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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Finally, a taste of true F.R.E.E.D.O.M


angel said...

WAAAA!!!! U getting married without me??? How can???

Enjoy the hornidays!!! :P

angel said...

Oni 1st semester and u say freedom liao arr? :P

OK la... enjoy lor... I love the feeling of post-exams... so song!

And that also means u HAVE to blog more from now on for the next few weeks!

Hehe... muaks!

L B said...

Congratulations!!! I look forward to a nice simple red angpow :-) And your CS3 skills is looking good..

Wennnn said...

Toudaiiiiiii U also getting married ah??? IN Big Apple ah?? Riding on a hot air balloon ah???

kyh said...

angel: 5 hornidays chups!

The bride is you, don't cha know? LOL! :P

Very, very syok! I'm enjoying every second of it. ;)

Sure will blog more! :)


L B: 3 angpow chups!

Hey... I'm actually looking forward to an angpow from you leh! So... You must faitit! :P

Really? Thanks... But it's still considered a very simple task compared to yours. Those complicated ones I'll definitely skip! :P

Wennnn: 1 mong cha cha chup!

Aren't you the one getting married? Why is it me leh... :P

All those things... Hmm... Maybe 10 years later. ;)

SilverIsle said...

Haha. Congratz wor. Faster post more updates lar! =D

Ehon said...

i also wan my freedom lar!! sighs! still got almost 3 more weeks. THREE MORE WEEKS!!!! *dies*

Chen said...

Enjoy your hols :D

i passed by USM few hours ago..
no wonder the place looks so empty liao :D

rinnah said...

At first I also thought you are getting married! Kekekeke... enjoy your freedom in between semesters!

kyh said...

SilverIsle: Okie... Stay tuned then! ;)

Ehon: Wah... Then you must tahan! :P

Chen: It's already holidays for some of us, but not all, yet. ;)

rinnah: I'll wait for you to get married 1st! :P


eastcoastlife said...

wei ... kyh! Long time no see ah! Very busy with Uni life or girls? hehehe.....

Hog balls are disgusting. All balls lah.... if you have to eat them. I prefer to just carry. hahaha....

Looking forward to your posts.

kyh said...

No time for girls, LOL!

Haha... I thought you enjoy eating 'em! :P

Stay tuned then! ;)

zewt said...

i am trying very hard to decipher this.

kyh said...

Is that so hard? Try referring to the previous post and you'll get the drift. ;)

may said...

errr... congratulations? LOL! I'm guessing either you're getting married, or you've finished your exams and have nothing much to do except to sampat for the rest of the year!

so which is it ah?

kyh said...

Hehe... The choice is up to you! :P