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Friday, August 10, 2007

Busy, bz like a bumblebee

Hey hey hey... I'm back on track (for 1 day only, duh)! Did any of you miss me? Do say yes, please! :P

I take a look at my last entry. Oh dear, it's been more than a month since I last blogged! I feel like I'm getting distanced away from all the happenings here. Sigh... What to do? No laptop (not gonna buy 1 now, maybe sooner). No Internet (actually there is, but it's so inconvenient everytime I feel like using it). And yes, I'm super duper busy! Loads of assignments are waiting ahead for me to complete. Really FKK! I'm very sorry that all your comments on my previous entries haven't been replied yet. So, so paiseh! And not to forget, thanks guys for all those heartwarming birthday wishes! :)

Time slips away pretty fast, ya? How merciless! I'm quite surprised to find that I've already been studying here for 1 month. Everyone here knows that my faculty is the busiest in this campus. I'd already sacrificed 2 nights' sleep just to complete my assignments. But it was all my fault because I procrastinated! Always the last-minute kinda guy... :P

I went to the PIKOM PC fair held in PISA, Penang last week. 1st time visiting such a grand PC event. Haha! I managed to get myself 1 4GB pen drive after some price surveying. Oh yeah, I'll be going back to my hometown next week as there'll be another PC fair, though it's no where comparable to the one held in PISA or KL.

As for the monthly chuppers chart, I think I'll only tally the points next month as there's no point for me to do it now since there's only 1 entry for the month of July. So... Please be patient! :wink:

Ah... I gotta go now. No pics whatsoever for this entry. Next time, okie? And please take good care of yourselves. Tata!