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Friday, March 30, 2007

Dental Visit

2 days ago, I went for a dental visit with my parents. I can't remember the last time I paid a visit to the dentist. I think it must have been at least 5 years since I last set foot in a dental clinic, which I last went for a dental filling.

And after so many years, it was time for me to have another dental filling. In fact, there were several teeth (molars) which I needed them to be done that way. As for my parents, they wanted to have theirs checked by the dentist. Apparently, the dentist was a renowned one in town. Her clinic was patronized by clients of all races from time to time. And because of that reason, we were forced to wait for nearly 3 hours until it was our turn. How boring! I nearly fell asleep there while waiting for my turn. We should've made an appointment first before we turned up here. But the matter is, we had this decision hastily made. Now, who's to blame? Sigh...

The dentist first had my teeth thoroughly checked. To my utmost surprise, she told me that my teeth were in good condition, and therefore no fillings were required. She even complimented me that it was rare to find someone with such a beautiful set of teeth here. And oh... How flattered I was! :P My mum then told her that it was my dream to have my teeth straightened. That's right. I've always wished for that, mainly due to a particularly awkward lower jaw tooth, which completely spoils the whole picture! Grrr... ><"

The dentist told me all I needed was a little bit of cleaning. And so I had my 1st ever professional teeth cleaning in my entire life, if I was not mistaken. Unbelievable?

And the end result? Me having a set of sparkling white teeth, of course! :)

: The dentist told me that I'm gonna have 2 or more wisdom teeth (3rd molars), waiting to pop their heads out from the gums! That's why my gums appear to be bulged at the rearmost section of my jaws.

Arggghhh... Does that mean I need to undergo teeth extraction in the near future? NOOOOO!!! :(

But looking on the bright side, having them indicates that I have wisdom. LOL!


rinnah said...

Chup first, read later!

rinnah said...

Oooh... I last went to the dentist last year. I thought I didn't need any fillings, then the dentist found some decay and drilled my tooth to clean it away. Good thing she found it before it turned into toothache!

*puts on shades for the dazzling sparkle of kyh's teeth*

Chen said...

sparkling white teeth?
can do advertisement for Colgate liao :P

L B said...

Indeed, it is wise to have wisedom teeth! Very much so!!

*puts on army issue reflector suit to protect against glare*

angel said...

Awkward lower jaw tooth??? U gotta be kidding... I hv one too! So, how awkward is yours?
*compare notes*

BTW, having wisdom tooth is painfulllllll!!!

may said...

funnily enough, only 2 of my wisdom teeth grew. the other 2 seemed to have hibernated forever and ever...

Selba said...


Good to know that your teeth are in good condition!

psst.. I used to have diamond on my tooth (very sparkling) but about 2 years ago, it got off from my tooth and swallowed by me, hahaha

day-dreamer said...

Your first ever "professional teeth cleaning"?? And 今年贵庚?

Sparkling? A bit overstated, don't you think? :P

angele said...

oohh u know what...I don't like dentists!!! =( I'm scared!LOL

mistipurple said...

am scared of dentists. fear of them makes me floss everyday.

Simple American said...

I need to go to the dentist. *pengsan*

_butt said...

eleh.. bangga la somebody.. can do ad for Darlie too! :P

kyh said...

You guys wanna see my teeth? LOL!

Thanks all for the compliments and also the sarcasm. :flash sparkling white teeth: :P

For those who are afraid of visiting your dentists, come... I give you courage and support! :)

Oh yeah... 5 sparkling chups for rinnah, 3 for Chen, and 1 for L B. Yay! :D