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Sunday, November 25, 2007

In cinemas

Enchanted ~ This seems fun!

The Golden Compass ~ Indeed magical...

One Missed Call ~ J-horror remake. Quite thrilling it seems.

Beowulf ~ Starring my angie (added after being reminded by her :P)

I wanna watch all these movies! Some are already showing, some are still pending. My town's sole (if I'm not mistaken) cinema sucks big time. It only gets to show the movies which other parts in the country have been showing for several weeks. Poor me! I think I'll only get to watch after returning to Penang. *sigh*

¤ ¤ ¤

Australia has a new Prime Minister (although notchet sworn in)! This guy (Kevin Rudd) majored in Chinese language and Chinese history while doing his undergraduate studies at the Australian National University. He also gave himself a Chinese name 陆克文 (Lù Kèwén) when he was still studying there. And man, you guys should listen to him addressing the Chinese President in Mandarin. I'm impressed!

¤ ¤ ¤


Stay healthy and pretty, girl! :)


Jemima said...

Happy Birthday, Doreen. :)

Jemima said...

I wanna watch the 1st two movies. I'm too chicken for the 3rd one. :p

kyh said...

5 birthday chups!

I thank you on behalf of her. ;)

Haha! Get a guy to accompany you for the 3rd movie! :P

angel said...

U dowan to watch Beowolf meh, huh, huh, HUH??? *super sad* :(

Sang Yat Fai Lok, Ms Doreen!

kyh said...

3 Beowulf chups!

Oops... I forgot! Sorry! Okie, now I'm gonna add it. No wonder I feel like something's missing. :P

Happy happy!

Chen said...

Angmoh that speaks Chinese.

Happy Birthday Doreen
one year younger liao :)

kyh said...

1 angmoh chup!

More and more angmohs are learning Chinese nowadays. Our very own bananas must not lose behind!

One year younger? I also want! LOL!

jessica k. said...

i thought one missed call is only released jan next year?

kyh said...

Yup. That's why I said some are still pending. ;)

Zhu said...

Wow, you mean because:
- 我會說漢語
- 我是个法国人(西方人!)
- 我在大学学汉语,中国的现代历史等等学了是二年了
I can also apply for a Prime Minister job? Cool! :D

I haven't seen Beowolf yet, but they show it in Imax 3D here in Canada - must be good!

Wennnn said...

Happy birthday Doreen!!

Nastasshea@Nesh said...

Enchanted is GOOD! Very Disney like yet humorous!! Love it love it love it!

kyh said...

Zhu: You can if you want to. ;)

I think it looks good too! :D

Wennnn: Happy happy!

Nastasshea@Nesh: Looks good! Man, I wanna watch!

Doreen said...

wah~~~~big chocolate cake! *quickly cut it into pieces and share with everyone*

*hugs to y'all*

kyh said...

Finally the birthday girl is here to cut the cake! You had us starving for the whole night, d'ya know? LOL!

*big hugs*

zewt said...

i am impressed too. though some words a bit off la.

kyh said...

You understand Mandarin too? I always thought you're a banana. :P

L B said...

Happy Birthday, Doreen!!!! May you watch lots of movies too!!

kyh said...

Thank you! :)

_butt said...

I'm going for the 3rd one. let's see if it's as good as the original! oh, golden compass look so cool with nicole kidman in it! that too I wana watch!

Happy (belated) Birthday Doreen!! :D

sbanboy said...

Happy Birthday Doreen ... I mean belated BDAY !!!

I am eagerly waiting for Golden Compass :)

kyh said...

_butt: You horror fan, you! :P I haven't watched the original, so I'll leave you to comment on that. ;)

Watch Beowulf! Got the spicy Angelina Jolie in it! :P

Happy happy!

sbanboy: Happy happy!

That seems to be a great movie, like Narnia! :)

mistipurple said...

Happy Birthday Doreen!
mana chocolate cake huh? *looks behind sofa*

kyh said...

Happy happy!

Still here! *gives misti a big piece*

eastcoastlife said...

I heard The Enchanted is nice. I wanna watch it.

I'm impressed with Kevin Rudd. Now competition is really hotting up. Singapore leaders have to work harder to get into the books of the Chinese.

Happy Birthday, Doreen.

kyh said...

Me too! ;)


Happy happy!

Ah Boy said...

happy birthday doreen jiejie
ah boy also wanna eat cake
bring big big bowl

kyh said...

Come, Ah Boy! Still got some left... Wanna tapau for Chen mummy too? ;)

mistipurple said...


kyh said...

Want a glass of barley? ;)

Winn said...

oh i m impressed with his chinese speech too! i cant even make speech!

he looks like a good new president..heeeeee

kyh said...

But I'm sure you can make good jokes! :P

Hopefully! :)

may said...

oh totally YES to the Golden Compass! we should all watch it at the same time, same day, just different parts of the world... whee!

Happy Belated Birthday, Doreen! *muaks*

kyh said...

Wow... Everyone wants to watch this movie, huh?

Happy happy! Want a piece of cake? ;)

Furkids in Hong Kong said...

Happy B'day Doreen!

And that chocolate cake looks beyond delicious.