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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

5 first times

Million apologies for my (quite) long absence from the blogosphere. I'm back this time for an ancient tag which can be traced back to one month ago. Once again, I was tagged by the voluptuous playmate from Heaven to list out my 5 first times.

Craps no more. So here it goes:

#1 ~ First time performing on stage: aged 3 or 4? Can't remember clearly. I dressed as a bridegroom along with some other kids, waiting eagerly for our brides to appear, which was then followed by a dance. We even had ring exchange! That was during my kindergarten years.

#2 ~ Do you guys believe in the supernatural? I do. What makes a person a firm believer in something that's not been scientifically proven is when he's experienced it himself. It happened to me not just once, but numerous times, all in my own bedroom. And oh... That was back in the year 2004.

I'm sure you guys would want to know more. Next time, ya? But that's when I feel like talking about it.

#3 ~ First time getting employed: January 2005. I worked part-time in my aunt-in-law's family-owned company, Serba Wangi Sdn Bhd, the one which markets one of Malaysia's premium branded rice, Jati 佳等, while waiting for my SPM results to be announced and my new school semester to commence. One benefit of working there: I got to surf the net at broadband speed during working hours, using the laptop provided to me by the company.

#4 ~ First time being hospitalized: September 2005. You can read more about it here.

#5 ~ First time venturing on a brand new route of life: November 2006. From that day onwards, I have been a self-committed vegetarian. Guess I need no more introduction here. :)

Before all the hype about this thing vanishes into thin air, do let me present you guys my very own VisualDNA™!

It's nearly 7 in the morning, but I'm just about going to bed. Call me an insomniac, whatever...


Wennnn said...

Heheheheheh chup first then come bek and read...

Wennnn said...

Yerrrrr U oni part time lover wor... Angel Ur Brad no good la... Lups U part time oni... the rest of the time he dunno lup who la... Sumore junkie monkey la just like him.....

zeroimpact said...

Now only go to bed ah
I used to do that too, but instead of bed, go to work
Do tell us your story when you feel like it

L B said...

can't wait for number two story.. Must be very interesting. Love ghostie stories..

mistipurple said...

chup. 4th place. bah. but it's a-okay. all my good frens up there!

angel said...

Part Time Lover???
wennnn, yeah, I noticed that... ;)

Thanks for doin' the tag tho' I've forgotten who I've tagged :P


angele said...

U go to sleep when everyone else is waking up eh :P

may said...

supernatural doesn't really intrigue me, but I wouldn't mind a good "ghost" story! tell away... tell away...

amy said...

I'm intrigued by that supernatural story you have up your sleeve as well! I guess it's that Malaysian habit! :D

Winn said...

yer..tell a bit dont tell a bit geh! hate suspense!!

faitit faitit!:P

Kenny Mah said...

Hey there, kyh87!

I'm a first time visitor here. Interesting blog you have. I would like to link to it on my Bookmarks page, if you don't mind.

And I used to be vegetarian for a short while till I stopped at my Mom's request. Admire your ability to commit to it full-time! :)


Chen said...

do u still keep in touch with that childhood "bride"? or forgotten who issit liao? :P

day-dreamer said...

Did you get free high-quality rice when you worked at Serba Wangi?

Doreen said...

Oh come on, tell ya supernatural stories! pleasy please? (^_^)

_butt said...

wow. so many comments here and you haven't replied them eh.

supernatural stories! I liked!

so what makes you become a self-committed vegetarian? *curious*

kyh said...

Wennnn: 5 yummylicious chups for you!

Wei wei wei... Don't try to spoil our relationship lo wei! :piak:

Angie! Me good good guy one! ;)

zeroimpact: 3 terrific chups for you!

You used to be like that too? :hi 5:

Maybe some other day... :)

L B: 1 spooky chup for you!

Go watch Scary Movie. Instead of getting goose bumps, you'll laugh your ass out! :P

But I've yet to watch that movie. Duh!

mistipurple: Awww... You're slow again! Never mind, try harder next time! ;)

angel: You're one voluptuous babe, although I've yet to see you in person! This thing can imagine one ma... Right? ;)

You're certainly welcome!

:muaks too:

angele: Yeah... LOL!

may: Spooky tales are so interesting! Why aren't you fond of them?

amy: Yeah... But some will leave side effects too... How?

Winn: Erm... 3 years ago, when I was in my bedroom...

To be continued...

LOL! More suspense now! :P

Kenny Mah: Hello! Thanks for dropping by! :)

Of course I wouldn't mind! I would like to thank you for that honour instead!

Why did your mum stop you? So weird one! o.O

Nothing to be admired lah. You're making me shy now. I'm just an amateur in this business. LOL!

Chen: Oh yeah... She's actually my cousin! :P

day-dreamer: No wor... Sad! :(

Doreen: Next time, ya!

_butt: Me lazy ma... But here I am lor! :P

Me too!

Hmm... Some personal reasons. Religious belief is one of them. :)

Simple American said...

Get to know more about you.

One of my business is supernatural. Well horror gaming. haha

No bears? I have to go. ;)

kyh said...

LOL! Yet horror flicks rock!

NO NO NO! Please come back! :(