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Monday, December 03, 2007

All the love in the world...

It's time for me to revive my T H E H U G H U G C L U B™ franchise after having hibernation for so long, since the month of July! *pengsan*

For the very 1st time ever, may I present you a special end-of-the-year edition which accumulates the chuppers points all the way from July to November. So here it goes...

Oh, we have new spooners here: Jemima, Zhu, angele, Ehon and Ah Boy! Well done! Let's fill this joyous month with all the love you can give! :)

For more information on what this chuppers thing is all about, click here.

¤ ¤ ¤

Introducing a new furry member here, Der Der!

It's a boy pup, 4 months old, and very, very naughty! At this kinda age, he tends to nibble things very often. From plastic bottles to shoes, none will escape his bite. And no, he's not mine, but belongs to my cousin instead. Despite his mischief, he's such an adorable creature! :P

Ah Boy & Liucas! Both of you must take good care of him ya... Don't ever bully him! ;)


zewt said...

you're also new in this right? oh wait... chup!

kyh said...

5 chups!

I'm new? Haha! Totally not! :P

No need so kan cheong! Take your time... ;)

Chen said...

from july till nov? LOL

Chen said...

Hi to Der Der :D

kyh said...

3 chups!

From July till November! :P

Der Der: "Hello, Ah Boy's mummy!" *wags tail*

mistipurple said...

cute, Der Der! welcome to blogland.

Ah Boy said...

Woof Woof Der Der
although u r only 4 months old, but u are huge :D

*wags docked tail*

kyh said...

mistipurple: 1 chup!

Woof! Woof!

Der Der said thanks to you! ;)

Ah Boy: Arrroof! *happies*

Der Der won't get any bigger than this in the future, I suppose. ;)

angel said...

YIPPIE!!! I'm First! I'm First!! Well, not here though... but I'M FIRST! Muahahahaha!!!

Der Der? Why not Dear Dear? Der Der sounds like "Duh Duh" -_-'''

But he sooooo kiutttt!!
*kiss kiss*

kyh said...

Haha... Come, I give you kisses! ;)

Sounds weird, right? Ask his master! :P

Veru cute leh! :)

L B said...

*watches kyh kissing angel...... *

*whistles in the air*

*waaaa, revival of T H H C ™ summore*

*buy numba*

*woof woof*

*another ingredient for the hotpot*

kyh said...


It's the THHC™ renaissance! ;)

This pup is not for cooking! *big, hard piak*

Der Der: "Where's my food?" *puppy eyes*

Jemima said...

I thought a New spooner gets a special prize, no? :p

Hi Der Der!!! *waves*

_butt said...

another cutie to cubit cheek eeeeeee

Angele said...


Wat a surpriseeeee


kyh said...

Jemima: *ahem*

Really? I didn't know that wor... :P

*wags tail*

_butt: *piak*

Cannot cubit! :P

Angele: Happy happy! :D

RennyBA said...

Great hugs and a very cute puppy - thanks for sharing :-)

Doreen said...

Der der so cute leh, name also very cute wor. *pat pat Der der's head head*

kyh said...

RennyBA: Thanks! ;)

Doreen: Haha... His name is cute? I thought everybody will think it sounds strange. :P

*jumps in joy*

may said...

yay! we have new THHC™ mascot! now got 3 Dog-a-teers, all for one and one for WooF!

kyh said...

Wah... Mascot? Haha...

Woof! *manja*

eastcoastlife said...

Wah!! Can get chups here!

This puppy so cute!
*pinch pinch... throws a bone*

kyh said...

LOL! So slow one you! :P

*opens jaw wide-wide to catch the bone*

_butt said...

ok lor, I won't cubit, but will tag you instead hehehe

kyh said...

But I'll cubit you for that tag! *cubit*

day-dreamer said...

Hello der der!! :D

kyh said...

Welcome back! :D

Der Der sounds a bit like DD, no? :P

Simple American said...

Well done to all the chuppers.

I need to do mine too. I am 3 months behind. Chez!

kyh said...

Add oil! ;)