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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Beginning . End . Beginning

5 months ago, I landed myself on a tutoring job at Kumon. And now 5 months later, it's time for me to officially end my journey there. Today shall be my final day working there as a tutor. How time flies! I can't believe I've actually tutored there for that long! It seems like yesterday only...

I'm so gonna miss the kids there! Though some of them are pure brats who can really drive you insane (I felt like banging my head against the wall on several occasions), I find a handful of the well-behaved ones to be especially adorable. Through all these months, I've somewhat forged a close relationship with these kids, and I kinda feel like an elder sibling to them. Heck, I did dream of having siblings in my younger years! Yes, yes... I'm the only child in my family. Isn't that the saddest thing? :(

The instructor (my boss) is a very nice lady. She's a fine example of how modern women in the 21st century should be like. Smart and professional. That practically sums up her wonderful character. And oh, she did treat us staff to delicious treats once in a while! How nice of her!

☼ ☼ ☼

Every journey we embark on will bring us to our destinations eventually. And from there, a whole new journey will begin. This cycle will continue to go on and on, something like an evolution. I'm currently waiting for the results of my university application to announce, which are rumoured to be released in a week's time. And because of that, I'm going to treat myself to a relaxing vacation before I receive that formidable, nerve-racking news! Hence I won't be dwelling in Blogland for the next couple of days but a summer retreat situated somewhere in Malaysia. Go figure it, or just stay tuned for my travel stories when I return. ;)

☼ ☼ ☼

Sushis for me! Literally, these are one of the few dishes that I could savour at the Japanese restaurant that my friends and I patronized a while ago. At least I still managed to hunt for something to eat there! Not bad, huh?


day-dreamer said...

SUSHI!!! My fave!!

day-dreamer said...

Well, it's good to get a good employer who treats staff well, but it SUCKS big time to get brainless clients who think "I pay you, you do whatever I want".

You are about to embark on another journey of your life. So I wish you all the best. But before that, happy holidays!

And btw, Malaysia is summer everyday. :P

kyh said...

5 sushi chups!

Yup... My boss really treats us nice!

Thank you so muchie! :D

Haha... Isn't it wonderful if there are 4 seasons here?

L B said...

Life is such a series of little journeys. Some longer than others. Some with little twists. Others may be even just a footnote. May you find tremendous satisfaction during the next leg of your journey. And many, many more to come.

kyh said...

3 inspirational chups!

Indeed it is! Thanks so much for your well wishes! I really appreciate it. ;)

angel said...

Wow... L B so serious... :D

So, will you bring me along on your journey(s)? ^^


angie said...

Only child? No wonder you are sucha brat, Brad :p

U mean u want more babies?? Oi, I not Mama Pig, u know... :p

kyh said...

angel: 1 serious chup!

I was shocked too! LOL!

Sure! Hop in! ;)


angie: Kekeke... Do you like it then? ;)

Hmm... I want 4! 2 pairs of twins would be great! LOL!

angel said...

Hey, I had sushi too earlier tonight! Me & cutiepie went to SushiGroove for some groovy sushi ;)

Come back in one piece, ok?

*sits and waits for your Return*

kyh said...

How coincidental! Guess angie knows best what Brad would be doing or where he would be going one hor? So powderful one! :P

Definitely! But don't cha wish to have 2 Brads coming back to you? The more the merrier ma... LOL!

Don't just sit! Must remember to take care of the 4 kids! :P

ehon said...

going to redang?! :D or sarawak?!

tutoring fun hor? i'm also a tutor. but at uni. first year biology. headache also lar sometimes esp when they ask me question i duno how to answer. haihss! but nonetheless, i enjoy teaching. :D

anyway, enjoy ur trip!! :D great that u know how to pamper yourself. that's what life is about. hehehehe. :D ENJOY!!

Leonard said...

Oh, you're a tutor!!

I tried it once before and failed miserably... that explain why that's my one and only tutoring job!

rinnah said...

Happy holidays, kyh! Enjoy your break before you plunge headlong into university life! (p.s. If you think waiting for the announcement of whether or not you got in is nerve-wracking, just wait till you wait for your final year exam results! *faint*)

Eh, Malaysia got 4 seasons also according to pinkelle: sunny (hot), rainy (wet), hazey (blur/choke) and floody (swim)! Hehehe.

Selba said...

5 months already? I remember those first posts when you just got the job then the red nice envelope with your first salary.... ah...time flies so fast....

Enjoy your holiday! :)

khengsiong said...

I like Japanese food too. Japanese have the longest life expectancy - even though they smoke and drink a lot - and I believe this has to do with their food.

My favorites are sushi (of course), tempura, salmon... Never really like unagi though, despite its price.

AceOne118 said...

Woah! you teach kumon wan ar? I wan to learn also lah.

zewt said...

u must be a kid loving person to take up such a job eh? have you heard of enopi? they do similar things with kumon but different concept.

well.... hope the journey has been more than fruitful... and this sounds like nothing compared to modern slavery... haha!

kyh said...

ehon: Is Redang such a popular choice? Why is everyone guessing it? Redang was on my list initially, but the plan was called off due to some unexpected reasons.

It's quite fun. Biology? Man... I hate that subject very much!

Thankies! :D

Leonard: LOL! It depends on who you're teaching. Your students determine whether your job is a light breeze or a raging storm.

rinnah: Thank you! I'm not gonna think of the finals at the moment. There's still much wait yet!

Hahaha... It's definitely correct!

Selba: Time flies really fast! By the way, it's a yellow envelope, not red. ;)


khengsiong: Yup! Unbelievable right?

I've still yet to try the others you've mentioned. I doubt I would have that opportunity.

AceOne118: Haha... Wanna replace me? The instructor is lookin' for one!

zewt: Ironically, I disliked kids when I was young. I don't know why. :P

Hopefully... And thanks! ;)

Doreen said...

Enjoy your holiday while you still can before burying yourself in the books/lecture notes again. Hehehe

kyh said...

Oh sure! Must fully utilize my remaining holidays! ;)

Kenny Mah said...

Wow, 5 months with kids and you survived? LOL

Kids are great actually, but it takes such incredible reserves of patience to manage them. I think you truly deserve a break and a holiday! :D

kyh said...

Kids are not that bad after all. Some of them are just so cute!

Yeah... But through this job, it does train you to manage and understand them better.

A holiday is a must! ;)

angel said...

I hate Biology too! Can die! Actually I hated all studying/hafal-ing subjects. I hv goldfish memory :(

I need a holiday too :(
Bring me along, preaseee?? ^^

Chen said...

Glad u have a nice boss.
enjoy your hols, wherever u go
(hopefully u won't get sun burn) :)

_butt said...

I tutored once.. lasted for two months and I had to quit. must admit I've no patience when it comes to teaching. and kids.

I liked sushi but not thaat.. sea weed thingy sushi :P

enjoy your getaway and rmb to bring us souvenirs! kidding. :D

may said...

ooooh, a summer retreat? how nice! I'd love to get some sun now too, but it's been raining and raining and cold... brrrr...

enjoy your holiday and tell us about your trip when you're back!

kyh said...

angel: Me too! I prefer those that require you to think creatively. Memorizing stuff is such a big no-no for me.

Oh, sure! By the way, ain't you just finish holidaying in Sweden last month? So fast you wanna holiday again? o.O

Chen: Thank U, thank U!

_butt: Haha... Wondering how you're gonna cope when it comes to your own kids! :P

Seaweed is nice. I just love it!

Thanks! Souvenirs? What about muakies from there? I'm kidding too! LOL!

may: It's been raining here, and even there too these days.

Since I'm back now, I shall blog about it anytime soon. ;)