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Sunday, April 01, 2007

April Fool... and the chuppers

3 posts to chup in the month of 3. So here are the chuppers that had made to the list:

Congratulations all, but be warned! April shall be the month of tags. I still have loads of backdated tags waiting for me to do and post. Arggghhh... Really FKK!

And now, may I present you guys my very own PREMIER HUG HUG CLUB HEART™, courtesy of the honourable Mr Chairman! Nice or not? ;)

Of course it's nice lah! :)

Before I end this chapter, here's a steamy music video featuring the 2 talented bootylicious ladies. Enjoy... and CHUP!


L B said...

LOL, it's refreshing to be at the bottom!! Congratulations to everyone! Nice PHHC™ logo too.

Chen said...

April = answering tag month for u?
have fun answering then :D

rinnah said...

Chup first!

rinnah said...

Wow... I got into 3rd place. Not bad, eh? Must try harder in the month of April...

King's wife said...

wah, another place to chup now!
Congrats on your Premier.

angel said...

Wah liao... Beyonkira Stim KK!

Ei, you vegetarian, can see all the stim2 stuff meh?? kkkkkk! :P

Pssstt! Nobody see your steamy video geh.. LOL! :P

I will ganbatte to chup more!

Wennnn said...

Eeeee kenot chup geh... never mind work harder next mth.. but pls dun tag me hor I also got plenty of tags to do....

Angel he vegetarian in the mouth but not in th eyes la so tat's why he can watch lor but kenot eat, betul tak Brad???? :P

mistipurple said...

chup. bah. lol.

Winn said...

show us ur teeth:P

happy april's fool!

may said...

and I'm not even there, hahaha! timing not quite there, eh... zzzz time when you post after midnight... LOL! sorait... zzzzzz...

angel said...

Hak sei ngor! Just now your blog kena hack????

Simple American said...

I'm at the top. The world is topsy turvy then. haha

Love your logo! So the cool!

zeroimpact said...

So fast one month already

_butt said...

wish you luck for all those backdated tags XD

Selba said...

Woohoooo... I got the Silver!!! Cool!!!

So, when are you going to make your homeworks??? *tick tock tick tock*

kyh said...

L B: 5 April Fool chups!

Yeah... Refreshing indeed! ;)

Are you praising yourself, Mr Chairman? :P

Chen: 3 FKK chups!

Too bad, huh? :(

Arggghhh... Headaches... Headaches!

rinnah: 1 chuppa chup!

Add oil! :)

King's wife: Thank you! :)

angel: Steam leh! :P

Why not? I'm not a monk, mind you!

Maybe they are worried of getting heart attacks? LOL!

You too must add oil! :)

Wennnn: Add oil, add oil!

OK la... I won't tag you. Can now? ;)

Betul... Betul! So creber one you! :P

mistipurple: LOL! Chup next time, ya!

Winn: :flash sparkling white teeth:

Same to you too! ;)

may: Gambate!!! I'll try to suit you by posting at the right time! :)

angel: Huh? o.O

Where got?

Simple American: Yay! You're the champion! Congrats!

Thanks! :)

zeroimpact: How time flies!

_butt: Wanna lend me a helping hand? LOL!

Selba: Whee!

Homeworks? Soon... ;)