...

I'm aiming for the gold medal next time! Or at least bronze :$ ;)

The "after" looks good... nice and cozy.

L B said...

Dang! Missed the chups again! :-) I am not doing too well in here, am I? But your grandfolks must be lovin' it!!!

rainbow angeles said...

yr new living space is so cool! nice!

thx for the chups! wheeee!

Anonymous said...

wahhh!! nice living room!! and i manage to go on the chup board again! yahoooooo!

kyh said...

Jemima: 3 chups!

Yup! ;)

Zhu: 1 chup!

You were quite near! ;)

L B: You're in hibernation, ain't you? ;)

rainbow angeles: Come visit me! :P

Chup chup chup!

ehon: Woohoo! :D

day-dreamer said...

You design one ar, the room?

Eh no hor... you're architect not interior designer hor... LOL!

kyh said...

Of course not! But I chose the furniture ~ sofa, coffee table, cabinet. ;)

zewt said...

the blanket not blocking the air flow from the air cond?

kyh said...

Blanket? Or did you mean the curtain? Nope... It works fine. ;)

Anonymous said...

Sounds a very comfy living room. you are a such designer!
Happy juni!

kyh said...

I didn't design it, LOL!

Happy June! ;)

My Castle in Spain said...

Hi Kyh!
congrats for the new arrangements at home. i'm sure both your grandparents will be very happy in their new living room.

did you finish all your exams? glad you had reasonably good results after having revised at last minute!

Anonymous said...

Woooow, what a change and what lovely furniture - congrats! What a designer you are!

Mr. Goober said...

flat screen tv somemore oooo

kyh said...

My Castle in Spain: Thanks... I'm sure they do! ;)

My exams were over... And thanks once again! :D

RennyBA: Thanks... But I was not the designer, LOL!

Mr. Goober: It's LCD TV! :P

Chen said...

wah... very nice and comfy woh
i feel like lying on your sofa now

kyh said...

Haha... Come, come! :D

eastcoastlife said...

I'm planning to move to the ground floor of my house because my knees are hurting due to ageing. Cannot climb stairs in leaps and bounds. :(

eastcoastlife said...

Oops... forgot to thank you.

Thanks for your prayers for my son’s recovery. He’s home from the hospital. We are relieved to know the cause of his abdominal pains and that it is not life-threatening.

Happy weekend!

kyh said...

Ouch... How are you now? Hope you're doing fine. ;)

You're welcome. It's great to hear your son has been discharged from the hospital!