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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Web Hosting Choice

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For those desiring their very own web domains, what are you guys still waiting for?

Friday, January 25, 2008

During the past 2 weeks...

I yearned for something sweet after being choked by an endless flow of assignments...

Indulged myself in something foreign, yet still quintessential Asian...

Being reminded of the arrival of that very festival we're all lookin' forward to...

Getting poorer and poorer, solely on my freewill... (but richer in knowledge and world perspective!)

And most importantly, it was now history! Sleepless nights... Painful tears... But the thing turned out quite satisfactory! Thanks to a friend for willing to help this King of Procrastination in carrying out this ultra-delicate task. Took tens of hours (having skipped dinner and breakfast, plus a piece of bun as lunch), and finally having it completed just minutes before deadline. Kill me, kill me!

A spanking new project has already landed. But thankfully, no more model building! *wipes sweat away*

Saturday, January 12, 2008


Been very busy lately, hence the absence of new updates on this blog. No last-entry-of-the-year. No New Year's Day special dedication either. I appreciate those of you who dropped by here to make sure I was still alive and kickin'. You have my greatest gratitude. :)

Do you guys know what I was doing the moment the clock struck 12 on New Year's Day? Zzzz... LOL! I was so tired since I didn't sleep for the entire night 2 days earlier (thanks to the stupid studio project which had me working on it for 20 hours plus). An extraordinary way to kick off 2008 huh? *sigh*

Then came a day that I fell sick just when I was in the midst of completing my assignment for submission on the next morning! Procrastination is bad, yet I've failed terribly in dumping this negative habit.

And now about the fever. I thought I got well a bit the next day, but I nearly fainted on an overcrowded bus! The moment I got on the bus, there were no seats left, and I was thus forced to stand. It was a very hot afternoon, and I was sweating profusely (no air cons whatsoever near me). I have this inherited congenital disorder which I would feel very dizzy and uncomfortable when the weather gets too hot or there's shortage of oxygen, especially in an enclosed, overcrowded place.

Then my worst fear came. Suddenly, I felt so dizzy and weak, and I started to develop blurry visions ~ from coloured to monotonous, and further aggravated into pitch black. I panicked, and I blinked my eyes repeatedly to make sure that I got to see what I wanted to see. There was a temporary recovery of vision (albeit a monotonous one), but it was so blurry that I couldn't see further than my hand's reach. I held on to my grip with all my might so that I wouldn't fall if I were to faint anytime soon. No, I wouldn't want to faint here. News would spread to the whole school if I were to.

It was the longest bus journey I ever had, and a painful one too. A short 10 minutes seemed like forever to me. I didn't even know where I was when the bus suddenly decided to stop. I could vaguely see a course mate descending from the bus, and I guess I'd arrived. I carefully took my steps forward, up some stairs, before I came to a stop. I couldn't take it any longer. I then walked back to the bus stand to have my eyes rested. Thank goodness a friend of mine arrived soon. He called up to me and accompanied me there for tens of minutes. My vision then gradually recovered from reddish to normal. I didn't have dinner the previous night (due to my fever and serious lack of appetite) and only a small piece of bread for breakfast, and I guess these had an impact on what hit me earlier. That night, I had my earliest slumber in recent years. At 9 something, I was already in my dreams.

The following days saw me eating less and less. I used to have an appetite of a tiger, but not anymore. Maybe I'm still not yet fully recovered. But one thing for sure, I saved a lot of money these few days.

¤ ¤ ¤

Yesterday, I went to Macalister Road's famous Luk Yea Yan Vegetarian Restaurant 鹿野苑素食馆 to have my dinner. I decided to go for something spicy and sour, hoping to have my appetite lifted.

Vegetarian Thai tom yum

Judging from the garnishes, it tasted just like asam laksa! I guess the soup base for tom yum and asam laksa was the same in this restaurant. There was a wide selection of vegetarian food available here, from pizza and lasagna to smoked cheese rice and fish & chips. Besides, there were also Chinese dim sums. Interesting!

When midnight drew near, my cousins and I went for an indulgent chocolatey adventure at Häagen-Dazs.

Special Chocolate Fondue

I think I've got my appetite back now. :P

Addendum @ 6:50PM: Alamak... Forgot to tally the THHC™ points! It's all comin' up next! ;)