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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Apple Crumble's Mama's Day

It was a Mother's Day celebration for us last night simply because we all couldn't wait till this day! We had it at my cousins' place since most of the mothers were there. And yes, there were 4 mums all together: mummy, aunt 1, aunt 2 and my grandma.

What did we have there? Steamboat! All right, it should be they had it and not me and my mum. Duh! Both of us had our delicious plate of nasi ulam instead, so who cares? With added cili padis to spice up the dish, I was quite satisfied overall.

Don't drool! :P After filling our tummies, the kids went to watch TV or find something else to do, while the rest helped to clean up the dishes. But it was not over, yet! We sought our own entertainment first in order to let the food in our tummies undergo some digestion.

Soon after that, we had reached the night's highlight. And the star of the night?

Secret Recipe's Apple Crumble Cheesecake! So yummylicious! Want some? ;)

We kept this whole thing as a secret. Only one of the mums knew about it, since we were at her home! The other mums were left untold. The cake was a gift from us, the sons and daughters, to the great mamas! We love y'all!

See that piece of cake on the bottom right? Yup... That one was specially for you, may may! I gobbled it up on your behalf. Haha... I hope that your 48-hour birthday is just as Applelicious! :)

And not to forget, my dearest mummy! You're the sun that brightens up my day. You're the moon that lights up my night sky. You're the air that keeps me alive. You're everything to me. You're my endless love! MUAKS!


L B said...

That Apple Crumble Cheesecake!!! Waa... must wallop next chance I get!

Happy Mamma's Day to your Mum, and all MUMS!!

day-dreamer said...


day-dreamer said...

Erm... vegetarians can eat cheese cake??

Wah... steamboat!! I want!! :P

kyh said...

L B: 5 cheesy chups for ya!

Must try! Apples, nuts and cheese... Woah!

Thank you!

day-dreamer: 3 blur-blurred chups for ya!

Why not? Milk and cheese are part of my diet, though eggs are not, unless in cakes or pastries. ;)

day-dreamer said...

I thought strict vegetarians do not consume dairy products? Because I once know a vegetarian (for 20 years) who do not eat cakes because she said there are milk and eggs in it.

kyh said...

I'm not that strict lah! :P

The strictest form of vegetarianism is to avoid all forms of animal products, be it meat, eggs, milk or cheese. My view is that since these animals are not killed nor harmed during the milking process, then it would be absolutely fine for me to consume dairy products. :)

And in Buddhism, there are 5 herbs which are to be avoided, and among them are onions and garlics, which they used to be my favourite spices.

For your information, there are eggless cakes and cheesecakes (tofu is used instead of cream cheese) too, which are made for those cake-loving vegans.

day-dreamer said...

But if you eat eggs, doesn't that mean you're killing too? You are eating the young of the hens wor...

Garlic I know must avoid, but first time I heard onions too. Apparently someone told me that you can't eat garlic because eating garlic kills germs and hence, you're killing (germs) if you eat garlic. =.=!! Is it true??

Btw, how come so long no third chupper huh?

Winn said...

we had steamboat steamboat last nite toooooooooo!!!!!! and.....ump cake ......quite stuff after that...

Wennnn said...

Aiyoooo apple crumble and custard very nice la... Jon's favourite dessert..... Hheheheheheh Happy Mother's Day to My toudai's mummy....

zara's mama said...

Wow.. didn't know Secret recipe has that cake..

Wah.. your mother so young one huh?

rinnah said...

Happy Mother's Day to your Mum, kyh! psst... she's so young! Can be your jie jie leh. *grin*

The Apple Crumble Cheesecake looks absolutely scrumptious! Hmm... I haven't had cake in a long time now, must go drop by Secret Recipe soon.

rinnah said...

Oh yeah, forgot to comment - your family likes steamboat a lot, hor?

Selba said...

You can not say "don't droll" coz' definitely I'm drooling rite now!!! kekekeke

Oh.. your mum looks so young and beautiful! Happy Mother's Day to Kyh's mum!

eastcoastlife said...

awww.... so sweet! Your Mom's so young and pretty wor. Envious.

The Apple Crumble Cheesecake's from Secret Recipe? Got to have it. Looks yummylicious!

kyh said...

day-dreamer: Eggs. Pretty complicated issue. It depends on how you're gonna define it, like whether a newly-laid egg is considered a life or not. That's why I try my best not to consume whole eggs since I've turned vegetarian.

Onion is in the forbidden list. Germs... Haha! Well, each person has his/her very own interpretation. ;)

Maybe they were all asleep?

Winn: 1 empty-house chup for ya!

Really? So ngam geh? ;)

Wennnn: His favourite dessert? Cool!

Thanks, my dear sifu! :)

zara's mama: Then you must go and try it!

Looks young, but quite old already. Haha...

rinnah: Haha! Got that kua cheong or not? :P

Please do!

It's steamboat for them on every big occasion! :P

Selba: Want a tissue? :P

Thank you, thank you!

eastcoastlife: No need envious leh... She's quite old liao! Haha...

Definitely yummylicious!

Doreen said...

Wah, delicious cake, and the yummy steamboat too! Gosh, how can I not drool?

kyh said...

Haha... I'll let you drool! :P

Wanna have some? ;)

day-dreamer said...

Yerr... you so bad, say your mother old. She really doesn't look old lar... what's her secret??? Hahahaha~

may said...

I'll skip that apple crumble cheesecake. all I want is that steamboat!! somehow not enough MSG in the food here, I miss that salty-I-need-water taste... LOL!

Happy Mother's Day to your Mom!

_butt said...

awwww.. so sweet of you.. happy mama's day to your mom!

can I have a slice of the yummylicious apple crumble cheesecake? :D

kyh said...

day-dreamer: Where got bad? That's reality ma...

Her secret is having a great son like me! Kekeke... :P

may: Yer... You don't want my Apple Crumble? Sad! :(

MSG is bad for health! :P

Thanks. ;)

_butt: Thank you!

Oh, sure! Since the birthday girl would like to skip it, I'll give you hers. :P

Pink Cotton said...


your mama looks very young!!!

*steal your cake*

i ♥ secret recipe cakes ^_^

Chen said...

Happy Mama day to your mummy
You all always have steamboat.
Nice :)

your look like your mummy or your daddy?

mistipurple said...

beautiful mom! so you must be handsome too!
Happy Mother's Day to your pretty mother!

angele said...

Ohh myyyyyyyyy the steamboat seemed so yummy!!!

It's been long since I had steamboat!
Note to myself; should go for that soon!

And look at the apple crumble cheesecake.I heart cheesecake ^^
But apple crumble cheesecake I never ate before.Must be great though =D

Mother's day is in 2 weeks in mauritius.It's always celebrated on the last Sunday of May here.


kyh said...

Pink Cotton: Haha... I'll tell her about it! ;)

'Polis, sini ada pencuri! Tangkap! Tangkap!' :P

Chen: But every time I'm not involved! :(

Errr... I don't know! :P

mistipurple: Me handsome? Haha... Don't make me laugh! :P

Thanks for your wish!

angele: Did you drool? :P

You should try that Apple Crumble! It was such a nice dessert! ;)

Wow... Thanks for sharing with me. Now I know Mauritius is so unique and special! :)

Simple American said...

Happy Mothers Day!!!

Whoa! Your Mom is pretty too!

Sounds like you all celebrated the day right too. :)

kyh said...

Happy Mother's Day to you and Texanland!

Really? ;)

Yup... We couldn't get wrong with this. It's such an important occasion for all of us! :)

angel said...

*whispers to momma misti*
Of course HE is hensem! Just think Brad Pitt ;)

Happy Belated Momma's Day, Mummy Brad! :D

Nicole Tan said...

Mmmm yummy looking apple crumble!!!! and that is such a nice sweet post for your mum..hope she got read it

ps i noticed my site is on your side bar...thanks men!! you have a really nice blog!

kyh said...

angel: Kekeke... Welcome home my baby! ;)

Mummy Brad: Thank you so muchie! Do you take good care of my zai zai? :P

Nicole Tan: Yummy, huh?

And yup, I'd shown her this post. ;)

You're so welcome! And thanks for the compliment! ;)

eastcoastlife said...

Don't say your mother old huh. Mothers don't like it. Aunty eastcoastlife is on her side. :)

kyh said...

My mum doesn't mind about it one. :P

ehon said...

I finally found out what Rinnah was talking about in my comment the other day!! :P

She told me she knows another person who had apple crumble cheesecake the same day i blogged that i had apple crumble cheesecake but the link she gave me didn't work. so it's youu!! :D haha.

kyh said...

Congratulations on your discovery! :P

You had that cake too? Wow... What coincidence! ;)

Nastasshea@Nesh said...

Woooow!! *Droooooolzzz* I almost ate my monitor when I see the cake and steamboat!

Yumm yummmmmmm... *slurp slurp* Ouch!! Ooooh i think i broke my teeth biting my monitor screen... better see the dentist.

Hey wanna exchange linkx?? Love ur blog!! *Wink wink*

kyh said...

Don't drool! Otherwise, you'd need to wipe off all your saliva on the desk and the floor! :P


Okie... Thanks! :wink back:

c o n s u e l a said...

so pretty your mom (belated mother's day wish to her)

steamboat...gosh...I have had that in like...many, many, many years! *drools*

c o n s u e l a said...


kyh said...

Thanks! ;)

Ooh... Then you better go have it someday! :)

babyfiona said...! *saliva dripping*
i want the cake..

13th Panda said...

HAPPY MOTHERS' DAY to all mamas

We didn't get to celebrate, i was sick that time..SIGH, but will make it up to my mama

hey, ur mum is pretty

i love cili padi too!

kyh said...

babyfiona: Okie... :give babyfiona a piece of cake: ;)

Still drooling? :P

13th Panda: Oh dear! Hope you're feeling better now... ;)


Hi 5 for cili padi fans!

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