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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

In the midst of...

... the torturing finals. I didn't get the chance to sleep at all on the previous night, and I just went straight to the examination hall this morning after force-feeding myself with a night's worth of notes. Not that I haven't done this before. Haha... Glad that I managed to make it through quite well, especially it was the toughest of all the subjects I took in this semester (tonnes of boring theories to memorize!).

¤ ¤ ¤

Days ago, my mum showed me this...

Guess what? It was a pair of unfinished pyjamas she made for me when I was still a toddler! Maybe someday in the future, I'd request her to finish it for me so that I could dress my child in that near 2-decade-old piece of garment! Hehe...

2 down, 2 more to go... *grumbles*


zewt said...

all the best my friend... your mom kept that all these while eh? so sentimental...

Chev said...

all the best to u in your exam..

wah.. your mum still keep those unfinished baby pyjamas? So sweet :)

Andie Summerkiss said...

The pajamas are so cute! Looked very comfortable too. Maybe she can make a bigger version of them now that you are all grown up ?

Good luck on the exams!

day-dreamer said...

Wah... so nice of your mum! LOL!

Gambateh... my finals starting in some 1.5 weeks. -_-"

angie said...

Hey, must get another pair for the twins ;-)

kyh said...

Contrary to popular belief (or should I say in the blogosphere), my mum is notorious for her habit of throwing things away! LOL!

zewt: 5 chups!

Thanks, my friend!

She didn't purposely keep it lah... I think she had forgotten about this, until last week. :P

Chev: 3 chups!

Thanks! :D

I do think it was so sweet of her, though I doubt she purposely kept it for me.

Andie Summerkiss: 1 chup!

We don't need pyjamas nowadays. Just a plain tee and a pair of cotton pants will do. :P


day-dreamer: So did your mum make you clothes when you were small?

Thanks, and you too must add oil! ;)

angie: What colour? What design? What material? :P

Anonymous said...

Two words: good luck.

One advice: it's always better to sleep before an exam, even if you can't fit these lovely pajamas anymore :D said...

near two decade? which means before you turn 30 u have to get married and have children? eh, that's not long ler. :D gonna invite me or not?

_butt said...

aww... so sweet of your mom. :)

all the best in your exam! add oil! :D

Doreen said...

Aiyo...that will be a very old antique pyjamas by then loh. Meaningful though. Father didn't get to wear it, so let the son do the honour. :)

Good luck to your exam.

ÅnGe|e said...

Hihiii that pj so cute :D You should definitely ask your mom to finish it one day.

kyh said...

Zhu: Thanks!

If I were to sleep on the night before the exam, I'd cry my way out the exam hall on the next day! Why must before 30 leh?

I'll wait till you get married 1st... :P

_butt: Thank you! :D

Doreen: Antique is priceless!


ÅnGe|e: I definitely would!

Linda said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog. Can I ask where you are? Is it by any chance Langkawi? My husband and I visited there a couple of years ago. Kalua Lampur too.

kyh said...

Oh... You've been to Malaysia? Great! :D

Oh yeah, my town, Alor Star, is the state capital of Kedah, and is just 90 minutes away from Langkawi. For your information, Langkawi is a territorial part of the state of Kedah. ;)

mistipurple said...

cute pyjamas. bet it smells nice too. very nostalgic.
good luck to your remaining exams too!

kyh said...

Cute eh? :P

Thank you! ;)