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Monday, May 05, 2008

Huggable May

Surprise! In case you're still wondering, I'm blogging from my home sweet home. :D Reached here on Saturday afternoon, and I'm gonna return to my campus sooner today. It's been a hellish week there, with meetings on every morning, noon, and night! Imagine I were to repeat the same old routine for the remaining 30-plus days. *faint* What's worse is that we're forced to walk to-and-fro between our dorms and faculty 2 to 3 times a day (no transport ma...)! *sigh*

And oh, not forgetting those countless mosquito bites on my skin! The poor me have to endure this torture every night when I sleep. It's time to get a mosquito repellent, I think.

Another suay bus-related incident that I encountered. I was going back home on this express bus, which suddenly gave out plumes of smoke that instantly filled the whole interior on the way to Alor Star. What a shock! All passengers had to alight it and wait for another bus beside the expressway. Luckily a more spacious and comfy bus came to the rescue within minutes. Else I would go berserk under the scorching sun!

I can't help but to chide these bus drivers. They should've checked the coolant level and always make sure that the engine is in tip-top condition prior to each journey. How could they be so irresponsible as in putting the passengers' lives at risk? Malaysians!

¤ ¤ ¤

A brand new month means a brand new way to announce the T H E H U G H U G C L U B™ results!

Or do you guys prefer the traditional method more?

¤ ¤ ¤

Check out these brilliant works of my seniors! So awesome, can? I don't even think that I'm 10% of their levels!

A scale model of the Kuala Lumpur cityscape

Perspective drawings of a marina


L B said...

Those drawings are fabulous.. I've always enjoyed such precision drawings all my life.. incl the modeling of KL..
And your THHC so the canggih!!! Wheeee, congrats to all!! Happy May to you.

kyh said...

5 chups!

Beautiful artworks are meant to be appreciated. ;)

Canggih huh? :P

Happy May!

Zhu said...

The drawings are awesome! Wow, that takes a lot of techniques...

I almost wish we had mosquitoes here, it would be a sign that weather is warm enough...

day-dreamer said...

*gapes at the drawings*

Nice way of announcing the THHC results! :)

Eh, go to the Penang famous Hoo Yang Hoo and get the 青草追风油 la. Very useful. Can apply on mosquito bites, serves as repellent too! :D

Jemima said...

WOW! Even the Emperor of THHC cannot compete with the way you announced the results. :p

WOW! WOW! Next time you can designed my house. :)

kyh said...

Zhu: 3 chups!

Hell yeah!

I hate mosquitoes! And ants too...

day-dreamer: 1 chup!

Ewww... I hate that ointment! Very smelly, messy, yucky... :P

Jemima: Haha... Thanks! :D

Those were done by my seniors, not me leh...

angeles said...

i oso want a castle... can?? ^^

kyh said...

Paper castle? :P

Doreen said...

Impressive works of your senior! I'm sure you will be up to this standard when you get to their year.

Congrats to all chuppers, and myself too! Hehehehe

giddy tigress said...

No wonder I noticed so many USMers loitering outside the campuses one of the nights when I was passing by! I love your flash-inspired THHC!!! Pity my name ain't there yet....SIGH

mistipurple said...

you draw so well. all your designs will be great. you will be famous. will you remember us then? :P

Chev said...

it's good to be back home, even if just for few hours :)

Wah.. this is the most canggih chupper board that i've seen so far :D

30 days will pass by very past..
so don't worry so much lah :)

'nyau said...

Your flash... well all I's gotta say is this...

It blew me away!!

Keep it up, may you celebrate 300th blog post soon.

_butt said...

well, if not for the suay bus hor, you all won't be able to get on a spacious, comfy ones in return! hehe

*admire the drawings*
whoa. so canggih lah your senior...

kyh said...

Doreen: Hopefully... :)

Congrats all! Work harder! :D

giddy tigress: Then you gotta work more! Let's chup for the month of May! :D

mistipurple: *gives misti's head a few knocks*

Aiyah... Those were done by my seniors. Not me! How I wish they were mine! :(

But anyway, I'll accept your compliments since you so tai tuck hei ngor. :P

Don't worry... I won't forget you guys one. ;) I'm forever the down-to-earth type of person. Hehe...

Chev: *nods in agreement*

Thank you! :D

*cross fingers and toes*

'nyau: Welcome, new visitor! ;)

Oh, that statement of yours makes me feel like jumping into the sky! Haha...

Thanks! :D

_butt: Actually, the bus had only 7 seats left. Since I was so kiasu I fast-fast ran to the front of the bus entrance. :P

Their works are damn nice lah! So jealous...

Kenny Mah said...

Those drawings are beautiful and the scaled model is incredible! Makes me wish I was as talented sometimes... :)


Ehon said...

love those drawings!! and i made it to the list!! bahahaha. im just so good, but im sure not for long..

kyh said...

Kenny Mah: Me too! They make me feel so unworthy. LOL!

Hugs hugs! :D

Ehon: Hoho... Well done!

Anonymous said...

It has been quite some time since I last visited your blog. Still active yay. How are you recently?

Cool drawings, I am sure you will be able to produce a better one in the future.

About the transportation, well, glad that I am over with it. Last time when I was in KL, the journey was long and you should imagine how "hiong" Pudu is. In Aus, the people are so civilised.

No mosquito in Aus, but sure heaps of house fly during summer. How irritatig they are.

Gotta attend lecture now, keep in contact ya.


Yinsi Yat said...

See! Bus tyres also pancit. Reduce your weight lah. LOL

kyh said...

Nai: I was just gonna ask you who you are. LOL!

Me? So far so good. Quite busy and tired after all those runs to meetings each day.

Then you must really appreciate the things you get to enjoy there!

I hate flies too! Hehe...

*waits for your next return*

Yinsi Yat: Where got pancit? It was overheating lah... =.="

I'm forever slim. There's no need for me to reduce weight. :P