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Monday, December 17, 2007

Back to school!

I'm back in Penang. Our 1st lesson for this new semester commences today. Sipeh sien (damn boring)! I'm still very much unprepared for this. Thinking of all those heavy assignments and tasks coming my way is making me puke! Having lazed at home for the past month, how am I supposed to get myself out of my holiday mood all of a sudden? *sigh* Christmas is fast approachin', and I only have 1 simple wish this year:

I want my holidays back!

Simple yet unattainable. Time to move on, I suppose. :(

I came back on Friday for the registration works as well as getting back my room keys. Oh yes, I'm so satisfied to be able to obtain some pretty good results for my finals (a couple of A-'s!), very much beyond my expectation considering my averagely 1-2 days of revision for each subject. After registering my courses for this semester, I then went back to my dorm to collect my keys from the authorities. The old ladies on duty were about to go out for lunch upon my arrival, and they insisted me to come back 3 hours later. Bummer! Couldn't they just tolerate for 5 more minutes? #%$@&! I was so freakin' pissed! And due to this, I was forced to spend the whole afternoon with my parents at a nearby hypermarket. Sien!

After settling down all my things, I started cleaning up my room which has been left unoccupied for more than 1 month. I was quite surprised that it was still pretty neat after having abandoned for so long, only to find a very thin layer of dust and a few spider webs dangling in those inconspicuous dark corners. I even dragged along my parents to help me with the cleaning! :P

When all was done, we went to Penang's largest shopping destination ~ Queensbay Mall to check out its Christmas sales and décor before heading back home. No, I didn't stay overnight at my dorm because the food here sucks! Even instant noodles taste miles better than those craps here. Moreover, I still haven't had enough of warm home-cooked meals which I happened to miss a lot when I was studying here. Come to think of it, I didn't seem to appreciate my home's comfort before I came to USM. I was actually looking forward to a life of freedom where I could spread my wings and fly without my mum's usual naggings. But now, I finally realize that I take things for granted all these while. Home is still the best place in this world.

¤ ¤ ¤

Say hello to Der Der and the adorable Pekingese, Py Py (taken from the word puppy)!

I've shown pics of both pups before on my blog, but this was the very 1st time they both met each other. And guess what, they actually turned aggressively defensive and barked at each other madly like seeing an old enemy! We were thus forced to separate them in order to avoid a nasty pets war. =.="

Have a moody Monday! :/


L B said...

Happy Moody Monday! Yeah, it takes a little bit getting used to, back to the grind, after some time off. Even after years of practice, I still can't figure it out..

Jemima said...

All the best in your new sem!!!

Zhu said...

Oh, it must be tough to come back to school right before Xmas... even though it's not a big thing, it gets to the mood.

I'm gonna have snowy Monday! ... should be moody too after I shovel 40+cm of snow!

may said...

hey, congratulations on your results, a couple of As is great! good luck in your new semester. I'm wishing for a long block of holidays but all I'm getting is a week during Christmas... *sigh*

Kenny Mah said...

Hehe... Love the puppy names (Der Der and Py Py)... I'd prolly name mine (if I had one) Blur Blur... :D

And what a Mondae Mourning it's turning out to be... I can't wait for the holidays, sighs...

angel said...

U staying at which Desa har? "Hilton" ah? ;)

Dun worry... Thurs another holiday... next Tues is Christmas... another Tues is New Year... then the following Thurs is Awal Muharram.. howz that for more holidays?? :D

ps: Got Internet access liao? Yippie!

Doreen said...

Take it one step at a time lah, I'm sure you will get into studying mood in no time.

Der der & Py py damn cute!

Giddy Tiger said...

Yes, the purple tei and blue blue tei pictures look very familiar!

kyh said...

L B: 5 chups!

Truly moody indeed! So sleepy right now.

Aiks! Then you'd need to practise more, lol!

Jemima: 3 chups!

Thanks! ;)

Zhu: 1 chup!

Though I don't celebrate Christmas, but a holiday is still a holiday!

Wow... That's a lot of snow! So will you be riding a sleigh this Christmas? :P

may: Thanks! I was being lucky, I guess.

Hey, 1 week of holidays is good enough! I'm not sure how many days we'll get. :(

Kenny Mah: LOL! That sounds cute! :P

We want holidays!

angel: Restu. ;)

Still thinking of my holidays. :(

The WiFi signal here is so crappy! #@$%&!

Doreen: I hope so.

Wanna pinch their cheeks? :P

Giddy Tiger: Familiar, huh? ;)

angele said...

How depressing to resume school when christmas is just around the corner! =(

kyh said...

Totally right!

Furkids in Hong Kong said...

Der Der and Py Py are sooo cute!

Hope they learn to get along soon. Better to play than to fight ma!

kyh said...

Haha... Hopefully they'll be friends!

Nastasshea ( said...

SO CUTE!!! Both the names and the doggies! But seriously...the name is cuter! Hehehe!!

day-dreamer said...

Wow, you're back to campus already! That was fast...

But well, I'm going back soon too.

Finally missed home eh? :P

kyh said...

Nastasshea: LOL! Fluffy is cute too! ;)

day-dreamer: Yeah... So fast! Sien...

I miss the food and my bed! :(

Kenny Mah said...

I changed my mind --- if I had a doggy, I'll name him/her Poo Poo cos that's what he/she'll be doing all over the place! LOL

Chen said...

Time flies, soon it will be another semester break ;)

Btw, I drove passed by USM on Sunday afternoon, and seems like it was some sort of USM Sport's Day? The field was crowded.

Hi to Der Der and Py Py
Winn's cousin has a Pekingese too :)

kyh said...

Kenny Mah: Although that sounds nasty, but it sure is cute! :P

Chen: I really hope it doesn't fly too fast during holidays. *sigh*

Was it? I have no idea.

Pekingese is cute! But this one is so fierce and 大小姐... LOL!

mistipurple said...

study hard, next time earn big money. kkkk sounding like an old grandma.

kyh said...

Maybe should call you misti grandma liao! :P