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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Chain e-mails

I'm sure you guys have been receiving chain e-mails from time to time. The thing is, how many of you out there would actually open it and read? I know... Most of them are scams cheating for your hard earned dollars or simply craps like friendship forever and love e-mails which demand you to forward it to as many friends as possible if you don't want your friendship or love life to fail miserably. Wait a minute... You weren't so naïve as to believe in all these rubbish, were you? I hope not. :)

Yet, some chain e-mails are just that intriguing, and it's virtually impossible for you to say NO. Now tell me, how could a man not give in to his curiosity? I know I'm one, especially when the temptation seems a lil' bit... OVERWHELMING. You'd know it by reading the title of the post. And hey, I'm not referring to those insidious scams. No way!

What I'm gonna show you guys today are some examples of FINE chain e-mails. We have the good and the evil in this world, and thus we have the amazing and the gross ones here. These chain e-mails have been widely circulating on the Internet for some time now, so I believe some of you might have already seen it somewhere some time ago. Reminisce... Reminisce! ;) As for the slower-than-ever dudes, be prepared to wait for this whole thing to load. So many pictures here... I kid you not!

*** A lethal WARNING for 56k modem users: This is so gonna throttle you. Only try it at your own risk!

☼ ☼ ☼


Julian Beever is an English artist who’s famous for his chalk art on the pavements of England, France, Germany, USA, Australia, Belgium and elsewhere. His images are drawn completely deformed which give an amazing 3-D illusion when viewed at the right angle. Behold the virtuosity of Beever in his drawings that seem to defy the laws of perspective!

Spot the real Beever! And his beer...

Bodylicious babe for the hamsup lous (lechers)! :P

Oops... Wrong angle!

Our world is not round indeed!

Holes. The last pic is just so clever!

Your favourite comic characters had come to his rescue!

Gold rush. Another masterpiece.

I'm truly speechless. He's such a great artist, ain't he? The drawings are just so impressive! I wonder how he managed to do that. Very unbelievable... o.O

☼ ☼ ☼


The first time I saw these pics, I got goosebumps all over me. And the worst thing is I had a hard time erasing it from my memory. Thank goodness this lasted me for several days only. I'm already numb to them now. Phew!

So what the hell am I talking about? Think this:

What's so scary about that? It's definitely not scary. But when you see the picture I'm talking about, you'll find a striking resemblance between the lotus seed pod and it. I'm sure you'll never look at these serene-looking pods the same way again. It's gonna send a shiver down your spine whenever you spot one! :evil grin:

And there's another one which is equally gross. Some say it's just a pure urban legend. Others claim it's true. It's up to you to decide: fact or fiction.

Why am I talking so much and not posting up the pics?

Since I've always been a considerate person towards the faint-hearted, I better include the links here for the adventurous souls who fear no death.

Are you ready? :click click:

Lotus seed pod nightmare

Fact or fiction?

Seen those before? Yay? Nay? But I'm sure it'll be a great Sunday ahead anyway! :P

7 am! Gosh... I really need to recharge my battery now! Tata...


may said...

I've seen those paintings on the streets before, absolutely awesome! the lotus seed ones... errrr, I'll give them a miss... *grin*

Doreen said...

I never forward those chain emails after I read it. I don't believe in forwarding it anyway :). As for the lotus pics, I didn't open the link to see. I'm a coward! hehehe.

Wennnn said...

Wah toudai U really puts me off food now lor!! Sashimisss... aiyahhhh dun wan it anymore... It is so gruesome lor!!! I like the paintings one.. I hv received the one about the breast's maggots and it is video where it actually moves... Eeeekkkkkk

Selba said...

Will click on the link of lotus seed next time.... don't dare to do it now :P

ehon said...

hahahahahahaha! i din click alsooo! i saw it alrdy last time and now u remind me again! =P

eastcoastlife said...

Julian Beever rocks! OMG!

angie said...

I also dun dare click on it but aiyahhh wenwen already potong stim :P

*flying Kisses*

kyh said...

may: 5 awesome chups!

They are really awesome!

Do skip it if you're a big fan of lotus root soup! ;)

Doreen: 3 clever chups!

Smart girl!

Hahaha... One day! ;)

Wennnn: 1 gruesome chup!

What sashimis? o.O

Kekeke... Did you ask Jon to accompany you to see just now? :P

Selba: Okie... ;)

ehon: Ain't it a thrill to be able to reminisce about it again? :P

eastcoastlife: He absolutely rox! :OMG too:

angie: Yerrr... Why so potong stim? :(

:muakies back:

L B said...

There are some great artists about, definitely! And all for peanuts! Poor guy!

day-dreamer said...

I've received the paintings in forwarded emails before... but I really wonder how on earth the guy did it.

And I hate it when people circulate false facts like typing your PIN backwards at ATMs will trigger the police or whatsoever. Rubbish!

kyh said...

L B: At least he enjoys doing that. Sometimes, we do our jobs not because of the $$$, but for the passion to be exact. How many of us would actually fall in love with the things we do? Not many. ;)

day-dreamer: Ain't he great? ;)

Got such things? o.O Haven't received that before though! :P

King's wife said...

wow! the artist is really something. So real!

As for the 'other' pics...BLEK!

kyh said...

One word --- IMPRESSIVE!

Did you puke? :P

rinnah said...

The street drawings are awesome! I've received them before by chain mail.

kyh said...

The chain e-mail is quite popular. I think most of us have already got it before. :)

AceOne118 said...

Woah! they are really the talented lot.

zewt said...

the lotus thingy reminded me already... goosebump all over... but i think that gross pic is fake...

mistipurple said...

dare not see. as it is, now even drinking the lotus soup with peanuts already make me geli. fill in the holes with peanuts nicely fitted in. get the drift? try it. eeeeeeeee

_butt said...

yeah, heard about the lotus seed pod story.. if it gives you the shivers, imagine us girls! women! the heebie-jeebies!

*don't think don't think don't think*

angele said...


I felt like shivers all down my spine when seeing the lotus seed pod!

You're right!It's very very very difficult to forget now that the image is scanned in my mind!

No matter how amazingly beautiful the paintings are [i was impressed!I wish i could be as talented =p ]they don't get to beat that awful image of the breast rash!!!


You should have put some kinda warning!Hahahaaa
"Sensible mind be aware that this link contains images not suitable for all"


kyh said...

AceOne118: Yeah... Don't envy ya! :P

zewt: I think it's fake too, but the video posted there is just so real! O.O

mistipurple: Eeee... So geli! :goosebumps:

But lotus root soup is yummy leh! :P

_butt: Must think, must think, must think! :P


angele: Kekeke... Did you click on the other link too? :P

I did say they're for the adventurous souls who fear no death, ain't it? ;)

angele said...

Yeh the one with the head open?I did check this one out too but the breast rash got into me more than anything else!

Maybe cause like _butt said,I'm a girl!Hahaaaa

kyh said...

Hahaha... Wanna try some lotus root soup? :P

Woof Woof n Meow Meow said...

i received the painting email b4 and haf seen the lotus seed thingy b4...

but still...grossy...

kyh said...

So... Did you enjoy reminiscing 'em? LOL!