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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

48 Concubines: Auspicious 8

Soulful Scribbles:

I notice that my blog has only been updated once a week lately. Blame that on my laziness and my sudden loss of zeal for blogging. It's been quite a hectic week for me. I'd returned to my school twice in order to get my documents certified and signed by the school authorities. I'd submitted all the necessary university applications, both on-line and off-line. Quite a reasonable excuse for my absence from the blogosphere, eh? I've absolutely no idea what the future has in store for me. Don't dare to think much. I'm just hoping for the best. :fingers crossed:


Exactly 1 week ago, I was summoned by the Crown Prince, heir to the Apple Throne™, to write a piece of fiction for the imperial blogbuster serial, 48 Concubines©. What an honour (or was it a misfortune?)! Of course I wasn't so silly to reject his offer. Who knows I might enrage His Imperial Highness and Heaven knows what would happen to me next. Better not take the risk!


The executioner was startled to hear the emperor's words. He was so astonished at the sudden accusation.

"Your Majesty, I've always been loyal to you. I plead innocence with my head, body and my whole family! And the fact is, I'm the imperial executioner all these times. I've never been a eunuch or ocipala whatsoever!"

"Really? But you're the exact clone of my eunuch, Siu Kiong! How could that be? Don't you try to fabricate tales, unless you wish to be beheaded! Now, tell me the truth!"

"Your Majesty, I swear I told you the truth. In fact, my name is not Siu Kiong. I'm 100% sure of that. My mama named me Siu Pao since the day I was born."

Siu Pao

"This is so wacky! Alright... I'm gonna rest this particular case. But I'm kinda interested to see how you're gonna defend yourself against the charge of you having an intimate affair with one of my concubines! How dare you!"

The imperial concubines... Indeed Apple Juicy™! Now, who is who? W - M - A - C? :P

"Your Majesty, of course I dare not do that! That's treason! I think it's time for you to know the truth now. Concubine W is actually my long-lost sister. We'd only come to know each other's background when we were in your palace."

The emperor then turned to look at the pale-face Concubine W.

"Is this true?"

"Dear... Of course what he said is true! If you don't believe him, at least you must have faith in me! I wouldn't have done such a despicable act which defames myself and completely shatters my love for you! You've already known that you're 1 of the 2 men I love the most in my entire life! It's not like you don't know about it..."

Concubine W sobbed like no tomorrow after replying her dear. But the moment the emperor heard of the last few words, he was already fuming with anger.

"WHATTT?!? Who's that other man?"

Concubine W's face turned much paler than ever. She then stammeringly replied:

"Eeeee... This is so embarrassing! Dear... Tuuu... That charming guy lor! Dashingly sweet and handsome and youthful-looking! Definitely not an uncle with flabby skin (alluding to the emperor)! Even his name is equally sweet and alluring --- Lee Hom! Dear... Don't you remember?"

Lee Hom ~ Spokesperson for my phone! :P

The emperor was left speechless. Just then, his trusty eunuch, Siu Kiong walked in. It was the moment of truth. Siu Kiong and Siu Pao were astounded to see their own selves standing before each other!

Siu Kiong

What would happen next? Could both of them be long-lost identical twin brothers? It's all coming up next in Chapter 9! Be sure not to miss it!


And due to 1 whole week of sleepless nights, the emperor decided to pen his own Chapter 8 for he could no longer wait for mine! Since he's summoned this lovely girl to continue with the story, I shall tolerate him this one time! So, you go girl! ;)


Selba said...


Selba said...

I got the first Gold in your blog *jumping* *singing* *dancing*


Simple American said...


Well done. Only LB could manage to have two Chapter 8s in hiw 48 Concubines.

angel said...

*gives good luck kiss*

L B said...

Haha!! See where impatience gets me?!!! LOL at SA's comment! But of course!! Two Chapter 8s are better than one!! Really Fatt!

angel said...

FKK!!! (fatt)

Hahaha! I'm now already lost in the chapters! But being Lost is fun! Fun fun fun!!

*Concubine A is of course the one in Pink...*

Thanks for the Lucky Stars...
*another kiss*

angel said...

*oops, forgot*
*crosses fingers & toes for brad*

Tell you a secret... if by the time (IF lar, ok) your frens get reply and you are still waiting, dun wait no more... write a Surat Rayuan and send it to the ministry... that's how Yours Truly got in... ;)

But I'm confident, you boleh! ;)

*my turn to call to the Lucky Stars, huh?* :)

mistipurple said...

chup first. ya, no prize neber mind but must chup still.

mistipurple said...

hahahaha, the saga is getting increasingly interesting! so much drama in those days/years hor?
*wonders which is concie c* buay tahan laugh again!! all you people siao until boh yok kiu. (no medicine save)

a^ben said...

I SEE SIU KIONG!!! read after i come back from sch :D

mistipurple said...

general sleeping still ah? *peeps* see which concubine might be hiding inside.. :P

Winn said...

ah ben skipped class..dint go to sch one. heheh


opps i see lee hom..drools!!!!!!!
this concubine W is who ar? so sampat one~

rinnah said...

Now I really dunno how to link the two Chapter 8s together... *pening kepala*

Now really need some serious spin-doctoring...

*puts thinking cap on*

zewt said...

tak beberapa faham ini concubine thingy...

Chen said...

The concubines pict..
The white-white tei face...
so scary looking lah...

Imaging if those face suddenly prop up in front of u in the middle of the night ??
like seeing ghost leh !!!

_butt said...

hahha siu kiong and siu pao? LOL!!

day-dreamer said...

Padan muka the Emperor don't wanna let you have the 8th chapter.


Siu Keong, Siu Pau, what's next I wonder...

King's wife said...

I didn't know there is another Chapter 8 here! I've read Rinnah's already, now back track and read yours. :)

kyh said...

Since I'm too lazy to reply you guys one by one here, thus I'm giving out a general note.

For those who enjoyed the story, well I'm glad you did, though I do think my episode is such an unworthy crap!

For those who had absolutely no idea what this is all about, you seriously need to read back all the previous episodes, starting from episode 1!

Anyway, thank you guys for all your comments here! They were very much appreciated. :)

And not to forget, 5 chups for Selba, 3 for Simple American, and 1 for L B. Congrats! (Yeah... I know this is way too late to wish! But it's better late than never, hor? :P)