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Monday, April 28, 2008

Discount shopping at #1 Coupons

In this technological era where on-line shopping has become increasingly common in households around the world, millions of shops have since popping up and vying with each other in order to make a strong presence in this super-lucrative market. And with fierce competitions on the web come fantastic discounts and promotions you've never seen before.

One of the great on-line shopping destinations offering unbelievable discounts is #1 Coupons. What distinguishes this site from other similar ones is its unique way of conducting on-line business. Potential customers are first required to obtain a special online promotion code before they proceed to make a purchase at their favourite merchants' sites. It's important to note that the customer won't be able to get discounts or special deals from the merchant if he or she chooses not to use the promotion code.

Generally, this site appeals to me due to its attractive deals and promotions on my favourite items. Since I already own a laptop operated by Windows, it would be fantastic if I could get myself a spanking new MacBook Pro. I really can't wait to join this exclusive club known for its premium gadgets! On top of that, I'd like to get myself the delectable iPod. Everyone knows it's a stylish fashion icon besides being a superb multimedia device.

Next, I'm gonna get my mum some really nice paintings and artworks for her to beautify our home. We're in dire need of adding an artistic touch of Van Gogh or Picasso to our dull-looking residence. By the way, I'm very sure that I can get some pretty good bargains with those coupons!

Last but not least, a decent digital camera is what I'd like to add to my shopping cart this year. What's blogging without photos and pictures? That would be so boring! I'm so gonna hunt for one that comes in a great package and packed with superb features.

Come on... Let's go on-line shopping at #1 Coupons! :D

Two-zero-zero and away from home

It took me ages to wait for this moment to arrive. And now, I'm proud to announce that I've finally reached my...

... blog entry! :D Please give me some applause lah! :P

I do think that my sponsored reviews have played a big part in this achievement. Otherwise, I don't think I'd be able to accomplish this so soon. Compared to the ultra-productive Dr. Chen aka Chev who has since reached her 900th post, I can only 自叹不如. *sigh* Based on my current progress, I'd say I need at least another 10 years for me to reach that mark.

Anyway, it's a brand new milestone for me. So here's to a fantastic 300th post ahead (hopefully before 2010)!

¤ ¤ ¤

My 2nd year at university will commence in this coming July. That means I still have a 2-month long semester break for me to enjoy. But before anyone goes green with envy, I'm gonna make an announcement here: I'm returning to my campus in another 5 or 6 hours! All architecture students are required to spend another 1.5 months at the campus for the preparation works for the upcoming Minggu Alam Bina (MAB) Architectural Workshop which will kick off in June. It's a 1-week long annual architecture event which is held in a selected national institution, supported by the Malaysian Institute of Architects (PAM). Apparently, this year is our turn to organize the event. During that week, architecture students from all local varsities and tertiary institutions will be invited over to grace this event.

As a side note, I won't be bringing my laptop because I'm still uncertain about the security conditions at the campus during this holiday period. My beloved gadget hasn't celebrated its 1st anniversary, and I don't wanna risk losing it to a God-damn thief! Hence there will be no updates here in the coming days. Not until my next trip home, which is far beyond my comprehension. Without a laptop by my side, I'll compensate that move by bringing along my long-abandoned novels to cure my late-night boredom. Out of a dozen novels I managed to purchase in these 2 years, I haven't even finished reading 1! Not even 100 pages. Would you believe that? =.="

Addendum @ 10:48AM: My trip is postponed to 4 hours later! :D

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Halloween Adventure

Although it's still months away before the arrival of Halloween, it's never too early to get preparations ready for this fun-filled celebration. As we already know, Halloween is all about spooky festive themes, jack-o'-lanterns, fancy lights, bonfires, and costume parties.

Speaking of Halloween costumes, you would be mesmerized by an array of colourful outfits at Halloween Adventure that certainly live up to the Halloween theme. The costumes come in all shapes and sizes for all ages, as well as funky themes that you could ever imagine. Whether you're tall, short, lean, or fat, you would definitely find the size that best fits you.

Take a look at their wide range of childrens costumes. You can now turn your kids into a mischievous leprechaun or even a charming forest fairy! And who says Halloween is exclusively for kids? Hey, adults wanna have some fun too! For those who fall under this grown-up category, you can check out their range of adult Halloween costumes, and you can then dress your way to become a medieval knight, a 50's Hollywood starlet, or even a superhero! How does that sound to you?

For those who want a tinge of naughtiness, you certainly can't go wrong with the sexy costumes available on their site. Transform yourself into a gorgeous mafia princess, a sweet-looking beer hall Fräulein, or that hot nurse in pink! *winks*

Now... Trick or treat?

I ♥ Youtube!

Yet another blog entry on my Youtube obsession since my on-line dedication to Céline Dion last November. :P

Here are some of my favourite video clips:

Definitely the cutest video ever! I don't mind having kids by my side if they're as adorable as Charlie and Harry. And oh, who wouldn't fall in love with that distinctive British accent?

Stereotypical dumb Americans

More dumb Americans! *laughs hard*

I absolutely love this Maxis ad! Applause to the creative forces behind the scenes.

Hong Kong singer-actress Kelly Chen being photographed by a gaggle of male photographers against backdrops of renowned Parisian landmarks. Exclusively made for Dior.

Istanbul's official tourism promotional video. Listen to the harmonious sound of the Orthodox Christian church bell amidst the Muslim call to prayer. Feel the exotic cultural blend in the only city in the world where Asia meets Europe. A video so artistically taken that brings out the very best in modern Turkey's largest metropolis which was once Christendom's greatest city (known as Constantinople) as well as the imperial capital of the last great Islamic caliphate, the Ottoman Empire.

And oh, Céline Dion's beautiful speech to the Malaysian monarchs (who were amongst the audience) during her world tour here in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia...

... with the title track, Taking Chances.

Mind sharing your favourite Youtube clips too? ;)

Addendum @ 2:42AM: Despite having put it up for several days, I have a feeling that not many of you have noticed my new Flash-based blog header (credits to

Addendum @ 5:46AM: New videos added! :D

Friday, April 25, 2008

Cheap prepaid phone cards

Many amongst us have friends or relatives staying in faraway lands for the sake of education or job purposes. In today's world, telephone has made communications between two or more regions and countries more convenient, as opposed to centuries ago where one had to live without news of his or her loved ones for months or years. Should we miss someone who's miles away from where we are, a phone is always there to help us solve this misery. Yet, international calls could be costly, depending on the geographic location of both parties as well as the duration of the phone call.

Now let me introduce you to a fantastic solution: get yourself cheap prepaid phone cards for any call to any destination in the world, all at an unbelievably cheap rate! With the exact same rate, you could now talk significantly longer over the phone compared to what you would've done before. Forget about Internet chats where you would normally see words and texts more than sounds. It is those familiar voices of your loved ones that mean the most to you after being separated from each other thousands of miles away.

Be rest assured with the cards' reliance quality. You wouldn't possibly get better offers than this! And did I mention to you that the cards come in lovely designs as well? You could actually start a hobby by collecting these unique cards!

So guys... Do check it out now lest you miss this great deal! ;)

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Of bak kut teh and otak-otak

Ever since I reached home for my holidays, I've resumed to my bad old routine ~ eat, on-line, sleep. These days, I've been consistently sleeping at 7AM and waking up at 3 in the afternoon (nearly 4PM today!). *faint* Oh those of you in Western Europe, my bedtime is set according to your time zones! Very indiscipline, huh? I know... *sigh*

The past week has seen me scratching my head for new blogging materials, but to no avail. Since there was nothing fresh for me to blog about, I first thought of digging into my pile of long overdue tags. But the thing is, I've totally forgotten about the tags I owe! *blush*

¤ ¤ ¤

Yesterday, I went back to my university in Penang to pack up my remaining stuff. I was searching very hard for a place to store my things since all students must clear their belongings from the dorms by the end of this week. This thing bugged me for the whole afternoon, and I was quite frustrated because of this. Thankfully, a friend from China kindly offered me his rented apartment to keep my stuff. I was so overwhelmed with gratitude, my friend! :)

Then later in the evening, my friends and I started to head home. I was riding on my friend's motorcycle and the helmet given to me was an open-face one (i.e. without a face shield). Before we knew it, the rain started to pour down horrendously. I was thus given a thorough face massage and this blinded me from seeing the road ahead.

We then came to a shelter underneath an expressway bridge. We parked our motorbikes aside while praying for the rain to stop as soon as possible. And oh, we were actually going to take a ferry in order to reach Butterworth on the opposite shore. Since it was getting pretty late, I was especially anxious as I didn't wanna miss my bus home again like last time!

Watching the cars went by...

My 1st time taking snapshots right beside an expressway

After getting drenched from head to toe in a rain so cold, a nice and warm meal greeting the end of what I considered as an eventful day is definitely a must-have!

*stomach growls*

Absolutely yummylicious!

As usual, these were the vegetarian versions. Instead of using pork for bak kut teh and mackerel fish paste for the otak-otak, wheat glutens and soy products like tofu were opted for both delicacies. And hey, I actually thought that the otak-otak tasted exactly the same like the original one! *salivates*

Friday, April 18, 2008

An afternoon with St. Anne

On Thursday afternoon, my room-mate brought me across the Penang Bridge on his motorcycle to the famed St. Anne’s Sanctuary which lies in the sleepy town of Bukit Mertajam, Seberang Perai (formerly known as Province Wellesley under British colonial rule), Penang. Initially, I was a lil’ bit apprehended since I’ve never been on a motorcycle for nearly half a decade. Thank goodness I grew more and more comfortable as we moved along the way. Within half an hour, I finally caught a glimpse of the legendary place where news reports of it filled pages during the annual Feast of St. Anne on July 26th.

Although Malaysia is officially a Muslim country, it’s always surprising to see non-Muslim places of worship being scattered throughout the country, despite certain limitations on their construction since independence. And with us here now is a holy sanctuary hailed to be 1 of the 20 most important Catholic pilgrimage sites in the world, joining the ranks of Jerusalem, Rome, Lourdes, and Fátima!

The shrine from afar; the church altar

This Catholic sanctuary is dedicated to St. Anne, the mother of the Virgin Mary, and hence the maternal grandmother of Jesus Christ. The old church (now known as St. Anne’s Shrine) was built in 1888 by the French missionary as they were the 1st to arrive in the region. The sanctuary was named after St. Anne, who's a very popular patron saint amongst the French. Before the construction of the 1st church, 2 chapels were built on the sanctuary grounds and the remains could still be found there.

The new church

The church's interior

The latest addition to the sanctuary was a recently erected church featuring a multi-tiered Minangkabau roof and a European-inspired bell tower built attached to it. The church was consecrated on the 2002 St. Anne's Feast by the then Apostolic Delegate to Malaysia, the Most Reverend Adriano Bernardini.

Not only that, the beautiful Dataran St. Anne (St. Anne's Square) was also installed in front of the new church. In order to accommodate pilgrims who flock there for the annual feast day, the Domus St. Anne was constructed for those who intend to stay over.

Scenes from the Stations of the Cross

It was not long when dark clouds started to loom on the horizon. I quickened my pace and snapped pictures around the sanctuary before the rain poured down without me knowing it.

Does this remind you of Michelangelo's masterpiece in St. Peter's Basilica?

St. Anne's Water; grotto on St. Anne's Hill

Before we left, I bought this official Vatican guide for the Great Jubilee of the Year 2000 from the gift shop built adjacent to the Shrine of St. Anne.

¤ ¤ ¤

Took this photo right after we finished our final papers for this semester…

Addendum @ 6:26AM (April 20th): Oh my... I heart so much! The wallpapers there are just perfect for blog headers. There you have it! I just gave my blog a minor facelift. :)

Monday, April 14, 2008

From Three Kingdoms to Pulau Payar

Having slacked off for so long, it's time for the...

Once again, well done to all the chuppers! For those who have no idea of what this buzz is all about, please have a look here while you enjoy your cuppa tea. :)

I digress. See that cute doggie above? It's not a real one, but some of our visitors have mistaken it for real! Haha... And I was being told that even Der Der fell into this delusion and barked enthusiastically at it when he first visited our home! *ROTFLMAO* Oh my, I should had been here to watch that drama unfold!

¤ ¤ ¤

Went to watch this movie on Friday midnight with a gang of 11. The film is loosely based on the wildly popular Chinese historical novel, Romance of the Three Kingdoms 三国演义 which tells the story of the turbulent era where China fell into disunity and split into 3 rival kingdoms near the end of the Han Dynasty 1800 years ago. With legendary Chinese heroic characters like Zhao Yun 赵云 (aka Zhao Zi Long 赵子龙; portrayed by Andy Lau 刘德华), Liu Bei 刘备, Guan Yu 关羽, Zhang Fei 张飞, Zhuge Liang 诸葛亮, and the shrewd yet infamously villainous Cao Cao 曹操, the movie adds a theatrical twist by showing fictional characters to make it more appealing to movie-goers. It is dubbed in Mandarin though, and the subtitles do lag a bit at some parts of the movie.

And I love it! Maggie Q who portrayed the fictional antagonist, Cao Ying 曹嬰 (granddaughter of Cao Cao) was so cool in this film! Apparently, this character was specially created in order to add a female lead role in what was supposed to be a male-dominated movie. The movie effects are good enough, and the storyline can actually move your heart, especially near the end of the film.

If you were to watch this movie and to compare it with the novel, please don't. Though the movie storyline borrows significantly from the book, the story it depicts takes on an alternate route.

After watching this film, the passion for Chinese history in me has started to reignite again. I think I'm gonna get a copy of the novel as well as some of the famous classics, like Journey to the West 西游记 which I've longed to own.

¤ ¤ ¤

Still remember my trip to Langkawi last June? I haven't come to the end of my story-telling! Do allow me to continue here. *winks*

So on the next morning, we went for a snorkelling trip to Pulau Payar, a popular marine park located to the south of Langkawi.

Actually, there was nothing much to see here. Just a short strip of sandy beach, lush jungles all over the island, unpolluted seas, and vast blue skies. I much prefer the cable-car ride to this.

And oh, you get to feed the sharks and fishes here too! The fishes came in huge schools, and there were these tiny sharks waiting to be fed.

Spot the shark!


Wednesday, April 09, 2008

In the midst of...

... the torturing finals. I didn't get the chance to sleep at all on the previous night, and I just went straight to the examination hall this morning after force-feeding myself with a night's worth of notes. Not that I haven't done this before. Haha... Glad that I managed to make it through quite well, especially it was the toughest of all the subjects I took in this semester (tonnes of boring theories to memorize!).

¤ ¤ ¤

Days ago, my mum showed me this...

Guess what? It was a pair of unfinished pyjamas she made for me when I was still a toddler! Maybe someday in the future, I'd request her to finish it for me so that I could dress my child in that near 2-decade-old piece of garment! Hehe...

2 down, 2 more to go... *grumbles*

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Ashop Commerce

If you think making money on-line is confined to writing paid posts, think again. Tell you what... You can actually generate bucks via an on-line business by operating a store on the web with Ashop Commerce, an award-winning shopping cart software!

With all its promising features, these are what you get with this marvellous e-commerce software:

  • World class easy set up
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  • Supports all external web animation and graphic programmes

Just take a look at all those features. I'm sure everyone could start an on-line business in no time! It's very simple and convenient to manage, and should you need any help along the way, there's always the tech support to assist you, absolutely free!

And in case you're wondering, the aforementioned features are only a portion of a very long list of features offered to aspiring on-line merchants. There are lots more nifty ones which you'll need to discover yourself.

If you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur, give yourself a chance. Who knows you might emerge to become the next big business mogul! ;)

Web hosting guide

Every blogger begins his or her blogging journey using one of the popular free web hosts available on the Internet. Some members of this rapidly growing community then opt for a unique web domain that well represents their blogs after getting bored with the free ones that tend to bear the name of the web host. That's not all. Bloggers who own their very own web domains will possess a bigger flexibility in the modification of their blogs. They can now arrange and decorate their blogs to their hearts' content, without the need to comply to any rules or limitations as found in all free web hosts.

Nowadays, with a wide array of choices to choose from, it's actually quite tough and confusing to seek for the perfect web hosting solution that suits your very needs. More often than not, most packages and offers look quite similar to each other and that makes things even more complicated. It's situation like this that requires us to seek for a guide in order to assist us in choosing the right one that's both affordable and user friendly.

Look no further, as Kaushal Sheth is here to lead you out of the darkness. His extensive research across the web has led him to compile a list of best web hosting services available to all of us.

So what are you guys still waiting for? Why don't you just take a look over there? I'm sure all your web hosting frustrations would get solved instantly! :)