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Sunday, March 04, 2007

The end of a joyous celebration

I'm supposed to blog about this yesterday, but laziness held me back. I ended up watching American Idol and blog hopping instead. Me being the king of procrastination, decided to defer it to this day.

So we were on the streets last night. And surprise, surprise! We bumped into a Hindu procession half-way. What festival were they celebrating? I first thought it was Thaipusam, but according to Wikipedia, Thaipusam fell on February 1st this year. Hmm... Anyone knows?

The main streets leading to the city centre were congested with traffic. Unlike the Nine Emperor Gods Festival 九皇爷诞, streets were not closed to traffic, hence the traffic jam. Our car moved inch by inch, but the unique procession ahead thrilled all of us. Pious Hindu men carried the stunningly decorated kavadis with long sharp skewers piercing through their flesh. There were also dancers in trance chanting all their way from a major Hindu temple where the procession began to another temple situated not far away.

Swarm of Hindus filled the streets and converged at the temple where the procession ended. It was a rare scene since I'd never seen so many Indians in my city before. My dad told me that the majority of them had lived in the estates for generations and they were still living there today. That explained why their presence in the city was so scarce.

The captivating procession

We finally arrived at our destination. And guess what? My grandpa treated us to a steamboat dinner! My paternal cousins and relatives were all invited. What a family reunion night!

An array of yummylicious ingredients

Check out those humongous prawns!


Of course me and my mum couldn't enjoy this sumptuous meal. I was busy playing with my cousin's new mobile phone the whole night instead. LOL! And yeah... I'm a super phone fanatic, just like the bestest chef in London and abroad, Wennnn. :hi 5:

Sadly, the 15-day festival has finally come to an end. Awww... No more angpows till next year! Gracious... :counting down the days:

Hope you guys have an auspicious and memorable year ahead, and wishing all you Chinese folk out there a Happy Chap Goh Meh! 元宵节快乐! :)

Addendum: I forgot to mention about a cute Indian boy I met. You know what... He looks exactly like an angmoh kid! His skin colour is white, really white, to the point that it seems whiter and fairer than those angmohs! His hair colour is, not ebony, but blond! Striking Scandinavian blond! His eyebrows and eyelashes are kinda white or blond too. Now the weird thing is, his parents are both dark-skinned, so do his siblings. He's obviously the odd one out. I do think it's this disease that causes the boy's skin to be extremely pale. Perhaps Dr Chen can help us identify it?


day-dreamer said...


Hmm... your steamboat looks as nice as mine, but what a pity you can't eat it. KKKKKKK~

_butt said...

oooh.. so ngam one.. hehehe :P

har.. didn't eat? not hungry ka

♥angie♥ said...

Everyday is full of joy when the heart is full of ♥ ♥ ♥

Could be the temple's lord's birthday?

*full moon kisses*

L B said...

I still haven't found a floating orange yet..
and no sign of any steaming botas either..
or any toothpicked hindu.. *lazy sunday watching west ham beat spurs*

Wennnn said...

Eh where is my bowl ah??? I am still waiting for the fishballs.. some foo chuk pls... and veggies..... Ok now bring some chillies... heheheheheh

Kenny Ng said...

Wah... steamboat! After eat got steam steam or not? LOL

khengsiong said...

Apparently you are an Internet addict. You check Wikipedia for the date of Thaipusam. I only need to browse the calender.

Chen said...

so did u taste the steamboat for the night or u ate something else?

yeah, the kid might suffers from albinism, an inherited disorder of pigmentation/melanin formation, which might affect the entire body or part of the body.

may said...

steamboat would've been just the thing to eat here... it's getting cooler these days. got throw some oranges my way anot?

angele said...

Hmmm...the only indian festival I knew was taking place this week-end was Holi...

The food looked yummyyyyyyy!!! ^^

zewt said...

not thaipusam la... just that they have certain days where they will do a procession...

Simple American said...

The boy sounds like an albino.

Those prawns are HUGE! Any leftovers? lol

kyh said...

day-dreamer: A belated best wishes to you!

I think mine was far more better than yours! Got big prawns and crabs too! Kekeke... :P

Yeah... I couldn't eat!!! :(

_butt: What do you mean? o.O

Not that I didn't want to eat, but I couldn't eat! =.="

♥angie♥: Awww... So sweet of you! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Thanks to angele (not you! :P), I searched Wikipedia and found out March 3rd, 2007 was actually the Hindu spring festival of Holi.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

L B: Kekeke... A sigh for the lonely guy in Italy...

Wennnn: Wah... I thought you wanna bring a big, big Tupperware™ leh... Hehe...

Ooh... I want cili padi, can??? ;)

Kenny Ng: So steam! Hahaha...

Nah... I couldn't eat! Poor me! :(

khengsiong: Now only you know! ;)

Besides sleeping and eating, most of my day is spent in front of my PC! *FKK*

Chen: Nope. But I did have my dinner earlier on.

Thanks for the input! Very much appreciated. ;)

may: You can have your steamboat while I'm having my cupcakes and doughnuts! ;)

I only picked oranges leh... And watermelons too! :P

angele: Thanks for telling me that! It was indeed the Holi festival. :)

They did look yummy! ;)

zewt: I didn't know ma! It was actually the Holi festival.

Simple American: I have the same thought too.

They were definitely huge! :one big prawn for you on your birthday: ;)

rinnah said...

Hi! Just wanted to drop by and say thanks for visiting my blog!

So when can I start chupping here? *wink*

The steamboat looks yummy... but I'm almost in the same boat as you. (pun not intended! LOL!) I can only take fish balls (chicken if any) and veggies... so I also watch people eat...

kyh said...

Welcome! Thanks for dropping by mine too!

Soon I think... ;)

You can't take seafood? Allergic to it? Hmm...

sengkor said...

eh, no need drchen to decipher that lah.. that kid is adopted :)

kyh said...

Don't think so... The kid has distinctive Indian features, just that his skin makes him look angmoh.

And nowadays, Malaysians rarely adopt children one liao lah... 自身难保 leh...

Selba said...

Steamboat!!!! *slurp*

Oh... we got many Albino here in Indonesia... so pity, people mostly making fun of them :(

kyh said...

Really? First time I spotted an albino in real life...

How do they make fun of these poor things?