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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Merci beaucoup... & a tag

... to you guys for all the heartfelt well wishes in my previous entry. They were very, very appreciated by me. I'm glad to inform y'all that I'm recovering pretty fast from those bloody rashes. Besides, I performed quite satisfactory during my interview. Judging from the new trend in the blogosphere, I think I've just earned myself 2 +ve qi/ch'i points, ya? ;)

The night before the interview, I was busy preparing my drawings. One was done during the day (the wee hours to be exact) while the other one was finished at night. See? I'm such a last-minute type of guy! This kinda habit will remain unchanged for years to come, I'm afraid. Sigh, sigh, sigh...

Hastily-drawn pictures wouldn't turn out fine, right? Moreover, I'd been on an extremely long hiatus since I last did my sketch. So don't cha ever try to find fault with 'em! Grrr...

Just joking lah! :P Anyway, comments are truly welcome (I'm expecting harsh criticisms from the sifus). :sked sked:

Since I'm so lazy to elaborate the happenings in detail, so I'll just cut it short. Basically, I was required to attend an aptitude test as well as the face-to-face interview session. My interviewers were very nice and warm, lucky me! :D One particular interviewer complimented me for being such a pleasant guy, simply because I made her smile! Was that a hint or what? Hopefully lah... :fingers crossed: All in all, I gave myself an 80. No regrets whatsoever on my performance that day.

Oh yeah... Did I tell you guys that I'll be doing a prehistoric tag in this entry? I was initially tagged by Selba, and goodness gracious, I was tagged the same meme again by DD 2 days later, all happened within the 2nd week of March. I know this is such an outdated tag, hence why it's being called prehistoric. Ngam mou? ;)

5 reasons why I blog:

- out of curiosity
- for plain joy
- to kill time
- as a personal diary
- to get to know more friends!

Simple yet straight to the point! :)

So what's next? Is it a tag again? NOOOOOOOOOO...


L B said...

Pretty nice pictures you drew, even for last minutes..

rinnah said...

Chup first!

2nd, you still owe me a tag... *hint hint*

3rd, nice pictures! I can only draw stick people. :-P

4th, sounds like you did a good job at the interview! Thumbs up!

5th, hope you're all better and no more infested!

angel said...

Wow! I love your sketches! Esp. the castle!

When u gonna sketch me jek?

Me is a bad artist...

*+ve chi muaks*

Wennnn said...

Wah nice pictures leh when U gonna draw one for ur sifu??? Good to hear ur rashes geting better... Wat all those chi's goin around.. my my few days no blog all this happening... now pening liao

zewt said...

eh!! those are very well drawn pics leh... you've got talent! or is that public news already...

day-dreamer said...

Wah, nice pic ah!!

Hmm... you still remember the tag hor? Okay lah, not more kiam tiok pak for the time being... :P

kyh said...

L B: 5 thank you chups!

Really or not? Or are you just tam ngor hoi sum only? ;)

rinnah: 3 welcome back chups!

I know... Queue up first, my girl! There are still tags waiting for me to complete... :sigh:

Kekeke... Thanks by the way!

Quite good I would say. Yet it all still depends on luck. All I know is I'd done all my best.

Getting much better now. Thanks again! :)

angel: 1 angelic chup!

Finally you've earned yourself a place in this month's THHC™ tally board! So proud of you!

Thank you, my dear angie! :)

Sketch you? Kekeke... We'll see... ;)

:collect +ve qi muaks and sprinkle all over me:

Wennnn: I'll draw for you one day! ;) But hor, you must prepare me good food every day! Kekeke... :P

It's getting better, thanks.

You must go kepo their blogs so you would know what's going on here right now. Anyway, let your tou dai sprinkles you with +ve qi first! ;)

zewt: Thank you so muchie! ;)

Public news? I think not. :P

day-dreamer: Thank you!

Of course I remember lah... Otherwise you'll become old grandma and come nag me again! :P

Doreen said...

Oh your sketches look pretty nice and pro to me. Are you an artist? or an architect?

may said...

those are really nice sketches! I can draw stick figures that look like they're strolling around the castle... *brings crayons*

kyh said...

Doreen: Wah... So flattering! They look pro? :faint:

Do I sound like one? :P Definitely not! I'mma student. :)

may: Thank you very muchie! Oh yeah... Please do! Make it looks more lively! :)

Winn said...

u din blog to find job did u? haha...good luck boy!

kyh said...

Job? Haha... I'm still studying lah! Currently waiting to enrol in a university. :)

Simple American said...

You're an artist?

You ever draw horror?

kyh said...

Nah... Still a long way to become an artist!

Horror? I can't recall. Maybe yep... ;)

mistipurple said...

wah you bringing angie to live in your castle ah? very nice castle!

kyh said...

I'm bringing her in! She's princess a, of course must live like a real princess! Otherwise, really no face wor, right?

You wanna move in too? Be my guest then! There are plenty of spacious, well-decorated rooms for you to choose from! You gotta know, not every milkmaid in this world gets this kind of special privilege, not in their lifetime! ;)

Thank you! Thinking of expanding it sooner or later... :P

King's wife said...

Wah, you are so talented. I find no faults at all. Nice sketches.

*queues up after Angel* :D

plink said...

tam lei hoi sum is still +ve chiii!!!!

kyh said...

King's wife: Thank you!

Really no faults meh? How can? Sure got one! Open your eyes big big to see... :P

Noted! ;)

plink: Ya pun hor! You're so creber! :D

angele said...

Ohh those are nice drawings!

Talented Kyh *wink*

kyh said...

Merci beaucoup! ;)

:wink back:

_butt said...

lucky that tags have no deadline or else.. muahahahaha

nice drawings! lovely!!!

good to hear that the interview turned out well.. :)

kyh said...

Yeah... Very lucky indeed! But hor, I don't think I can complete all of them so soon. At least must wait till, let's say, June!

Thank you, thank you! :)

RennyBA said...

Great drawings - actually it looks a bit like the Cathedral you saw in my post from Trondheim Norway.

I do agree with your list of the reason for blogging. Let me add my saying: Blogging connects people, so make blogs not war!

zewt said...

draw more pics and show us la...

kyh said...

RennyBA: Many thanks! :)

It looks like the cathedral? Haha... By the way, that cathedral is simply awesome!

Yep... No war!

Wait till I have more free time, ya? ;)

Kenny Mah said...

I hate deadlines but sometimes we come up with the most amazing stuff under pressure, dontcha agree? :)

kyh said...

Agree! Sometimes we do need some pressures or else we won't have the mood to complete a task. Human nature, huh? :)