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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Da Grandest Event on Earth

No... It's not the much-anticipated, paparazzi-crazed Brangelina's lavish marriage we're talkin' about. I doubt it's gonna be so soon either, especially after all the hustle of welcoming another child into the family. Right, Angie? ;)


And no... It's definitely not the construction of another luxurious 7-star hotel for those wealthy moguls and glitzy stars.

The world's 1st 7-star Burj al-Arab, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

We're doing much bigger and better than that, of course!

I now welcome all you potential chuppers out there to my premium T H E H U G H U G C L U B™, the one and only place where you're gonna earn an infinite flow of smooches and hugs! If you've been desperately hungry for affectionate kisses and passionate cuddles, now here's your golden moment. Get your pouty lips ready and chup all your way to da top! We would be extremely delighted to reciprocate munificently. It's so simple to entitle yourself to one of the most coveted titles on Earth --- Chupper da Ultimate™!

For this time only, I'm gonna award the night's 1st lucky star an auspicious 8 huggie points instead of the usual 5! So what are you guys still waiting for? Come on over and chup here all over!

Under the auspices of Mr Chairman himself, I now proudly declare the latest franchise of the world's only 10-star resort chain officially OPEN!


Simple American said...


Simple American said...

Me first! Me first! 8 stars. Wah! So happy can die. *pengsan*

A grand great big howdy from the Texas branch of the Hug Hug Club sir. Welcome! Welcome!

Wish you much fun, happines, and much chupping.

Nice hotel you got there too. Where is it?

angel said...

I wanna chup second first!
And then swoon! LOL!

angel said...

♫♫And I... will always love youuuu...♫♫

How can anyone NOT fall in love with Brangelina, huh? Love, love, LOVE the steamy picture in Mr. & Mrs. Smith!
*steals a Pouty Kiss*

Welcome to the Hug Hug Family!
*Hug 9-9*
The rest of the 18PG scenes, we gotta just do it behind the scene lah hor...

*sexy muacks*

L B said...

Waaa, I wanna go stay in that hotel!!!


_butt said...

aiya.. come in late, miss one spot!! nvm, next time next time..

kyh said...

Simple American: Totally unexpected! 8 grand première chups for ya!

Yay! You're the 1st chupper of my club! What a great start! Congrats! ;)

Thanks for the Texan-warm wishes from faraway land!

The hotel? Its location was stated there, just under the picture. :point:

angel: Whee! 3 angelic chups granted!

Oh... So lum! So sweet! So romantic! And that pouty kiss is so heavenly sensual! Me like! ;)

Thank you for the warm welcome! And the hugs! And the steamy behind-the-scene actions! :swoon:

And the muaks! How intoxicating!

L B: Phew! 1 last-minute chup for the Chairman!

You made it! I was so worried that you might not be able to make it here. After all, you're the most important man of da whole club thingy! How could we not let you chup on its launch? We dare not!

You wanna stay there too? Bring me there! And shhh... Don't tell your mistresses! Else it would be an utter chaos!

Thank you!!! :)

_butt: Too little too late! But fret not... There's another time, and that moment would come for sure! Good luck! Come grab a seat first! And a refreshing welcome drink!

may said...

finally, the grand opening! so what's the price on the luxury suite? or the penthouse?
*brings out pratinum THHC card*
*and membership card too*
can redeem points here ah?

kyh said...

A welcome drink for you to quench your thirst too! Fast, fast come inside... I know it's scorching hot out there!

I can offer may may 姐 a stay in the most exquisite suite with the most stunning view for absolutely nil! Please drop by any night you wish! I would be extremely pleased to greet you anytime here! :)

Kekeke... THHC™ card some more! Do you wanna redeem chups and hugs instead? ;)

mistipurple said...

wah grand hotel opening with fireworks (imagine lah)!
Congratulations to the Inauguration of your Hug Hug Club!!
rushes to the bar for the free drink. *cheapskate lol*

kyh said...


Spectacular fireworks display! Me like! :)

Thank you so much mistiliu!

No need to rush there! We will give you once you arrive at the main hall here. :P

And a bunch of welcome hugs and muaks! And not to forget --- purplish roses too! They're all for you! You'll be treated like a real imperial concubine here! No bluff one! ;)

rinnah said...

Congratulations and celebrations!

Yay! At last I can take my long awaited holiday since your THHC™ resort is finally open...

*follows May to the registration counter*

Eh, got special deal for THHC™ members ah? I also want free stay...

Chen said...

Congrats :)

can bring doggy to stay in tat leng hotel?
Ah Boy wanna stay there ;)

kyh said...

rinnah: Thanks! It was definitely a night of celebration!

So, when are you coming? What kind of suite you're gonna book? We're having a special promotion here until the end of this month!

Kekeke... If you're lucky enough, we're gonna pick you for an unforgettable night's stay during our monthly draw! :)

Chen: Sure! Sure! We welcome all sorts of cute pets, as long as they conform to our rules and regulations. And most importantly, the owner must take good care of 'em. Every pet here is treated princely!

Simple American said...

You mean I have to read the posts too. Not just chupping. hahahaha

Dang. I am blind in one eye and cannot see out the other.

Cocka Doodle said...

Hi kyh! First time here checking out your berlog!
Why not humsap geh your post? LOL
Thanks for dropping by!

kyh said...

Simple American: Of course you have to read it! Nothing comes free, my brudder! ;)

Otherwise, I might as well blog blank posts for you guys to chup, chup and chup! LOL!

Cocka Doodle: Hey Cocka! This is definitely not your 1st time here! You've left a comment here before... Remember? Now try to recall it. ;)

Hahaha... I don't wanna 抢饭碗 with you ma! :P

rinnah said...

Hmm, I think I wanna come stay in your 10-star hotel over the weekend for some R&R. Reservation required? *wink*

Got any celebrities at the hotel to oogle over besides Brad ah?

zewt said...

just want to say a word of thank you for your well wishes. truly appreciate it.

let us all learn to appreciate our mothers when they are still around.

RayChin said...

the 7 stars hotel is awesome... had a pwpt presentation on that before

kyh said...

rinnah: Depends on the human traffic I would say.

Got... Definitely! You'd get to spot the voluptuous Angelina Jolie with her 4 kids here occasionally, as well as the Emperor himself (along with his imperial concubines if you're lucky enough!). Mind you, he's now a big celebrity here! ;)

zewt: You're welcome! Need us to give you some warm hugs? ;)

I appreciate my mum as much as I appreciate myself. She's the angel in my life (and you too, Angie)! :)

Take care, brudder!

RayChin: It's certainly a great masterpiece! So when are we going to stay there? ;)

zeroimpact said...

Here also got join club ah
Heh heh heh
Must look out here also then

day-dreamer said...

Wah... grand opening also didn't invite me... You know lah, me busy corporate lady, must send invitation card one mah...

Next time ask my staff and management don't bong chan you already, so mou seng yee one you...

lakeside girl said...

I still miss Brad and Jen.

*living in delusion*

Haha. Beautiful blog, btw ;)

kyh said...

zeroimpact: It's a brand new attraction! Come, come... Let's chup! :)

day-dreamer: Wah... So dai sai! I demand one plate of veggie lormaikai in return! :P

lakeside girl: Ah... New visitor here! Welcome!

I'll choose Angelina over Jennifer any day! ;)

Thanks for the compliment! :)

day-dreamer said...

If got kai, then it's not vegetarian liao la...

But if not kai, then it's not lormaikai liao wor...

How ah? :P

kyh said...

There's the vegetarian version of kai... Don't cha know? :P

c o n s u e l a said...

so cool! now can chup here too :)

but then again, I'm so out of it, I barely have time to blog hop let alone to catch up on all updates!

anywaes...congrats and will try my "bestest" to come back to chup on your next post!

kyh said...

I'll definitely wait for you to chup here! :)

But I kinda lose my steam to blog nowadays... Could it be the THHC™ aftermath? LOL!