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Friday, November 30, 2007

My diva on Youtube!

And no, this is NOT a sponsored post...

Everyone loves Youtube. I seldom watch video clips there, and even my university bans this website, citing the reason that clips buffering will increase the load of its wireless Internet bandwidth. But I find myself falling in love with this awesome site these days. I've found clips which I've been longing to watch or are unable to find back in the old days.

And speaking of divas, think My Heart Will Go On. Yes, it's none other than Céline Dion. Having sold over 200 million albums worldwide to date, she's one of the world's best-selling female artists of all time. Though Mariah Carey has been crowned for having the greatest voice in contemporary music, to me, Dion (who was placed in the top 10) has the most angelic voice of all artists I've ever known. She really knows how to move people's souls and emotions with her amazing voice!

R&B, hip hop, rock and rap seem to be the norm of Western music these years, where most songs from these genres continuously top the music charts across the globe. Long gone is the forgotten era of love ballads and sentimental songs which help to define much of the 90's music scene.

But nevermind, as I'm gonna share with you now some of my favourite clips of Céline Dion that I've managed to find on Youtube. Do enjoy! :)

Live performances:

Il Divo featuring Céline Dion - I Believe in You (Je Crois en Toi)
{Super nice! Just love it...}

Céline Dion & Josh Groban - The Prayer
{Listen to how angels sing! What a perfect match!}

Céline Dion & Andrea Bocelli - The Prayer
{The orignal version; Live at the 1999 Grammy Awards; Equally stunning...}

Music videos:

Céline Dion - My Heart Will Go On
{D'ya know that this song was recorded in only 1 take without instrumental accompaniment? Truly unbelievable!}

Céline Dion & Peobo Bryson - Beauty and the Beast
{Lovely song and movie...}

Do these clips bring back those sweet old memories? Hou lum ah...

By the way, is anyone going to the Live & Loud KL 07 music festival on December 1st? Oh my, Whitney Houston is gonna have a stage performance that night!

"And I...... will always love you......"

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Earning bucks online with Smorty!

It's a whole new phenomenon on the Internet. It's a revolutionary way to churn out fast cash on-line. What's more, if you're a blogger, you get paid for what you blog! Sounds too impossible? Nothing's impossible when you have Smorty, a marvellous service that connects you bloggers with advertisers all around the world! All you guys need to do is to snatch the suitable opportunities which are issued to you and just blog it! Voice out your opinion on the product you've chosen and advertise it on your blog. Remember, you blog for money! Do the best and let the advertisers do the rest! You'll be smiling your way to the bank if you've done a great job! :)

What attracts me to Smorty is its simple procedures which enable me to start blogging for paid advertisements in no time. Everything is clean and neat, just my style! And what's more, it's the best way to earn revenues for students like me who have such a tight schedule to seek for a part-time job just to cover my daily expenses. As a blogger, I can now earn some bucks on my own blog, without the need to leave my dorm. Ain't this just wonderful?

Signing up for Smorty is as easy as ABC. Just a few clicks away and you're done! If you're a blogger like me, or you're motivated to blog for some extra bucks, what are you guys still waiting for? Don't wait any longer and start your own Smorty today! :)

Searchin' for laptops? Here's Savebuckets!

Have you been searching high and low for an affordable yet capable lappie but are totally clueless on where to get the best bargain? Have you been opening a stack of browser pages and having a hard time switching from one page to another to-and-fro just to make a price comparison on what you're looking for, which in this case, a laptop?

I understand how dizzy, tedious and eye-soring while doing this because I've had this uncomfortable experience before. Yet look no further! Savebuckets is here to save you from all your usual hassles in making price comparisons on-line. It's a website which collects and updates all the lowest prices available from your favourite stores on a variety of products that suit your daily needs from time to time.

With Savebuckets, you can now browse through a vast collection of laptops which comes complete with a price tag and a brief description of the model's features and package. What's more, you can make your task easier by sorting the models by name or by best price. After you've an ideal model in mind, you can then compare the price offerings of each store for that model side by side, in which you take the lowest offer and move on to make your purchase from your selected store.

If there's a case where the price listed still lies above your initial budget, you can leave your e-mail address and your desired price for the product. The crew will then inform you immediately when the price eventually falls within your budget range. Isn't that just wonderful?

Savebuckets has definitely revolutionized on-line shopping like never before!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

In cinemas

Enchanted ~ This seems fun!

The Golden Compass ~ Indeed magical...

One Missed Call ~ J-horror remake. Quite thrilling it seems.

Beowulf ~ Starring my angie (added after being reminded by her :P)

I wanna watch all these movies! Some are already showing, some are still pending. My town's sole (if I'm not mistaken) cinema sucks big time. It only gets to show the movies which other parts in the country have been showing for several weeks. Poor me! I think I'll only get to watch after returning to Penang. *sigh*

¤ ¤ ¤

Australia has a new Prime Minister (although notchet sworn in)! This guy (Kevin Rudd) majored in Chinese language and Chinese history while doing his undergraduate studies at the Australian National University. He also gave himself a Chinese name 陆克文 (Lù Kèwén) when he was still studying there. And man, you guys should listen to him addressing the Chinese President in Mandarin. I'm impressed!

¤ ¤ ¤


Stay healthy and pretty, girl! :)

What I wish for this Christmas...

Christmas is comin', or to be exact, a month away. Although Christmas in Malaysia doesn't appear to be like those fairy-tale winter scenes, but why let this bother our festive mood? And when it's Christmas, we all know we have to get ourselves a very long wishlist. It's a must! And to help me sort this matter out, CouponChief is here to save my day! :D

Since I've already owned a mobile phone and a spanking new laptop, what should I put into my wishlist this year? Being the usual tech-savvy geek, I'm gonna get myself, you guess it right --- gadgets. This afternoon, I so happened to spot a brand new digital camera somewhere in the newspapers. It's just so tastefully designed and I thought to myself, man, I must get this! Since I rely on CouponChief, a Sony coupon will definitely do the job for me this Christmas.

I've always wanted an iPod, but my wish is always crushed due to its price. But now the moment seems right as these Apple deals can provide me unbelievable discounts and offers. With these coupons, I feel like I'm just 1 inch away from that delectable iPod touch!

And oh, how could I possibly forget my dearest mum? She loves music CDs. This thus makes my job easy. I'm thinking of getting her some Time-Life coupons which she'll thank me for this. Who knows she may give me a kiss in return! ;)

If you guys wanna make your Christmas wishes come true, do check out these online coupons. :)

Thursday, November 22, 2007

About moi!

The talented Amy tagged me for the 5 random things about me. I remember I've done this tag some months ago. But nevermind, I shall do it once more since I'm so free now. And oh, it's gonna be different from what you've read about me previously. :)

  1. I heart chillies. Love it raw. The spicier the merrier. They have to be served with every meal, otherwise I would have no appetite at all. I love cili padi the most but definitely not those pickled ones. Add a pinch of lime juice, they taste heavenly. In fact, Malaysians should learn to eat chillies and appreciate this valuable spice as this piece of land is blessed with an abundance of 'em.
  2. I'm part of the big global community who suffers from modern hi-tech diseases. Mine is Internet addiction. I can surf the net from dawn to dusk, and from dusk to dawn. At least 12 hours of my day are spent in front of my lappie every single day (this applies during holidays). I've even sacrificed my sleep just to surf the net!
  3. I eat a lot. One whole loaf of bread can be reduced to just a few pieces in one go. And that normally happens in the late nights.
  4. Yet no matter how much I eat, I can't seem to get fat! Should I be glad or sad? But I so wanna put on some dreaded pounds! At least 10 kg will do for me.
  5. My room is such a big mess. So lazy to tidy up. And too much unnecessary stuff. My cabinets and wardrobes are full to the max. No space at all to keep those extras. Sigh.
¤ ¤ ¤

I was having a very bad running nose yesterday. My nose was like a tap dripping water non-stop for the whole day! I'd been busy wrapping wontons due to this. Almost half a roll of toilet paper was used up. And how could I forget those dreaded ah-choos? So damn irritating. But since I'm turning slightly better today, anyone wants a plate of wonton mee? :P

¤ ¤ ¤

Guess what's for my dinner tonight?

Oyster mushrooms

..., home-cooked by my granny. :) This is the vegetarian substitute for Chinese style steamed fish, using almost the same ingredients (carrot, celery, chilli, ginger, sesame oil, soy sauce) but fish. Tastes absolutely yummy!

Addendum @ 8:36PM: My 1st ever PPP has been approved! :D *sexcited*

PPP, I'm comin' to U!

Yes, I'm gonna start writing my 1st ever PPP right now. Seeing so many bloggers have already started this burgeoning hot thing, how could I be left out? I can't really be considered a newbie since my PPP badges have been dangling on my sidebar for so many months. But technically, I can rightfully claim that I'm still one. The reason is simple: I haven't started writing any sponsored posts by PPP, yet! But not anymore. Now, let me declare the official grand opening of my PPP journey on this blog! *thunderous applause*

I'm sure each and everyone of you have definitely heard of PPP, be it bloggers or blogders (the so-called blog readers). I don't quite remember how I came to know this hot stuff. Through blogs that I visit daily (more so), I guess. You see, everyone's doing it. Everyone's spreading it. Do I need to say more?

PPP came at the perfect moment when I was about to begin my university life. For the 2 decades of my life, I was moving out from my home's comfort for the very 1st time. Life as a student is not easy nowadays. Take a look at this world. Everything undergoes a price hike. Everything needs money to deal with. Without money, you're not gonna survive anywhere. In fact, there's no free lunch on this planet!

Food and accommodation aside, my current undergraduate course (architecture) requires me to purchase a lot of equipments which do not come cheap, mind you. Each piece of the so-called architectural tool can range from tens of ringgit (the Malaysian currency) to just over a hundred. I've already spent nearly half a thousand ringgit on these to date. I dare not think of what's going to cost me when my next semester commences.

Since I'm not taking any job (which is impossible for an architecture student like me as the immense workload can make you hardly breathe), PPP seems to be a very, very good alternative for me. One benefit about PPP is that I can now earn extra income to cover my daily expenses during the whole duration of my study without being physically demanding nor sacrificing much of my precious time. All I need to do is to get the featured opportunities that I like on its website and blog about it. It's just that simple! Thank goodness I found this wonderful thing. And I have to thank myself too for this blogging habit. It's much easier for me to start investing in PPP compared to those who have just begun to join the ever-expanding bloggers community.

And of course, I would love to help the poor and to sponsor a child or two (which is one of my greatest ambitions) with some of the dollars I'm gonna earn from PPP. Though my effort might seem negligible compared to the ridiculous sums donated by wealthy moguls and philanthropists, I strongly believe that it's the sincerity that counts. I'm more than satisfied to be able to contribute my part to the world community. Hey, that should be our common responsibility as a constituent of this world! We live and we breathe what's given to us by this planet, and it's time for us to reciprocate.

To cut it short, I truly hope that I can achieve part of my dreams, if not all, by involving myself in PPP.

Have I made you thinking about this now? Great! To start signing up for the fabulous PPP, please click here: payperpost. :)

Monday, November 19, 2007

I wish to go back to...

... nowhere? may may gave me some homework to do. Wah... It's been such a long time since I was last tagged by someone. Should I be glad for this or otherwise? To be frank, I still have piles of tags yet to be done. But since those tags are so outdated, let's pretend to forget about 'em. :P

may may 姐 wants to know the age I wish to go back to. I'm not the kind of person who loves to relive history twice, nor do I really have an unforgettable moment that makes me wanna go back. So can I choose not to do so? Furthermore, I'm now enjoying my month-long semester break, for sure I don't want to torture myself with all those assignments and exams! And if I really have to pick one, I wish I can return to a fortnight ago when I just finished the last paper of my finals, and to welcome my holidays! That kind of joy was ineffable, Itellu!

Since this tag has been passed to so many bloggers, I bet most of you have received yours. That means I'm not tagging any this time!

¤ ¤ ¤

It's almost dinner time here. But before that, do let me serve you this...

Have a nice day! :)

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Facebook . Traveler IQ . Ah Kuas

1 week has past! That means there's only 1 month (4 weeks) left. Why do happy moments go by so damn quick? How potong stim! :(

I'm busy exploring Facebook these few days: adding friends, installing cute applications, as well as poking some unfortunate ones with my virtual finger here and there. :P Thank you my dearest angie for this great introduction. It's so much better and interesting than the ever-so-boring Friendster. And not to forget, many thanks to those of you who sent me warm welcoming gifts, especially Chen. Keep 'em coming! :D

YH Khoh is addicted to the Traveler IQ Challenge!

I bet some of you have noticed my current status in Facebook as depicted above. Oh yes, I'm truly addicted to this wonderful trivia game! I heart geography so much that I've been hunting for these sort of quizzes on the Internet for quite a few years. I get so addicted that I can sit in front of my lappie playing this for the whole day (and whole night). After dozens of challenges, today I managed to break into the top 100 in one of the games, The Amazing Race (based on the hit reality series).

Go try it guys! It's highly recommended. So... Anyone up for a challenge? ;)

And now, introducing my university's most famous clan --- the 人见人闪 Ah Kuas (transsexuals)! There are so many of them here and they come in all sizes --- tall, short, slim, fat! O.O

The one standing is the slimmest and most bodylicious of the clan, who also possesses the ability to make real girls green with envy. That's not all, the one sitting beside 'her' is also a you-know-what.

And no, I don't go gaga over her or any of her clan members. Goddamnit! *goosebumps*

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


I've been home since last Friday night and will continue to stay in my hometown till mid-December. That's right, a whopping 5-week long semester break for me. I know some of you are getting jealous of me right now. Please don't! :P

I'm quite lazy to get myself into proper blogging today. Just saja have the urge to scribble some nonsense here. Oh yes, the best thing about being at home --- heartwarming home-cooked meals! hot.sour.spicy, especially the must-have tamarind soup (we call it as asam th'ng 亚三汤), with a soup base made from tamarind, lemongrass, dried and green chilli, torch ginger flower and some aromatic herbs which I'm not sure of. Mackerel fish are generally used to cook the soup base (in whole, not shredded as in asam laksa). But since I'm a vegetarian, this ingredient is naturally omitted from the list. Besides, we also add in some cabbages, cauliflowers and cucumbers. 1 word for this dish --- YUM!

I'm getting increasingly philosophical these days (not that I've never been so), and thinking I might wanna put this piece of essence up here which I happened to stumble upon on a local site committed to interfaith understanding and religious tolerance. So please bear with me! :P

We might adhere to different religions and spiritual beliefs. But don't ever let these primarily theological differences blind us from seeing what our faiths have in common. I believe the quintessence of every great religion in this world is universal --- leading mankind to the righteous path and a peaceful world. If only everyone understands this...

Happy holidays!

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Finally, a taste of true F.R.E.E.D.O.M