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Monday, April 14, 2008

From Three Kingdoms to Pulau Payar

Having slacked off for so long, it's time for the...

Once again, well done to all the chuppers! For those who have no idea of what this buzz is all about, please have a look here while you enjoy your cuppa tea. :)

I digress. See that cute doggie above? It's not a real one, but some of our visitors have mistaken it for real! Haha... And I was being told that even Der Der fell into this delusion and barked enthusiastically at it when he first visited our home! *ROTFLMAO* Oh my, I should had been here to watch that drama unfold!

¤ ¤ ¤

Went to watch this movie on Friday midnight with a gang of 11. The film is loosely based on the wildly popular Chinese historical novel, Romance of the Three Kingdoms 三国演义 which tells the story of the turbulent era where China fell into disunity and split into 3 rival kingdoms near the end of the Han Dynasty 1800 years ago. With legendary Chinese heroic characters like Zhao Yun 赵云 (aka Zhao Zi Long 赵子龙; portrayed by Andy Lau 刘德华), Liu Bei 刘备, Guan Yu 关羽, Zhang Fei 张飞, Zhuge Liang 诸葛亮, and the shrewd yet infamously villainous Cao Cao 曹操, the movie adds a theatrical twist by showing fictional characters to make it more appealing to movie-goers. It is dubbed in Mandarin though, and the subtitles do lag a bit at some parts of the movie.

And I love it! Maggie Q who portrayed the fictional antagonist, Cao Ying 曹嬰 (granddaughter of Cao Cao) was so cool in this film! Apparently, this character was specially created in order to add a female lead role in what was supposed to be a male-dominated movie. The movie effects are good enough, and the storyline can actually move your heart, especially near the end of the film.

If you were to watch this movie and to compare it with the novel, please don't. Though the movie storyline borrows significantly from the book, the story it depicts takes on an alternate route.

After watching this film, the passion for Chinese history in me has started to reignite again. I think I'm gonna get a copy of the novel as well as some of the famous classics, like Journey to the West 西游记 which I've longed to own.

¤ ¤ ¤

Still remember my trip to Langkawi last June? I haven't come to the end of my story-telling! Do allow me to continue here. *winks*

So on the next morning, we went for a snorkelling trip to Pulau Payar, a popular marine park located to the south of Langkawi.

Actually, there was nothing much to see here. Just a short strip of sandy beach, lush jungles all over the island, unpolluted seas, and vast blue skies. I much prefer the cable-car ride to this.

And oh, you get to feed the sharks and fishes here too! The fishes came in huge schools, and there were these tiny sharks waiting to be fed.

Spot the shark!



Chev said...

poor Der Der :P

cannot spot the tiny shark leh..
cos it's too tiny :P

Doreen said...

Langkawi is such a paradise. I must go there one day. The cute though cannot really see their face but can imagine mah. Hehehehe.

3 kingdom is definitely on my to-watch list. Hey it's Andy Lau!

Zhu said...

I love the 三国 movie as well!

Nice pictures from your trip... I envy you, as usual *sight*

Andie Summerkiss said...

Love the photos of Langkawi. You must have a blast. I need to learn snorkle first.

Have not seen Three Kingdom, it was just playing here last week. *put it in "must see list"*

Great doggie! Looked very real indeed.

_butt said...

I've made it in THHC list?? didn't realize I got chup geh? :P

I love the sea... the color... so luminously green...

3 Kingdoms sounds nice. plan to watch another one with Chow Yun-Fatt and Michelle Yeoh in it hehe

_butt said...

correction. Datuk Michelle Yeoh lol

day-dreamer said...

LOL. Cute doggie... hahaha!


u got snorkelling or no snorkelling? i wish i am somewhere near langkawi right now! anywhere but adelaide! with so much assignment! ughh..

ÅnGe|e said...

I spotted the shark!! :D Dunno why but I've always been fascinated by sharks. :P

angeles said...

thx for the chup! i'm just starting to watch the warrior and the princess?? correct title ah? soli, forgot liao.. neh, got kelly chen wan...

claudie said...

Thanks to share these marvelous photos! Langkawi is like a paradise! I'm always very impresse by sharks. I would like to see 3 Kingsdom! Hoping watching it one day here! I will try to find the book.

Jemima said...

*rubs eyes*

I'm No.2??? I thought I hardly chupp here. :p

*takes a 2nd look at your lovely photos*

I need a holiday. :(

kyh said...

Chev: 5 chups!

Ain't he just cute? :P

Not that tiny lah... You can spot it in the middle of the photo. ;)

Doreen: 3 chups!

I miss my trip so much! :(

It's a must-watch! ;)

Zhu: 1 chup!

You watched it too? Wow...

What's there to envy? Your trips were much more interesting and memorable! ;)

Andie Summerkiss: Everyone can snorkle! You'll be given a life jacket so that you won't drown. ;)

It's a great movie. I kid you not!

_butt: Haha... Congrats! :P

The wonder of Mother Nature... ;)

Go watch it! No regrets!

day-dreamer: Cute eh? :P

Langkawi is more interesting. ;) Of course got! Costed me RM100+++ for a 4 or 5-hour trip leh!

ÅnGe|e: So funny! :D

angeles: o.O

What movie is that?

claudie: Glad you like the photos. :)

Please find one for me too! :P

Jemima: Haha... But you did!

You deserve one! ;)

zewt said...

watching the movie brought me back to the days when i spent hours and hours in front of the computer playing 'romance of the 3 kingdom'

sigh... how i miss that game... it brought me so much closer to my china-hood... hahahahahaha...

kyh said...

Now I know you played Chinese games before...

Haha... Chinahood is such an excellent term! Hope to discover more of mine too... ;)

Linda said...

I love to snorkle but I don't think I would get in there with a shark.

kyh said...

I don't think the shark would bite you! Haha...

L B said...

Haha, I really must try harder!!!!
Love the fishie fishie blueie blueie.. Langkawi's such a serene place.. Miss it.

kyh said...

Try harder? o.O

Langkawi's a great place to travel. I miss my trip there!

Mr. Goober said...

i SO wanted to watch the three kingdoms!!!!!!

been playing those games since a kid

kyh said...

Hehe... Then don't linger any longer!

Oh, you played those kinda games too? Cool!

Las montañas said...

Langkawi is nice! Love the fish feeding photo. Went there on a day trip from Penang some years back.

kyh said...

Yeah... It's a nice place to travel. :)