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Thursday, November 22, 2007

About moi!

The talented Amy tagged me for the 5 random things about me. I remember I've done this tag some months ago. But nevermind, I shall do it once more since I'm so free now. And oh, it's gonna be different from what you've read about me previously. :)

  1. I heart chillies. Love it raw. The spicier the merrier. They have to be served with every meal, otherwise I would have no appetite at all. I love cili padi the most but definitely not those pickled ones. Add a pinch of lime juice, they taste heavenly. In fact, Malaysians should learn to eat chillies and appreciate this valuable spice as this piece of land is blessed with an abundance of 'em.
  2. I'm part of the big global community who suffers from modern hi-tech diseases. Mine is Internet addiction. I can surf the net from dawn to dusk, and from dusk to dawn. At least 12 hours of my day are spent in front of my lappie every single day (this applies during holidays). I've even sacrificed my sleep just to surf the net!
  3. I eat a lot. One whole loaf of bread can be reduced to just a few pieces in one go. And that normally happens in the late nights.
  4. Yet no matter how much I eat, I can't seem to get fat! Should I be glad or sad? But I so wanna put on some dreaded pounds! At least 10 kg will do for me.
  5. My room is such a big mess. So lazy to tidy up. And too much unnecessary stuff. My cabinets and wardrobes are full to the max. No space at all to keep those extras. Sigh.
¤ ¤ ¤

I was having a very bad running nose yesterday. My nose was like a tap dripping water non-stop for the whole day! I'd been busy wrapping wontons due to this. Almost half a roll of toilet paper was used up. And how could I forget those dreaded ah-choos? So damn irritating. But since I'm turning slightly better today, anyone wants a plate of wonton mee? :P

¤ ¤ ¤

Guess what's for my dinner tonight?

Oyster mushrooms

..., home-cooked by my granny. :) This is the vegetarian substitute for Chinese style steamed fish, using almost the same ingredients (carrot, celery, chilli, ginger, sesame oil, soy sauce) but fish. Tastes absolutely yummy!

Addendum @ 8:36PM: My 1st ever PPP has been approved! :D *sexcited*


L B said...

Hot Chillie is the bestest of the best! Nothing like working up a sweat after a plate of raw crunchy chillies, dipped in salad dressing!!

Jemima said...

WOW! That looks YUMMILICIOUS! :)

Chen said...

yeah, i remember u heart chillies.
Me too :)
tarak pedas tarak sedap ;)

kyh said...

L B: 5 hot chups!

Agree! Makes me drool now! :D

Jemima: 3 yummylicious chups!

It sure is! :)

Chen: 1 chillies chup!

*hi 5*

No chillies, no life! :P

angel said...

Skinny better than fat!

zewt said...

i think a lot of us fall in your number 2 la.

kyh said...

angel: But I want to be fat! Not fat actually, but at least give me my ideal weight.

zewt: No doubt about that.

Ehon said...

PPP not a lot of opps anymore. For two weeks, I've only got like around 12 opps.

eh, wad i wanna say again? i can't rmbr..

OH, try come to Australia lar, see u fat or not. with all the cold weather, u just couldn't move.. and no sweat - no fat burnt!

kyh said...

Oh, but I'm not gonna PPP too often. I don't wish my blog to appear too commercialized. Each PPP will be posted only on the same day as the new blog entry. :)

No $$$ lah! But who knows I might earn enough PPP moolahs by then? :P Itellu! Your trick ain't gonna work. I'm such a lazy and inactive person, yet I still can't become fat! :(

may said...

haaa, got eat that oyster mushroom with extra chili anot? hot hot hot!

Zhu said...

I was like "oh my god, we look like each other so much!"... till I got to the "I can't get fat" part.

Now, I'm just jealous! :D

Anyway, I love chillies (we even have a shop which sells exclusively chillies in Ottawa!), I often find myself eating something sweet at night when I'm surfing on the net for another whatever hour... but I do get fat!

Oh well :D

kyh said...

may: I did add some chillies, but not a lot lest my grandparents couldn't handle the hotness. ;)

Zhu: Wow, you love chillies too! That's great! :D

A shop selling exclusively chillies? That's interesting indeed! In Malaysia, we get to buy chillies everywhere --- in marketplaces, grocery stores, hypermarkets etc. We can even grow our own chillies in our backyards! ;)

If you do get fat easily, it's best to avoid those sweet desserts, especially at night! As for me, I can have 'em at any hour of the day. :P

Doreen said...

Aha! I was thinking kyh must be very slim if not thin the minute I read about the Chillies. and when I got to 4, it proved me right! Chillies can actually increase your metabolism, thus help ppl to slim down.

Doreen said...

Would you give up chillies for a few kilos? Hehehehe

kyh said...

Tough question! Now you've got me in a dilemma. But I think I still couldn't let go my penchant for chillies. :(

mistipurple said...

*buys a stash of chilli padi*
chomp chomp chomp....

arrrhhhhhhhh ICE WATERRRRRR

kyh said...

Haha! Nah, here's your iced cold water you ask for!

mistipurple said...

dunwan chilli padi already. stay fat.

kyh said...

KKK... Why ah? *konpius*

Winn said...

i like sambal belacan!
haaa...i like wasabi with sushi!

oh and i like oyster mushroom . i stil remember last time when i was very lazy to cook this will be my dinner, i just ting the mushroom using microwave and server with watever spices i can reach..haa

kyh said...

I like sambal belacan too! Vegetarian one of course. Wasabi nice meh?

I've only started to eat oyster mushrooms recently. Prior to that, I hate all kinds of mushrooms, especially Chinese mushrooms!