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Monday, May 07, 2007

Miss rinnah's café au lait

Disclaimer: This is a piece of fiction. Neither of the events mentioned below had taken place in real life before. Deals and treaties were all settled in the virtual world of blogosphere. All hail da cyberspace!

Want a cuppa café au lait? rinnah's style I mean. It's not just about milk and coffee, as you'll also get a spoonful of +ve qi, together these ingredients are brewed to perfection. Yup.... Hers is a fantastic 3 in 1. If you think you haven't really dispelled all the -ve qi in you, no matter where you are --- San Giovanni, Sydney, Singapore (this momma suffers from extreme -ve qi syndrome until the point that she deletes her blog entries when you least expect it), Kuching, or even in faraway Stockholm, then you must really come and try this. A cuppa hers promises a day full of +ve qi ahead!

So, what's so great about her 3 in 1? It's just that great, Itellu! This taukeh neo (lady boss) is so nice that she had even treated me to a cup of her unique brew of café au lait thrice within one and a half month. Ain't she wonderfully sweet? ;)

☼ ☼ ☼

Date: March 19th, 2007
Venue: Her café

Our conversation was so lively that we chatted about everything that sprang to mind. But when she asked me about my birthday and stuff like that out of a sudden, I was quite stunned. My birthday? Hmm... Hadn't really thought of my birthday so deeply before. Maybe she would want to give me a birthday surprise on that special day, like 10 cups of wonderfully brewed café au lait? :P

Top 10 things that I want for my birthday

1. Get enrolled in my desired university for my desired course
2. A wonderful lappie
3. The luscious SONY Cyber-shot DSC-T100 (red or black)
4. The amazing Nokia N95 or Apple iPhone
5. The gorgeous Apple iPod nano (black)
6. Gimme 10 kilos! (no kidding!)
7. Blessed with good health (and wealth --- only if I've started to work)
8. Celebrate it with my best buddies
9. A holiday on that day!
10. Receive lotsa birthday wishes (even a simple Happy Birthday is enough to gratify me)

Top 10 things that I don't want for my birthday

1. Celebrate the day alone! :sob:
2. No holiday! :(
3. Not feeling well (touch wood!)
4. Loaded with tasks and assignments
5. Irritated by some nuisances
6. No birthday wishes for me
7. Feeling so sien (bored)
8. Feeling terribly tired and lethargic
9. Rainy day
10. No $$$

☼ ☼ ☼

Date: April 30th, 2007
Venue: Her café

This was the 2nd time rinnah treated me to a cup of café au lait at her quaint little café. Of course I didn't get to reject her as she told me a flock of unique personalities from Malaysia and abroad would be patronizing her café that very day, and that it would be a great opportunity for me to get acquainted with some special ones. :wink:


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☼ ☼ ☼

Date: May 3rd, 2007
Venue: Her café

We talked about dreams, ambitions, and yes, personal goals. And since I love to fantasize and dream for so much, I'd decided to include some of my missions impossible in my list of goals to score. Can or not? No objections? Great!

~ Pursue my PhD at the University of Cambridge (Yeah... I know it's way impossible! Cannot hor?)
~ Live to a minimum age of 100! Muahaha...
~ Sleep early, preferably before 12 midnight
~ I want to get rid of those panda eyes!!!
~ Gain 10 kilos (yes, I'm so desperate that I'm saying this again and again!)
~ A little taller? Quite impossible at this kinda age, huh? :(
~ Provide my parents a comfortable living
~ 5 of my fantasies/goals were already stated here

Yet, my greatest goal of all is to establish perpetual world peace. I'm bringing up this nifty little banner from my old entry again to remind all of us the importance of mutual tolerance and coexistence. No matter how different we are --- skin colours, religions, ethnic backgrounds, cultures, nationalities, interests, looks and etc, we should all stand up in solidarity and face the future world challenges together. Let there be no differences between any of us, for we are all the children of the united human race. Peace!


L B said...

Waiseh, so long, so many things, hotpot hotpot!! Now I forgot what I wanted to comment on already.. Haha!!

kyh said...

5 early morning chups!

Wanna have a seat and enjoy your cuppa first? ;)

khengsiong said...

Like your 'coexist' sign, but it won't happen anytime soon...

mistipurple said...

er.. chup

mistipurple said...

i saw my name somewhere in the list. *rub medicated oil*

kyh said...

khengsiong: 3 hello chups!

Sigh... I gotta agree with that. :(

This is probably the greatest mission impossible of all!

mistipurple: 1 medicated chup!

Whee... You've made it! :D

Nope... I can't seem to find your name there. But I do see the word 'Singapore' though. Is that you? :P

_butt said...

*sob sob*

Thanks for tagging! But YOU gota teach me how to do this tag liao because I've no idea how! LOL

rinnah said...

Waaahhh... I'm so impressed! You really put in so much effort into this tag. So good, so clever! Come... I gip you all the café au lait you want, free on the house! *tambah lots and lots of +ve chi*

Eh... you want 10 kg? I dunwan 5 kg... can give you ahhh? *wink*

Go for your dreams! I did think of putting down PhD in Cambridge too, but stopped at the MBA in Harvard first. Hehehe... great minds think alike!

kyh said...

_butt: Don't sob... Don't sob! Nah... Here's a hankie to wipe off your tears! ;)

It's pretty simple. First, read all the rules. You mustn't skip 'em! Then, just copy and paste, and add a little bit extras. Just that simple! :)

rinnah: Thank you very muchie, taukeh neo! ;)

When I nearly completed all those tags, my PC went into a stupid error suddenly, and I was forced to restart it! I was so damn frustrated as I thought this entry would be gone forever after restarting my PC! Luckily, the Firefox browser has this nifty little feature that enables me to restore back my previous sessions. Thank goodness I didn't have to retype it all again! :enjoy that cuppa:

You wanna gip me your kilos? Can, can... Anytime you want! :P

Harvard comes in 2nd! The main reason is I prefer Europe to USA. :)

Wennnn said...

Errr how come U din invite me geh?? Hmmm *walk off*

kyh said...


Huh? Invite you what? I don't understand lah...

Come back! Don't walk off! :(

angie said...

Haha... I also like L B, forgot what to comment liao :P

Oh, the coffee in Storkland is 'kao kao' wan :)

I'll give you 5 kilos too... ei, is this a subtle message to say that MY cooking no good enuff for u??? *bawls* :P

Have a nice day ;)

kyh said...

Don't copycat L B! Hghhh!

Really that kao? Seems like you're enjoying your time there! Nice place to be huh? Is it freezing cold there too? ;)

:receive 5 kilos from angie:

Your cooking is good! As good as Wennnn's tim! I'm not gaining weight due to your healthy cooking ma! :wink:

Have a great Scandinavian day too! Remember to send me a nice postcard ya! :P

Selba said...

I would be very happy to give you my extra 15 kgs that I've been gaining for the last 1 year. kekeke.....

day-dreamer said...

I'll give you not 10 but 20 kilos if you want... if only you can transfer fats around. Wakakakakaka!!

Such a long post... is that a tag??

Talk about loaded with tasks and assignments on birthdays, I had mine on the first day of final exams this year okay... so don't complain.

angele said...

As a birthday gift I'm also willing to give u some extra kilos!

Say yes say yes!!!


RayChin said...

hey hey hey i am back in a great shape muahahhahhaha

Chen said...

talking about cafe au lait always reminds me of neurofibromatosis :P

Chen said...

and, don't worry..
u still start gaining weight when u hit 30

kyh said...

Selba: Really? Thanks! :)

day-dreamer: Wah... You're so generous! Thank you very muchie! But I'm afraid you'll become a stick after having transferred that much fat! :P

Yup... It's a tag. In fact, it's a 3 in 1! By the way, did you realize you're being tagged, I mean, faved too? ;)

I love to complain, cannot meh? :P

angele: Oh YES!!! :P Merci beaucoup!

RayChin: How come? You've given me your fat too? :P

Chen: o.O What da hell is that?

Really? Then I wanna turn 30 faster! :P

sengkor said...

boss.. wht tag/fave is that..? catch no ball..

kyh said...

Read the rules! Very simple nia... Don't tell me you haven't heard of Technorati before? o.o

Doreen said...

Wah~~ got so many birthday wishes! Greedy eh! (^_^) may all your birthday wishes come true.

kyh said...

Thank you! So, are you gonna help me make my wishes come true too? :P

Doreen said...

haha! I am more than happy to help. I help pray your wishes all come true lar. If that didn't happen, don't blame k? Hehehe

may said...

long and everything about miss rinnah... cute! must've had a great time with her, eh? *wink*

kyh said...

Doreen: They all must come true! Hehehe...

may: A great time with her indeed! You wanna join in the fun too? ;)

Winn said...

wow full hse dy? looks like i have to come back again har??

kyh said...

You definitely should! :P

Will said...

you sure you want extra 10kgs? nah... i donate my fats to you... hahahahah

kyh said...

Thank you! I very appreciate your kindness. ;)

Winn said...

eeeeeeeeeeeee i came back n still full hse gehhhhhhh

kyh said...

Kekeke... You're so damn cute!!! Cannot tahan liao... Must cubit kaw kaw! :P

jasmine said...

i can give you 10 kilos.=)

kyh said...

Really??? Thank you!

Want a hug? :P