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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Of bak kut teh and otak-otak

Ever since I reached home for my holidays, I've resumed to my bad old routine ~ eat, on-line, sleep. These days, I've been consistently sleeping at 7AM and waking up at 3 in the afternoon (nearly 4PM today!). *faint* Oh those of you in Western Europe, my bedtime is set according to your time zones! Very indiscipline, huh? I know... *sigh*

The past week has seen me scratching my head for new blogging materials, but to no avail. Since there was nothing fresh for me to blog about, I first thought of digging into my pile of long overdue tags. But the thing is, I've totally forgotten about the tags I owe! *blush*

¤ ¤ ¤

Yesterday, I went back to my university in Penang to pack up my remaining stuff. I was searching very hard for a place to store my things since all students must clear their belongings from the dorms by the end of this week. This thing bugged me for the whole afternoon, and I was quite frustrated because of this. Thankfully, a friend from China kindly offered me his rented apartment to keep my stuff. I was so overwhelmed with gratitude, my friend! :)

Then later in the evening, my friends and I started to head home. I was riding on my friend's motorcycle and the helmet given to me was an open-face one (i.e. without a face shield). Before we knew it, the rain started to pour down horrendously. I was thus given a thorough face massage and this blinded me from seeing the road ahead.

We then came to a shelter underneath an expressway bridge. We parked our motorbikes aside while praying for the rain to stop as soon as possible. And oh, we were actually going to take a ferry in order to reach Butterworth on the opposite shore. Since it was getting pretty late, I was especially anxious as I didn't wanna miss my bus home again like last time!

Watching the cars went by...

My 1st time taking snapshots right beside an expressway

After getting drenched from head to toe in a rain so cold, a nice and warm meal greeting the end of what I considered as an eventful day is definitely a must-have!

*stomach growls*

Absolutely yummylicious!

As usual, these were the vegetarian versions. Instead of using pork for bak kut teh and mackerel fish paste for the otak-otak, wheat glutens and soy products like tofu were opted for both delicacies. And hey, I actually thought that the otak-otak tasted exactly the same like the original one! *salivates*


L B said...

I must admit I am not such a huge fan of Otak Otak.. Gimme Lormaikai and I will be happy for the rest of the year!

kyh said...

5 chups!

Why not? Otak-otak is so yummy leh... It must be my passion for spicy food, though this delicacy is actually mildly spicy.

Jemima said...

BKT *salivates*

I'm not a fan of Otak Otak too.

kyh said...

3 chups!

Haha... I wonder who else shares the love for otak-otak like I do? :P

C K said...

My wife loves otak. I'm not a big fan but will 'steal' some whenever she's having it.

But that bak kut teh was... gosh... I must try to conjure up something like that tonight.

day-dreamer said...

Looks nice.

But hey, you're vegetarian, how are you supposed to know the taste of an original otak-otak?

T_T You've successfully dug out my cravings for brain-brain again. :( said...

not a fan of otak otak as well

gimme bak kut teh anytime!!

kyh said...

C K: Can I give your wife a high 5? :P

Oh... Happy BKT hunting then!

day-dreamer: 可别流口水喔! :P

Aiya... I only became vegetarian 1.5 years ago ma! Not like I've been one for over a decade!

Whee... A fan of brain-brain! Nice English term for the dish by the way. :P Seems like most East Malaysians as well as those coming from Cantonese backgrounds do not favour this dish. Hmm...

Mr.Goober said...

it's amazing how vegetarian foods can get so real. i've once eaten one that looks exactly like whole chunk of chicken.

kyh said...

You know, there are also vegetarian chicken chops, fish and chips, hamburgers, meat balls, dumplings, dim sum etc. ;)

Anonymous said...

Now you be be my tour guide liao. hehehehe

kyh said...

Tour guide? o.O

angeles said...

eh, u ti(p)u geh... itu is not bak kut teh!! itu is chai teh!!! :p

i dun mind otak2.. but seldom eat it.. where did u get that otak2 sayur?

eh, blog more lar.. i so bored... :p

kyh said...

Haha... Siao cha boh! :P

Got it in Alor Star, not Penang. ;)

No blogging materials ma... Not that I don't want to blog. Maybe I'll do some PPPs for you to read. :P

mistipurple said...

*raise hands*
i like otak otak. provided no bones lah.

mistipurple said...

go home got hachooo or not? :(

_butt said...

not a fan of otak otak either :P

...thus given a thorough face massage and this blinded me..

LOL! face massage? not spa meh? kakaka

13th Panda said...

u know?i have never eaten otak2, I think. Don't know how does it taste like.

kyh said...

mistipurple: Hooray! This one is vegetarian otak-otak, hence no bones. ;)

Still strong and healthy! :D

_butt: *sigh*

Aiyo... The rain was hitting on my face so hard, just like giving me a face massage!

13th Panda: Walao... This truly makes me faint 99! :P

Zhu said...

Sleeping at 7am? Oh my, I sleep late (2-3 am on WE) but I can never sleep after the sunrise. Or I feel really f***ed up the following day.

The rain reminds me of typhoon season in HK!

(I like the new header)

kyh said...

Now you know my owl nature! :P

Oh yeah... Typhoon. But much more milder.

Thanks! ;)

Chev said...

I don't fancy brain-brain too.
But your brain-brain looks like real stuff.

Btw, have u tried teh Lily's Vegetarian Kitchen in Madras Lane?
They serve fantastic vegetarian food with huge selection.

Their vegetarian Hokkien Prawn mee taste like the real stuff leh.. :)

kyh said...

Like I said before, looks like most East Malaysians don't fancy otak-otak. :P

No wor... Nobody wanna drive me to Georgetown. :(

I've tried the vegetarian Hokkien prawn noodles in Alor Star that tasted exactly the same like the real one too!