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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

From America to Zimbabwe...

It's not a trip around the world in 80 days, but rather the continuation of my much delayed March debts tags. :ahem:

This time around, I was requested by the doctor to list out A to Z with my very own personal twist. Therefore, I've come up with my long list of alphabet that tells everything about ME, MYSELF & I. :)

is for Anti-something-something (you guess!)
B is for the Bodylicious & Bootylicious Beyoncé! :drool:
C is for Chilli, or to be exact, cili padi (da spice of life!)
D is for Destiny's Child (I discovered my love for B here, and it was love at first sight) :grin:
E is for Enchanting Europe (there must be reasons why it's the world's most visited tourist region)
F is for Fabulous France (epitome of quintessential Europe, hence my #1 dream destination)
G is for Good morning! (I can't recall the last time I greeted someone with this, but I'm sure I absolutely miss it!)
H is for Holiday! (a thing that workaholics hate)
I is for I U! (since every day's Mother's Day, it's kinda daily routine for me to say this to mum each day --- and I haven't failed to do so for as long as I can remember) :proud:
J is for July 17th (Happy Birthday to me!) :hint hint:
K is for Kiss (still waiting... and this excludes mum's) ;)
L is for Laksa (my favourite Malaysian delicacy)
M is for Mummy (the most important person in my life)
N is for Natural (girls who wear too much make-up put me off, seriously)
O is for Orange (love it, but I'm too lazy to peel)
P is for Paris (not Hilton, but the world capital of romance)
Q is for Queen of my life (I'm gonna search high and low for one, but not now)
R is for Religion (something I just can't live without)
S is for SONY (
T is for Thai Tom Yum (I've a great penchant for everything hot and spicy)
U is for Utopia (a vision that could never be realized) :sigh:
V is for Vegetarian (because I'm one, duh!)
W is for Wikipedia (everything that I wanna know is just a click away)
X is for Xtreme Xmas (I wanna experience it in big cities like NYC, Paris and Hong Kong)
Y is for You, You & You (because of you, I'm motivated to blog)
Z is for Zzz... (apparently, I'm deprived of this since God knows when!)

End of Chapter 1. And if that's not enough, coming up next is Chapter 2, all thanks to the emperor's 3 blind mice trap! Grrr... But nevermind, I'm starting to enjoy this now! :stick out tongue:

[A is for age] 10 < x < 30
[B is for booze of choice] I don't drink, but does Shandy count?
[C is for career] Student
[D is for your most dreaded] Things that you can't see nor feel
[E is for essential item you use everyday] Specs
[F is for favorite song at the moment] Mariah Carey's Shake It Off
[G is for favorite games] Sleeping game + Civilization IV (my stupid PC practically hangs in the game's later stages!) :sob:
[H is for hometown] Alor Star
[I is for indulgence] Anything nice!
[J is for favorite flavour of juice] Orange
[K is for kids] Not now...
[L is for last hug from wife] Do you mean Angelina Jolie or Beyoncé? :P
[M is for years of marriage] 888 for infinite prosperity
[N is for name of your crush] Refers to L, please...
[O is for overnight hospital stays] September'05
[P is for phobias] Refers to D + wriggly worms and maggots (though I'm very much fascinated by them)
[Q is for quote] Here sux!
[R is for regret] ... for coming to this world (symptom of a to-be suicide) LOL!
[S is for status, married or single] Single and available, but I'm not rushed
[T is for time you wake up] No way it's gonna be earlier than 1 pm!
[U is for underwear] No specific preferences, as long as it's comfortable
[V is for vegetables you love] Tonnes of 'em!
[W is for worst habit] My biological clock is set according to the European time zones
[X is for x-rays you’ve had] The same time I was admitted to hospital in September'05
[Y is for yummy food you make] Errr... Instant noodles? They're nice what! :P
[Z is for zodiac sign] Cancer (not the dreaded disease though!)

End of story. Thankfully, there's no Chapter 3! Whee...

☼ ☼ ☼

My dearest angie aka A, I'm pleased to inform you that your card was so smart that it'd found its way home all the way from Stockholm on Sunday!

Thank you so much for the lovely postcard! Sweden aka IKEA-land is indeed beautiful! :)


Winn said...

i can spot ikea in that card,

can u?:p

Wennnn said...

Chup first come bek to visit America and Zimbawe... veli long list

kyh said...

Winn: 5 IKEA chups!

Where got? Don't bluff! :P

Wennnn: 3 afternoon chups!

Okie... :waiting:

By the way, don't forget to bring me some yummy lunch when you return ya! ;)

angie said...


*be back later*

kyh said...

angie: 1 angelic chup!

Don't rush! Take your time... ;)


Selba said...

Still not done with your tags? hehehe...

Wah.. you already received a postcard from angel... mine is still on the way, I think :)

day-dreamer said...

Good morning! :P

The "something-something" I will try to guess correct or not? ;)

Oh, you like laksa too? Good good, experts say majority of female like it. :D

Wikipedia rocks! Yeah!

And your postcard is nice too. :)

L B said...

Hahaha, good responses to A - Z, but I even forgot about the 3 blind mice! Been awhile, hor? My postcard don't have IKEA on it wan! No fair...

rinnah said...

Too many things to comment about in this post... but LOL at the very clever way you've excused your weird sleep habits!

Doreen said...

That something something you anti is what? smoking? gay?

_butt said...

wahhh.. so loooong!

ahh.. so you're a home-loving cancerian..

fascinated by wriggly worms and maggots?


yer, why my postcard no ikea also one? not fair *after LB*

Chen said...

wah.. i also lupa liao i tagged u :P

I tot u like wriggly worms and maggots geh? Since u asked me to post more pict on that.
mana tau u phobia of them

angie said...

Are you back yet?

You are Mummy's boy? O.o

Xmas in NYC would be awesome! But you already knew that, don't you? ;) So where are we celebrating Christmas this year? ^.^

What happened in Sept 05?

LOL @ your biological clock! Kkkkkk... that obvious, huh?? :p

*peels an Orange for u*

mistipurple said...

wah so many tags at once. pengsan. i got a few in the cupboard also. :P

kyh said...

Selba: Notchet! :P

Lookin' forward to yours! I wanna see how IKEA-ish yours is. :)

day-dreamer: Wai... It was afternoon already by the time you posted that! =.=

I think you should be able to guess it! ;)

That means I'm unique and special! :P It's so cool being in the minority!

It sure rox!

Thanks! ;)

L B: Yours don't have meh? Nevermind, because mine also don't have! Don't simply believe in Winn! :P

rinnah: No ah... Your comment is short! LOL!

Kekeke... Clever huh? ;)

Doreen: Nope... It's something-something lah! :censored:

_butt: I find that my personality pretty much matches the typical characteristics of Cancerians mentioned in horoscope booklets. :)

Yeah... I'm fascinated by those animals that are long and squiggly! :P

Mine no IKEA too! Don't listen to Winn! :P

Chen: Now I let you remember again! :P

I love lookin' at them but definitely NOT touchin' them! :eerie:

angie: Sudah balik! :)

Hahaha! No lah... I'm angie's boy. ;)

Paris for sure! :imagine the kissing scene at the Eiffel Tower:

I've mentioned about that more than twice before. Go dig the archives! :P

Psss... How come you don't know about it one? :(

It's very obvious! A concrete proof would be this entry's publishing time. Tuuu... :point-point:

Oooh... That orange is just so sweet and juicy! :)

:big muaks:

mistipurple: Pengsan leh? :P

Wah... I wanna peep into your cupboard! :P

May said...

so many A B Cs in one post! I heart tomyum too. could almost taste it in my mouth now!

my postcard no Ikea also geh?! *pouts*

kyh said...

Tom Yum is sooo nice! Yum!

Wah... Did you learn to pout from angie? :P

Chen said...

btw, u are tagged :)

kyh said...

Wah... I've to go on a food hunt liao! :P

AceOne118 said...

Woah! so good boi wan. Dun drink! kekeke

kyh said...

I'm very good one... Now you only know ah? :P

eastcoastlife said...

Waaahhh! The postcard so lovely! Can frame it up leh!

kyh said...

Haha! What if I receive 20 postcards? Means I have to frame 'em all too? :faint: