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Thursday, November 22, 2007

PPP, I'm comin' to U!

Yes, I'm gonna start writing my 1st ever PPP right now. Seeing so many bloggers have already started this burgeoning hot thing, how could I be left out? I can't really be considered a newbie since my PPP badges have been dangling on my sidebar for so many months. But technically, I can rightfully claim that I'm still one. The reason is simple: I haven't started writing any sponsored posts by PPP, yet! But not anymore. Now, let me declare the official grand opening of my PPP journey on this blog! *thunderous applause*

I'm sure each and everyone of you have definitely heard of PPP, be it bloggers or blogders (the so-called blog readers). I don't quite remember how I came to know this hot stuff. Through blogs that I visit daily (more so), I guess. You see, everyone's doing it. Everyone's spreading it. Do I need to say more?

PPP came at the perfect moment when I was about to begin my university life. For the 2 decades of my life, I was moving out from my home's comfort for the very 1st time. Life as a student is not easy nowadays. Take a look at this world. Everything undergoes a price hike. Everything needs money to deal with. Without money, you're not gonna survive anywhere. In fact, there's no free lunch on this planet!

Food and accommodation aside, my current undergraduate course (architecture) requires me to purchase a lot of equipments which do not come cheap, mind you. Each piece of the so-called architectural tool can range from tens of ringgit (the Malaysian currency) to just over a hundred. I've already spent nearly half a thousand ringgit on these to date. I dare not think of what's going to cost me when my next semester commences.

Since I'm not taking any job (which is impossible for an architecture student like me as the immense workload can make you hardly breathe), PPP seems to be a very, very good alternative for me. One benefit about PPP is that I can now earn extra income to cover my daily expenses during the whole duration of my study without being physically demanding nor sacrificing much of my precious time. All I need to do is to get the featured opportunities that I like on its website and blog about it. It's just that simple! Thank goodness I found this wonderful thing. And I have to thank myself too for this blogging habit. It's much easier for me to start investing in PPP compared to those who have just begun to join the ever-expanding bloggers community.

And of course, I would love to help the poor and to sponsor a child or two (which is one of my greatest ambitions) with some of the dollars I'm gonna earn from PPP. Though my effort might seem negligible compared to the ridiculous sums donated by wealthy moguls and philanthropists, I strongly believe that it's the sincerity that counts. I'm more than satisfied to be able to contribute my part to the world community. Hey, that should be our common responsibility as a constituent of this world! We live and we breathe what's given to us by this planet, and it's time for us to reciprocate.

To cut it short, I truly hope that I can achieve part of my dreams, if not all, by involving myself in PPP.

Have I made you thinking about this now? Great! To start signing up for the fabulous PPP, please click here: payperpost. :)