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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Childhood Meme

The bestest chef in London and abroad assigned me a task in late February as she wanna kepo on the 10 games I played when I was young. My childhood was kinda bland and boring lah... So this tag is gonna be another big headache for me! Take a look at that emperor... His childhood was so interesting! That's the beauty of the last generation --- the generation of no worries. My generation is where the so-called kiasuism among kids started to kick in. We competed against each other since primary times. We jotted down exam scores of each other in a notebook. We even ranked the top students in our class after tallying their total scores. See how kiasu we are when we were young! But kids nowadays are even worse... Those Kumon pre-schoolers can even cry hard when they lost in one of their many kiasu battles! Gosh...

Seems like I drift a bit too far. Back to the topic then. And oh... Here's the compilation of my very own T O P 1 0 C L A S S I C C H I L D H O O D G A M E S™:

1. Card games
UNO! Snap! Happy Families! What else? These card games have definitely brought a lot of innocent laughter and happy moments back then. Once I made my own UNO cards and brought it to school despite it was listed an illegal item. We even played stealthily during our English lesson but the teacher was so sharp-eyed that she caught us playing it. Alas, my masterpiece was confiscated. And as a punishment, 4 of us were asked to stand throughout her lesson.

2. Board games
Millionaire (local version of Monopoly, which I think is much more enjoyable)! Sahibba (local version of Scrabble)! Snakes N Ladders! Chess! Draughts! And so much more... Yes, we played these all the time! O the fond memories...

3. Marbles
We used them to play congkak and the shooting game. How nostalgic!

4. Hopscotch
I seriously love this game. Hop and hop... Draw your own home in one of the slots... Throw stones to bombard one's property... It was so intoxicating!

5. Catch N Run
Run for your life! LOL! Another thrilling yet exhausting game. But it was worth every second!

6. Lasy
Not Lego meh? Just a lesser known brand and comes in bigger pieces. It was fun nonetheless.

7. Play-Doh
Another favourite of mine. Mine was the Teeny Farm pack. Dough in, farm animals out! And there were also moulds for the tractor plus Mr and Mrs Farmer! The reason I loved Play-Doh was because of the wonderful extruder included in the pack. I'd wished to own the other packs too that time, like the amazing Fun Factory and the stunning Ice-cream Maker.

8. Mastermind
Da game for genuises! But I ain't a genius. :(

9. Digimon
The trend of owning a virtual pet toy swept across the globe like a pandemic a decade ago. How could I be left behind? No way! Mine was blue.

10. Video & PC games
The cyber era has arrived! My dad bought me a video game console and the hit that time was none other than the ultimate mushroom lover --- Mario!

My first PC arrived when I was 11. Still considered young, right? It was a Pentium MMX. And yes... The Sims series were a global hit. They were a hit at my home too! :)

Thank goodness I'm done! My mind is so exhausted right now reminiscing about the rather uninteresting childhood. What I remember most about it is books, books and books! Grrr... =.="

And wait... Who am I gonna pass this meme to? Hmm...

Nobody! I'll let you guys enjoy some P E A C E F U L M O M E N T S™ first before I unleash my evil in the upcoming tag! Kekeke...


Angeline! If you're reading this, can you please extend my congratulatory message to both of your sisters for scoring straight A's in SPM? I'm so proud of you girls! :)


L B said...

Waiseh, no one chup yet?!! CHUP fast fast!!

Waaaa, you so the kiasu also wan!! KKKK... but damn, those games were fun during our childhood, eh? KKKK, have to stand up whole lesson summore!

kyh said...

You want a chup chup hug? ;)

Haha... Really da kiasu!

Yeah... Those games were indeed fun!

day-dreamer said...

Why do I sense that someone is trying too hard to imitate L B? Eh, don't la... not creative. You should develop your own style! :P

Lasy! I have it, but most of the time I'll just get my cousin to fix stuff for me while I just watch. Haha.

Can I challenge you to a game of Mastermind? :D

angel said...

No chup for me :(

You dun have to be a genius to ♥ angie ;)

Being kiasu, was that tough?

_butt said...

you left out one game.

batu seremban.


rinnah said...

OMG! I think you were more kiasu than I was in school! Ekekekekeke...

We did the top student thingy too, but not to the extent of writing it down and comparing the scores... We just followed the teacher's rankings.

may said...

hmmm, you're almost a different generation leh, with Lasy and Digimon and Video games! I never had a Gameboy. then again, I never had a Barbie Doll either...

Cocka Doodle said...

you don't climb trees and steal your neighbors rambutans meh? LOL

My first time here. Great blog you've got!

Chen said...

u kiasu since young liao? i mean u competed against each other since primary school liao & jotting down exam scores. Kkkkkkkk

Video game?

Generation gap liao..

kyh said...

day-dreamer: He doesn't have it copyrighted, so I ma use lor! Lagi pun, I'm his captain ma... Sure can use one! Kekeke...

I'm not creative enough. How do I develop my own style then?

Haha... But I prefer Lego though.

Sure... Wait till we get to meet each other first! ;)

angel: You want a chup too? ;)

Oh... So lum!!! ♥♥♥♥♥

Haha... Nice question! But I don't know how to answer lol... Maybe I was not that kiasu either...

_butt: Actually, I don't know what da hell is batu seremban... :P

rinnah: Hahaha... Same same lah... :P

may: Definitely a different generation! Well, I don't have a Gameboy either... But last time I wished I did!

Cocka Doodle: Welcome here! :roll out red carpet:

No rambutan trees for me to climb lah... Coconut trees can? :P

Chen: You also said me liddat! :(

But nearly everyone was doing it back then... So gotta follow the trend ma... :P

There sure is a generation gap between us. So does that mean I can call you aunty liao? :cabut:

zewt said...

phew... i tot i was going to kena again (perasan) haha!

kyh said...

I know you hate tags the most! And no... You're not gonna get tagged! But if you want to, I'm most pleased to grant your wish... ;)

Simple American said...

Sounds like good toys. Building blocks for a life. :)

kyh said...

Wanna play? LOL!

khengsiong said...

Hmmm... I was a little bit surprised that you didn't give 10 titles of computer games.

Did you play with "fighter fish"? (Arrh, not sure what it is called in English.)

kyh said...

Hahaha... I guess that would be in another tag? LOL!

Fighter fish? No, I didn't. I was quite the city folk who never had the chance to play with these things.

zewt said...

thanks but no thanks my brother... haha

kyh said...

Kekeke... :P