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Sunday, June 10, 2007

A belated message...

Soulful Scribbles:

I'm not really in the mood to blog lately. I guess I'm reverting to my 1-entry-per-week mode. Now... Who says blogging needs consistency? I don't recall the existence of such a rule in blogosphere. As long as I feel like jotting down something, I'll blog. I'm sure all you bloggers out there are doing the same thing too, right? Unless you blog for a living, then that would be a completely different story. :)

☼ ☼ ☼

Right now, I'm on an important mission to present a message, though pretty much procrastinated, to that special someone. It's better late than never, right? ;)

She once told me June is a special month, a month full of joy and merry-making. And I thought I knew what she was trying to say.

Then came the 1st Monday of June, an especially important day to her. I wished her dearly, and I thought I'd done my part. But no, it was not over yet as I soon found out this wasn't the thing she wanted to tell me!

2 days later, it finally dawned on me that it was June's 1st Wednesday she was looking forward to all this while. The thought of it arriving so soon had never crossed my mind before. Talk about dual identities. She said that Monday actually belongs to her twin (not physical twin, mind you). I was shrouded in a cloud of confusion (and I know you guys reading this are too! Haha...), not in the know of which is which.

They say a picture tells a thousand words. In order to give you guys a better idea on this, I'm here to give you 2000 words. ;)

Proudly present to you... the twins

Still can't figure out what I'm trying to convey? Catch no balls? Awww... Too bad! :( Anyway, please appreciate my tiny piece of explanation here:

Twin #1: angie
- Da Day: June 4th (Monday)

Twin #2: angel
- Da Day: June 6th (Wednesday)

It's so obvious now, isn't it? :wink: Those of you who're still mong cha cha, you really need to spin your brain more, like what this lady does! :P

And hence, here I am to wish the Angielicious angel, or more intimately known as angie to Brad that someone (ahem... :P) a...

..., albeit belated. May all your birthday wishes come true! ;)

☼ ☼ ☼

My aunt had just returned from her trip to Mongolia which was organized by the humanitarian organization dedicated to children and families living in poverty and injustice, World Vision, to visit her sponsored Mongolian child there.

I've still yet to see her photos taken in the spectacular steppes of Mongolia and her sponsored child. What makes me extremely envious of her is that she's gonna join her annual company trip to Japan tomorrow for vacation after returning home for only 4 days from her previous tour! She's definitely gonna have a helluva moment there, embarking on an unforgettable sightseeing tour in the shadows of the mythical Mt Fuji. :envious envious:

I should really tell myself: study hard, work hard, earn hard! :sob sob sob:


may said...

Happy Happy Belated Birthday, Angeliulina!! one year-long celebration we have for you!

study hard, work smart, rest well!

rinnah said...

Happy Belated Birthday to angie/angel!

Hahaha... brad also can spin mah... *thumbs up and seal of spindoctor approval*

Doreen said...

Happy belated birthday to angel. Wah~~your auntie is really going places (^_^)

Wennnn said...

Wah Brad toudai U really late late lor!!! AIyoooo spank ur bottom sumore say U lup her soooo much... ANyway... Happy birthday Angie!!!

angie said...

Wheee!! Whole year celebration! Thanks brad baby!

I love you.

ps: So, did you feel any tingling down your spine? ;)

angel said...

Thanks! I love my twin ;) She inspires me... to be sexy haha.

Your aunt really fatt tatt!!! Where is she working? U can work there too!


L B said...

Happy Happy Belated Birthdays to Angie & Angel!! One ring to rule them all.. Two tassels to ring them all!

kyh said...

may: 5 happy-happy chups!

Yes... One-year-long celebration for the goddess! :swoon:

Thanks! ;)

rinnah: 3 spinning chups!

Happy Belated Birthday to the gorgeous twins!

Yay... Finally got the spindoctor seal! :D

Doreen: 1 gleeful chup!


She's rich... That's why. :)

Wennnn: OUCH!

Yer... Sifu, you're so fierce! :sob sob:

angie: :turn on Brad mode:

You're so welcome, angie! ;)

I heart U too! :muaks:

Very tingling! Very chi kek! :D

angel: Haha! Come... Show us all how sexy you look! :P

Her job is so not suitable for me, because it's a GIRL business! Hehe...

:kiss back:

L B: One big sparkling diamond ring will do! 1 stone can hit 2 birds. So damn syok hor? :P

day-dreamer said...

Happy BELATED Birthday to angie and angel!

What brad and kyh is this? So late! :P

Envy your aunt too...

AceOne118 said...

Happy belated bird-day to angie/angel. Kekeke

kyh said...

day-dreamer: Happy-happy!

What? Brad is Brad. kyh is kyh lah! Duh! =.="

It's better to be late than never ma... 有心不怕迟! ;)


AceOne118: Happy Belated Bird-day to the hot chicks! LOL!

King's wife said...

And don't forget to play hard too!
Wah, the birthday wishes are still on-going!
Happy Belated Birthday to Angel!

kyh said...

I wanna say that too! :P

They want it to go on for a whole year long!


Chen said...

indeed a very belated birthday post, but better be late then never

happy belated birthday to both angel & angie :D

flyingspirit said...

i don't wanna sound blunt, but i still don't get it...guess i havn't been a follower of ur blog long enough eh :)

gud luck with ur aim. lol.

kyh said...

Chen: Yup... It's better late than never! ;)

Happy-happy! :D

flyingspirit: Haha... So you're the mong cha cha guy here! :P

Thanks, and you too! ;)

ehon said...

:D happy belated birthday to angel!

actually, why u have the phone picture in every post har?

kyh said...


As for the indicator (I call the picture as indicator), you can refer back to this post. :)

Simple American said...

Happy Birthday Ladies!!!

As far as posting frequency goes. It just don't matter. Post when you can and readers will read. :)

kyh said...


Yeah... But come July it's gonna be way longer than this! Something like 1 post per month? :sigh:

_butt said...

I didn't realized they shared the same birthday!! happy belated birthdays to both lengluis!

did you drew and paint the angel picture there yourself? very pretty.

take it easy, you'll get there.

kyh said...

Not exactly the same, but almost the same. ;)

Wah... You're so tai dak hei ngor ah? Of course not... My drawings ain't that up to par yet! :P

Hopefully! :)

_butt said...

should've known :P

but it was pretty all the same.

kyh said...


This time is tai siu ngor! Grrr...