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Sunday, November 25, 2007

What I wish for this Christmas...

Christmas is comin', or to be exact, a month away. Although Christmas in Malaysia doesn't appear to be like those fairy-tale winter scenes, but why let this bother our festive mood? And when it's Christmas, we all know we have to get ourselves a very long wishlist. It's a must! And to help me sort this matter out, CouponChief is here to save my day! :D

Since I've already owned a mobile phone and a spanking new laptop, what should I put into my wishlist this year? Being the usual tech-savvy geek, I'm gonna get myself, you guess it right --- gadgets. This afternoon, I so happened to spot a brand new digital camera somewhere in the newspapers. It's just so tastefully designed and I thought to myself, man, I must get this! Since I rely on CouponChief, a Sony coupon will definitely do the job for me this Christmas.

I've always wanted an iPod, but my wish is always crushed due to its price. But now the moment seems right as these Apple deals can provide me unbelievable discounts and offers. With these coupons, I feel like I'm just 1 inch away from that delectable iPod touch!

And oh, how could I possibly forget my dearest mum? She loves music CDs. This thus makes my job easy. I'm thinking of getting her some Time-Life coupons which she'll thank me for this. Who knows she may give me a kiss in return! ;)

If you guys wanna make your Christmas wishes come true, do check out these online coupons. :)