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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Mermaid hunt

Nah... There ain't really mermaids in Langkawi, which you can only find in Hans Christian Andersen's enthralling fairy-tale, or in Denmark's enchanting Copenhagen Harbour.

What about milkmaids? Oh yes, there's one living comfortably in the Lion City where the Merlion rules, provided you know how to locate her, of course! :P

But since we don't get to see mermaids, milkmaids nor merlions in Langkawi, what should we do then? Fret not, for there are fantastic sea creatures to see without the need to dive into the ocean depths. And did I mention about land animals too? ;) It's up close and personal with these animals. So get your photography equipment ready when you're visiting Underwater World Langkawi!

Weird-looking fish with crocodile-like snouts

Despite some discouraging reviews on the net (compared to those in KLCC and Singapore) and my initial reluctance to enter it (since I'd visited it umpteen years ago), I couldn't say no since all my travel companions would love to visit it. Being in the minority wasn't really good, eh? But the whole experience at Malaysia's largest oceanarium was rather nice actually. There were new additions to it since my last visit as well as some never-before-seen exotica from the animal kingdom.

There was the rain forest section, filled with lush tropical trees, birds, tortoises, marmosets and even a giant anaconda!

Does the flamingos' pink coat remind you of someone?

Colourful parrots that could actually talk! Not that they couldn't talk lah...

We then entered another section where the adorable polar animals lived. There were those cute, plump seals as well as the aquaria's star attraction, Happy Feet penguins.

African Penguins

Check out these Rockhopper Penguins. The way they fluttered their flippers were so damn cute!

Ain't they just cute and funny?

Photos from an Antarctica expedition conducted by USM, my soon-to-be varsity!

There was a 3-D theatre at the aquaria but the film wasn't interesting. Nothing much to shout about. Another section housed a gallery of all sorts of sea shells. Quite intriguing if you're an avid collector of these.

Wanna take a photo with this python?

And there was the marine section, the place to see those reef sharks, turtles and graceful rays.


Still not satisfied? Here goes 2 more...

Very creepy!

Lobster-like shrimps

to be continued...

☼ ☼ ☼

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day-dreamer said...

Must CHUP first. :P

day-dreamer said...

Underwater world tour huh? I don't know was it because of your variety of photos or what, I prefer the Aquaria more. No offence. :D

L B said...

Sushi!!!!! Yeah! Bring out wasabi, please! Penguin steaks! Poor things.. You watched the movie? Where he tried to communicate with us, trying so hard till in the end he almost mati? Poor things...

Chen said...

The last time I visited Langkawi was... 1990 or 1991? Time to pay that place a visit again.

Cute little penguins. At first glance, I thought the Lobster-like shrimps were wearing shoes!! LOL

angel said...

Why aren't you on an angel hunt, huh? :p

mistipurple said...

kakaaka you post out my pic ah, the topmost one.

angele said...

It's been a while since I last visited an "aquatic" park!

Ewww =\ The snake gives me goose bumps! *shiver*

But I like the penguins =D Happy feet yeah!!!


may said...

this is cool, like going to the zoo, except from my home... lol! got any orang utans ah?

Leonard said...

it's since ages i went to an underwater world..

find it too expensive lei!

AceOne118 said...

Very nice pictures indeed. I love the underwater world. Thks for sharing these photos.

ehon said...

*looks at ah may's comment*
aquarium where got orang utan? -_-

happy feeeet! :D penguins are the cutest thing on Earth!! maaannnnn.. Sydney's Aquarium, BEST! :D REAL BIG shark!

Wennnn said...

Eeeee very cute looking penguins but dun like the snake... Take it away.. shoo shoo

khengsiong said...

If you say the penguins are African penguins, then they probably don't live in polar region.

AFAIK, only 2 species of penguins live year round in Antarctic - Emperor & Adelaide. Some species are migratory. Others are non-polar altogether.

eastcoastlife said...

I haven't visited Langkawi, maybe I should pop over when I'm in Penang. Underwater world sounds good.

Doreen said...

That fish looks like a result of fish mixing with crocodile! Weird!

rinnah said...

Why the shark not moving geh? *poke poke the glass window*

I've never been to any aquarium before. LOL!

zeroimpact said...

Been there the last time
Not a bad one la, but the aquaria seems more high tech
The time I was there aquaria was still in constuction I think
I want milkmaid

_butt said...

eee.. the star fish sure looks geli.. nice pictures though :)

so no mermaids?