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Saturday, April 26, 2008

I ♥ Youtube!

Yet another blog entry on my Youtube obsession since my on-line dedication to Céline Dion last November. :P

Here are some of my favourite video clips:

Definitely the cutest video ever! I don't mind having kids by my side if they're as adorable as Charlie and Harry. And oh, who wouldn't fall in love with that distinctive British accent?

Stereotypical dumb Americans

More dumb Americans! *laughs hard*

I absolutely love this Maxis ad! Applause to the creative forces behind the scenes.

Hong Kong singer-actress Kelly Chen being photographed by a gaggle of male photographers against backdrops of renowned Parisian landmarks. Exclusively made for Dior.

Istanbul's official tourism promotional video. Listen to the harmonious sound of the Orthodox Christian church bell amidst the Muslim call to prayer. Feel the exotic cultural blend in the only city in the world where Asia meets Europe. A video so artistically taken that brings out the very best in modern Turkey's largest metropolis which was once Christendom's greatest city (known as Constantinople) as well as the imperial capital of the last great Islamic caliphate, the Ottoman Empire.

And oh, Céline Dion's beautiful speech to the Malaysian monarchs (who were amongst the audience) during her world tour here in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia...

... with the title track, Taking Chances.

Mind sharing your favourite Youtube clips too? ;)

Addendum @ 2:42AM: Despite having put it up for several days, I have a feeling that not many of you have noticed my new Flash-based blog header (credits to

Addendum @ 5:46AM: New videos added! :D


angeles said...

chup chup chup!

be back tomolo! now want to zzzz!

kyh said...

5 chups!

*waiting patiently by your bedside* :P

L B said...

Waaaa, I wanna watch a YouTube clip of this bedside!!! :-)

L B said...

I have noticed your nifty new header! Just forgot to mention it each time! :-)

kyh said...

3 chups!

If you found it, do share with me ya! :P

Hehe... Thanks! said...

Celine Dion is such a sweetheart!!!! She knows what to say and she is so down to Earth even though she's the highest selling female artist ever! i reckon my bandwidth is finishing soon!! lol! for watching survivor and clips on YouTube!!!

eastcoastlife said...

Huh!? *touch touch kyh's forehead*
It's only April leh, you tokking abt Halloween, not even Chinese 7th month!

kyh said... 1 chup!

Yay! You love her too? That's why I like her so much! And her voice just overwhelms me!

eastcoastlife: Hehe... Bo huat. Have to do more PPPs for the sake of $$$. Now the economy not that good ma... said...

in reply to your comment on my blog:
i wish i have a dslr too!! it’s just a cheap casio digi cam..

:) i noticed your header!! super cool i must say! :D

Nastasshea@Nesh said...

I saw thw stpid American's video before! Got me laughing so hard! What are they teaching them over there?

kyh said... I wish I have one too! But before that, I need to get myself a point-and-shoot digital camera for convenience sake.

Hoho... Thanks! :D

Nastasshea@Nesh: Pretty dumb, hor? Maybe the videos were just showing a minority of Americans who only care about themselves and their great nation.

Andie Summerkiss said...

Cool clips!

Btw, I couldn't find the post for comment on your newest post ... Where could it be? Maybe my eyes are tricking me ...

kyh said...

Oh, comments are closed for all my money-making entries. ;)