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Saturday, May 12, 2007

May's May ☼ A Happy Birthday

May. The 5th month of the year. May. The hawthorn blossom. May. Her sweet-sounding name. And today, the whole world celebrates her birthday!

Obviously, the magic letter for her birthday here is none other than the penultimate letter of the English alphabet, Y. And the question is, how will this letter describe her? Lemme see...

youthful. She's in her prime now! yin. Her ultimate symbol of femininity. yoga. Her way of self-pampering in the land Down Under. yellow. Her fetish for wong-wong tei nighties in the Imperial Harem. yoghurt. Something that's just too hard to resist. yattaaa! Need no explanation. Just follow her and say along on her big day, Y A T T A A A!!!

I'm such a procrastinator, ain't I? So, so sorry... But there are still some minutes left before the great day of celebration is over in Sydney. In the meantime, do allow me to wish you, the dearest, cutest, pwettiest, hottest may may 姐 a very, very happy birthday and many happy returns! Endless muaks and hugs for you! :)

And one's birthday doesn't end in just 24 hours, right? She gets to celebrate hers in 48 hours, throughout the world! How cool is that?

Here are the magic letters from well-wishers all around the world, celebrating the big day together with may may 姐:


Chen said...

ah may, san yat fai lok :D

may said...

YATTAAAAA!! you're right, since it's 48 hours, it may be over here in Sydney but still partying in Texas! whee!!

T H A N K Y O U H U G H U G S !

kat said...

♥ H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y A H M A Y ♥

Kyh, such a sweet admirer you are! :)

rinnah said...

HappY BirthdaY to AhMaY!
Let the partY begin!

King's wife said...

OK, YATTAA!!! The celebration continues!! Happy Birthday May!!

_butt said...

happy happy birthday may!!

and the night is still young! partaay!


L B said...

H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y A H M A Y ! !
H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y A H M A Y ! !
H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y T O A H M A Y ! !
H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y A H M A Y ! !

Selba said...

Yattaaaaaa..... :)

day-dreamer said...

Y A T T A A A!!!

Happy Birthday to May!!

Wah... 48 hours, beh pai leh... :D

mistipurple said...

HappY BirthdaY AhMaY!
this is great! and yes, 48 hrs is never too late for anything!! yeah!

angel said...

Happy Belated YoYo Birthdayyyyyyy!!


Wennnn said...

HAhhaahh yes yes Very nice toudai... HAppy Birthday MAy...

Jemima said...

Happy Belated Birthday, May. :)

Have a great Sunday, KYH. :)
My 1st visit here. :p

kyh said...

Chen: 5 merry chups!

生日快乐 to her! :)

may: 3 birthday chups!

Let's party, day and night!

You're so welcome, birthday girl! ;)

kat: 1 sweet chup!

Am I? :P

rinnah: Come, shake your bon-bon! :P

King's wife: YATTAAA!!! She's such a lucky girl, ain't she? ;)

_butt: Let's get to the dance floor! Shake, shake... Shake your butt! LOL!

L B: Wah... What a sweet birthday song!

Selba: YATTAAA!!!

day-dreamer: YATTAAA too!

If you want 48 hours also can one ma... ;)

mistipurple: And then it'd be 48 hours of loo cleaning! :P

angel: Muakies back!

Wennnn: Nice ah? Thanks so much, sifu!

Jemima: Thanks!

I know this is your 1st visit here! ;)

W E L C O M E!

cutiepie said...

♥ H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y A H M A Y ♥

kyh said...

I thank you on her behalf! :)

zewt said...

i want something like that for my bday too ! :P

kyh said...

Sure! Gimme your birth date! ;)

Winn said...


finally .......

zara's mama said...

sang YYYYYat faYY lok to ah maY

eastcoastlife said...

Hello kyh,
Beautiful! And May should celebrate her bird day for a week!

Happy Birthday to May!

kyh said...

Winn: Really? Thanks!

Yup... Finally! Hehe... ;)

zara's mama: Happy Birthday to her!

eastcoastlife: For a week? Wow... :P

velverse said...

yatta yatta

You are so YENG la. You did such a great work!

kyh said...


Like that also called yeng? :faint:

Thanks, but I still think yours was better! ;)

Simple American said...

Happy Brithday May!

Hey I started celebrating May's birthday on my May 11th and have not stopped yet. Woo Hoo!!!

Great tribute to May courtesy of Y!

kyh said...

Isn't this such a joyous celebration all over the blogosphere? ;)

Yay... The party goes on and on and on!

Thank you!