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Saturday, July 07, 2007

La Tortura

I love this song so much that I can actually sing it without lookin' at the lyrics, even though I don't understand a word of it, except tiny bits here and there. By the way, did you guys know that this song has become one of the most important Latin tracks to move into the mainstream English-speaking culture in the U.S. and abroad? It's also the most famous Spanish-language track for both singers world-wide. And the music video is just steamily hot! Lotsa io ka ch'ng scenes like our pro here, ben ben! :P

☼ ☼ ☼

Oh yes, I'm finally back at my home sweet home, and this can only be done by skipping the final lecture of the week which was held in this morning together with several friends. We arrived home last night, and I slept for a full 13 hours in my comfy bed! Just to show you guys how much deprivation of sleep I'd suffered when I was there. And not forgetting to bring back one whole bag of my dirty laundry for angie mummy to wash! :P

The Orientation Week in USM has certainly lived up to the title of this entry, La Tortura (The Torture). Even though there were no rags being played on us freshmen unlike other local varsities, but there were more than enough lectures and walks to overwhelm us! We attended lectures each single day, no matter day or night. And because of that, we were forced to walk, walk and walk tens of miles to the hall from our dorms under the blazing sun! It was so freakin' hot as all of us were required to clad in formal dress without exception. Beads of sweat started building up and rolling down our cheeks and bodies the moment we were exposed to the scorching heat. And the result? Our shirts and pants were thoroughly drenched with sweat. Very torturing lah... Itellu!

Part of the students were required to move into the recently-built dorms on a hill just across a busy street opposite the university campus on the last day. I was involved in it, and that means I had to move and tidy up my new room again! Although trucks were provided to bring our luggages there, but it was still a torturing thing to do as we had to climb all the way up the hill in order to reach there, especially when we were all carrying our backpacks with us. What's more, my dorm is the uppermost one, really faint kaw-kaw! Imagine I were to walk all the way down the hill just to catch a shuttle bus to attend lectures during weekdays, and doing the same again up the hill upon returning. Can die! Oh yeah, did I mention that the distance between my dorm and my faculty takes 20-30 minutes to reach by foot? Faint again! I daren't imagine if I were to miss the shuttle bus service one particularly unlucky day, especially when I'm late for school! :touch wood:

All those walks, sweat, air-conditioned lecture halls; walks, sweat, air-conditioned lecture halls; walks, sweat, air-conditioned lecture halls... Being continuously exposed to hot weather and cool indoors at intervals, I was eventually down with fever during the final 2 days. Snot ran down my super allergic nose whole day long, just like running tap water! To rescue it, I'd used up half of my toilet roll. Shocking or not? I'm still having slight fever right now, although it's much better than yesterday. Despite having occasional headaches during that time, I was not able to rest as there were tonnes of things for me to do. Sigh... angie! How I wish you were here with me! I miss those heart-warming home-cooked meals! :(

Please pardon me for not able to snap any pictures. I'll share with you guys next time! :) And I think I'm gonna be left out of many THHC™ charts this month. :( Speaking of that, here are the top spooners for the month of June:

☼ ☼ ☼

I'll be going back to Penang tomorrow as my course is gonna start on Monday. And do you guys know that there'll be another orientation programme just for my faculty next week? ;) Hopefully it'll be filled with lotsa fun and enjoyment instead of pure torture. :fingers crossed:

Before I sign off, I hope you guys have a fantastic 070707! As for me, I'm still anticipating for the list of the New 7 Wonders to unravel today. :)