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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Lookin' down from high above...

Soulful Scribbles:

Do you guys know that I'm currently using the outdated, painfully-slow dial-up connection to blog this? I want my Streamyx back even though it's so crappy and stupid! I took it for granted, I admit it! :( All my dad's fault for hastily terminating the broadband service without even asking for my permission. How am I gonna survive without broadband these days? One thing you guys should know: I took hours just to post all these photos up! Make sure you appreciate every inch of my effort ya! Grrr...

Another thing: I'm so sorry if I haven't dropped by your blog of late. My Internet connection just can't handle pages with heavy loads! I'd make it for sure if only I have the time and patience. The volcano in me nearly erupts even while I surf my very own blog! You say like that teruk or not? :cry a river:

☼ ☼ ☼

After our fascinating tour at Underwater World Langkawi, we headed west along a tortuous road up the hills to the south-western part of the main island. The place we were going to was said to offer one of the best views in Langkawi. Of course we wouldn't wanna miss this golden chance since we'd come all the way here! Which idiot would do that anyway?

We were finally here!

The gallery's signboard said it was open but in fact, it was closed. Ti(p)u!

Part of this Hollywood movie which starred Chow Yun-Fat and Jodie Foster was actually filmed in Langkawi. The movie set (consisting of the Summer Palace) had never been dismantled after the filming and was developed into a tourist attraction instead by the local authorities. Its original location on the famous Pantai Kok beach was devastated during the 2004 Asian tsunami and that was why the palace contents were relocated here henceforth.

Up, up on the cable-car ride to the summit of the 713-metre high Gunung Mat Chincang


Breathtakingly beautiful...

360° observation platform

Suspension bridge from afar

Getting closer...

... and closer! I walked on it, and it was shakin' in the wind!

Simply spectacular...

Which islet was that?

Can you spot the far-away island? ;)

Mountains shrouded in mistipurple mist

Sky, sea and mountain

I love this best! Just stunning... :)

Lush greenery

Ain't those views just heavenly awesome? I was truly speechless the moment I saw the uninhabited surrounding islands from the top. And the climate was so cool and fresh! Typical highland climate, with soothing breeze rubbing against your face at any given moment.

After descending from the peak, we headed north-east hoping to catch the gorgeous sunset at the secluded beach of Tanjung Rhu.

We were here at the wrong time! It looked like as if it was gonna rain any time soon. :(

The sun wouldn't wanna come out to meet us! :sob:

Exclusively for the rich and famous: a night's stay here is at least USD 495! :faint:

Ahhh... So relaxing!

Last but not least, my imprints here! :P

finale's coming up next...


L B said...

What spectacular mountain views!!

Sorry to hear about the dialup blues you got.. I'll be on dialup too, shortly! grrrr!!

Wennnn said...

Nice view... Yes Yes I hv been there too. But din walk on the bridge lor.. Too scared I fall off la... heheheh yes the waterfall can see it when we were up on the cabel car... Nice nice...

angie said...

Y dadddy cut off your broadbrand?? :(


I hv never been to the mountains... take me?

day-dreamer said...

Why your daddy cut off your access to Streamyx? Did you complain too much in front of him?? Hahaha.

The scenery is nice, but from your pictures, it seems that some unsurs were missing. I don't know what. Hmm...

Hope your dial up period is short-lived.

ehon said...

what did u do har? ur dad cut off ur streamyx. tsk tsk tsk.

spectacular views!! makes u feel like u're on top of the world doesn't it? i get those views all the time when i go caving. and also on top borneo highlands resort.

angele said...


Such beautiful views and scenery!

Cable car ride?
Lucky that u're not air sick eh!


kyh said...

L B: 5 spectacular chups!

Really spectacular and stunning!

LOL! Make sure you're well prepared for it. :grin:

Wennnn: 3 nice-nice chups!

Nice right? ;)

Aiks... Sifu scared of heights one meh?

angie: 1 kiss-kiss chup!

Because I'm going to study in a few days. :(

Maybe we can go conquer higher mountains, like Mt Kinabalu! :P


day-dreamer: Nah... I didn't complain to him one!

Aiks... Why so cheem one?

Very short-lived, as I won't be using it when I'm off to study.

ehon: I didn't do anything wor! :(

Yeah... The feeling was great! :D

Wow... You camped a lot, didn't you? ;)

angele: I'm sure Mauritius is more spectacular than that! ;)

Don't cha worry... I wasn't! :P

may said...

what?! dial-up? eek! time to resubscribe to Streamyx!

those hills make me want to sing...

the hills are alive...
with the sound of muuu-siiiic...

khengsiong said...

I think I would faint if I walk on the suspension bridge...

You leave your mark on the sand? That's not good. In Ubud, Bali, tourists left their mark on cement pathway!

rinnah said...

Hey, I didn't know there was hills and cable car in Langkawi! Shows how outdate I am... so many years never been there.

So when start first semester? Good luck ya!

Chen said...

sorry to hear about. Dial up is really sickening. Can vomit blood wan.

Awesome view.

sbanboy said...

My streamyx is extremely slow !

Leonard said...

awesome photos, i appreciated your efforts in uploading the must be hard on you with the dialup connection, i doubt i can survive it!!!

hope your broadband returns soon!