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Friday, April 20, 2007


Itellu! 2007 is really a year full of mishaps and misfortunes. Still remember the damn flood that paid my house a visit on CNY's Eve? That was a living nightmare. Still, the worst has yet to come.

A couple of weeks ago, I'd been mysteriously bitten by some unknown insects in my house. I last counted 30 something red spots, all in different sizes, scattered throughout my whole body. I told my family members about it, yet nobody seemed to mind, since I was the only one who got bitten. Then everything went on peacefully for another week or two, but no one seemed to know that the rash on my body was actually an early indication of an imminent home disaster.

Several days ago, I was told that all my family members, except mum, had been bitten the same way like I did weeks before, with my grandpa's condition being the most severe. His backside was literally covered with rashes, and man... That was such a terrible sight! And it was this time that we were all determined to find out the actual cause.

My mum soon suspected this tiny insect, with a body as little as the skin pore, to be the main culprit. And indeed, we had seen traces of these minuscule creatures in our living-room quite frequently of late. We didn't pay much attention to them before this, since we treated them the same as any other insects.

But we were proven terribly wrong. Lately, they seemed to be appearing in a big swarm. They could be found crawling on the windows, on the wall, on the coffee table, within the newspaper sheets, on the floor, and even lurking in the sofa! It must be them --- these insignificant yet potentially dangerous bugs! My mum said there was a high possibility that these insects burrowed into the skin through our skin pores. Gosh... That sounded horrible! And did I tell you guys that these creatures could get on to your body in just a split second? There was once I put my hand on the sofa, and within 10 seconds there were at least 7 of them crawling up my arm!

We continued our quest for the source of evil --- the nest of these bugs. And it was mum again who managed to find it --- in a bird's nest that had been built upon our living-room's airconditioner (the rear protrudes to the outside of our home, hence the birds were able to build a nest on it). Those damn birds! We were so kind for providing shelter to them, and yet they requite us by bringing these poisonous bugs into our home! All those furniture and items placed near to the windows were infested with these bugs. My goodness!

We spent the whole Wednesday washing and cleaning the affected furniture. And yeah... We even went on a killing spree! We used up 2 cans of aerosol insect sprays till the very last drop within a day. My mum and I had not been on a spree like this since we turned vegetarians last year, but both of us really couldn't help it this time. If we were gonna talk about compassion and to leave them at where they were without exterminating them, sooner or later my home would definitely turn into a living hell. Not forgetting to mention about the physical suffering they had brought us.

Those are not the worst yet. My body has developed more rashes as each day passes, and I think there are now at least 100 of them. My right arm alone has 20 plus red spots. I'm thinking of getting a jab, but I'm just too lazy to go seek treatment. My grandparents had already got their jabs at the General Hospital. The best thing is that each treatment there costs only RM 1, which is probably one of the few laudable efforts done by the Government, albeit the long queues. The ointment given by the doctor is really good and effective. I can see some of my rashes starting to heal and fade.

Oh yeah... After having searched the web, I now think that those bugs are most probably bird mites or chiggers. Death to them! Grrrrr...


And to brighten up my moody days, here's a card which I received from the lovely carcar last Saturday. Apparently, this is my first gift from a blogger friend. How sweet of her! Thank you very much... I love it! :)

NEXT UP: Oh my god... TAG!!!

Addendum: I just received a call from USM 15 minutes ago and boy... I was asked to attend an interview session on April 23rd. Whee... I'm sooo pleased right now! Thank goodness I'm short-listed for it! This is such a great news. Hopefully everything goes perfectly well on that day. So yeah... I'm gonna pay Penang a visit again. This time I'm off to USM! :D


carcar said...

good morning! great news!!

Wennnn said...

Yerrrr how come those bugs so nasty geh???? U faster faster go see doctore get a job lor!! How sweet of Carcar..

carcar said...

oh i got no.1 here! yippie! chup chup cup! glad to know that u been given the opportunity to enter into USM! jia you oh!

take care too! fight the bugs!

hope u like the 'heart heart card'

sbanboy said...

Erm your ketiak also kena gigit ah ????? Pengsan ...

Hey all the best for the interview .... :D

kyh said...

carcar: 5 morning chups for ya!

Yay... Congrats! Ah... Hopefully I get to enter it. :fingers crossed:

Wanna join me in the fight? LOL!

I absolutely love it! It's such a dear! ;)

Wennnn: 3 nasty chups for ya!

I'm so lazy lah... :(

Yes... She's definitely a sweety pie!

sbanboy: 1 FKK chup for ya!

Oi! Not ketiak, ok? I'm wondering who would want to post their ketiak pics up. LOL! So gross, can? :splash water over your face to wake you up:

Thank you!

angie said...

Lazy Bug! Get your a$$ to the hospital now! Gotta think of our kids (four + 1 coming soon) you know... :(

USM? Good luck!

day-dreamer said...

Aiks... a bit too late for a chup. Hahaha!

What bug is that? Didn't capture to show us??

And all the best for the interview...

L B said...

Poor thing! No wonder you were having PMS lately! These bugs are nasty! Did they lay any eggs under the skin? I heard some bugs do, or some spiders at least! Anyway, good luck with your interview, and you got a NICE card too!

mistipurple said...

itchy itchy you made me itchyyyy.
go see doc jab lah. you got 4 + 1 kid coming. think of angie okay? :P

kyh said...

angie: Wanna accompany me? ;)

Thank you for your wishes, my dear angie!


day-dreamer: Wrong timing again! Nevermind... Next time!

Most probably is a bird mite or chigger. Not so sure.

I wanna capture pics of them, of course! Just that they are way too small to be shot clearly. You can google for them anyway. ;)

And thanks!

L B: Huh? What's PMS? :blurred:

Nasty bugs! Well, I'm afraid they'll lay eggs under my skin too. Can't imagine that scene! Must use antiseptic to wash my rashes multiple times liao!

Thank you! Wah... Got a blessing from an emperor, sure must do well right? :wink:

mistipurple: Yeah... Very itchy!

OK lor... So you wanna be my Ahmad? Yes? I see a yes! Kekeke...

Doreen said...

Gee...those mites are evil! Thank god you are recovering. Good luck to your interview. (^_^)

Kenny Mah said...

Cards from friends are always nice, especially the unexpected ones. Bound to brighten up the day after bugs! :P

And good luck with the interview!

Selba said...

Congrats for the interview!!! Good luck!!!

Aiyayayayayaya.... me also gatal-gatal coz being suck by those nyamuk!

angie said...

I will follow you... follow you wherever you may go...

But seriously, better go jab, ok?

You are my star!
So of course I have confidence in you ;)

Chen said...

Glad to know the rashes are healing.

Good luck for your coming interview :) Remember to sleep early on Sunday night & be a night owl.. dowan u to miss the interview mah..

_butt said...

ewwww.. nasty!

lovely card. good luck for the interview!


angele said...

hey there =P

Whats the gud news?


Oh btw,did u finally get yr red spots treated?

SuLee said...

good luck man, and get well..

i left a diff comment on the previous post coz i scrolled down too much ;P

check it out!

King's wife said...

Thank goodness you found the source of those 'bites'. Terrible hor?

Good Luck with USM!!

zeroimpact said...

Hope everything will go fine
USM is a good one

zewt said...

wow... looks bad! hope you're out of it already. sounds like some really nasty pests, much worse thatn ordinary mites.

byt nvm la... someone send you cards with hearts and all... sure make up for it right? hahaha!

Kenny Mah said...

Good luck again with the interview --- short listed, that's very good! :D

kyh said...

Doreen: They are super evil! Grrr...

I'm recovering. Thanks for your concern!

And thank you for the best wishes! :)

Kenny Mah: I love receiving cards and letters... All those things! I'm pretty sentimental... :P

A million thanks for that! :)

Selba: Terima kasih banyak-banyak!

Ouch! Need some ointment? ;)

angie: I don't think I need a jab now. I'm recovering quite fast. ;)

Wah... I'm so proud! MUAKS!

Chen: Thanks for your concern. I'm recovering well.

Thanks again for the best wishes! :)

_butt: Nasty bugs they are!

Very lovely card indeed. And thank you!

angele: Oh... I'd been called to attend an interview session at a local university. :)

I haven't seen a doctor, but they are recovering!

SuLee: Thank you! :)

I've read it. ;)

King's wife: Really terrible! A total nightmare!

Thank you! :)

zeroimpact: Thanks very much. :)

zewt: Nasty, nasty bugs! Hate all of them!

That card had definitely lifted up my mood a lot! Haha... :)

Kenny Mah: Thank you again! It all went smoothly. :)

Simple American said...

That is horrible. Hope it clears up soon.

Wah! Such a lovely card. :)

kyh said...

I haven't seen traces of them these days. Thank goodness.

Yeah... The card is indeed lovely! :)