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Friday, March 30, 2007

Dental Visit

2 days ago, I went for a dental visit with my parents. I can't remember the last time I paid a visit to the dentist. I think it must have been at least 5 years since I last set foot in a dental clinic, which I last went for a dental filling.

And after so many years, it was time for me to have another dental filling. In fact, there were several teeth (molars) which I needed them to be done that way. As for my parents, they wanted to have theirs checked by the dentist. Apparently, the dentist was a renowned one in town. Her clinic was patronized by clients of all races from time to time. And because of that reason, we were forced to wait for nearly 3 hours until it was our turn. How boring! I nearly fell asleep there while waiting for my turn. We should've made an appointment first before we turned up here. But the matter is, we had this decision hastily made. Now, who's to blame? Sigh...

The dentist first had my teeth thoroughly checked. To my utmost surprise, she told me that my teeth were in good condition, and therefore no fillings were required. She even complimented me that it was rare to find someone with such a beautiful set of teeth here. And oh... How flattered I was! :P My mum then told her that it was my dream to have my teeth straightened. That's right. I've always wished for that, mainly due to a particularly awkward lower jaw tooth, which completely spoils the whole picture! Grrr... ><"

The dentist told me all I needed was a little bit of cleaning. And so I had my 1st ever professional teeth cleaning in my entire life, if I was not mistaken. Unbelievable?

And the end result? Me having a set of sparkling white teeth, of course! :)

: The dentist told me that I'm gonna have 2 or more wisdom teeth (3rd molars), waiting to pop their heads out from the gums! That's why my gums appear to be bulged at the rearmost section of my jaws.

Arggghhh... Does that mean I need to undergo teeth extraction in the near future? NOOOOO!!! :(

But looking on the bright side, having them indicates that I have wisdom. LOL!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

48 Concubines: Auspicious 8

Soulful Scribbles:

I notice that my blog has only been updated once a week lately. Blame that on my laziness and my sudden loss of zeal for blogging. It's been quite a hectic week for me. I'd returned to my school twice in order to get my documents certified and signed by the school authorities. I'd submitted all the necessary university applications, both on-line and off-line. Quite a reasonable excuse for my absence from the blogosphere, eh? I've absolutely no idea what the future has in store for me. Don't dare to think much. I'm just hoping for the best. :fingers crossed:


Exactly 1 week ago, I was summoned by the Crown Prince, heir to the Apple Throne™, to write a piece of fiction for the imperial blogbuster serial, 48 Concubines©. What an honour (or was it a misfortune?)! Of course I wasn't so silly to reject his offer. Who knows I might enrage His Imperial Highness and Heaven knows what would happen to me next. Better not take the risk!


The executioner was startled to hear the emperor's words. He was so astonished at the sudden accusation.

"Your Majesty, I've always been loyal to you. I plead innocence with my head, body and my whole family! And the fact is, I'm the imperial executioner all these times. I've never been a eunuch or ocipala whatsoever!"

"Really? But you're the exact clone of my eunuch, Siu Kiong! How could that be? Don't you try to fabricate tales, unless you wish to be beheaded! Now, tell me the truth!"

"Your Majesty, I swear I told you the truth. In fact, my name is not Siu Kiong. I'm 100% sure of that. My mama named me Siu Pao since the day I was born."

Siu Pao

"This is so wacky! Alright... I'm gonna rest this particular case. But I'm kinda interested to see how you're gonna defend yourself against the charge of you having an intimate affair with one of my concubines! How dare you!"

The imperial concubines... Indeed Apple Juicy™! Now, who is who? W - M - A - C? :P

"Your Majesty, of course I dare not do that! That's treason! I think it's time for you to know the truth now. Concubine W is actually my long-lost sister. We'd only come to know each other's background when we were in your palace."

The emperor then turned to look at the pale-face Concubine W.

"Is this true?"

"Dear... Of course what he said is true! If you don't believe him, at least you must have faith in me! I wouldn't have done such a despicable act which defames myself and completely shatters my love for you! You've already known that you're 1 of the 2 men I love the most in my entire life! It's not like you don't know about it..."

Concubine W sobbed like no tomorrow after replying her dear. But the moment the emperor heard of the last few words, he was already fuming with anger.

"WHATTT?!? Who's that other man?"

Concubine W's face turned much paler than ever. She then stammeringly replied:

"Eeeee... This is so embarrassing! Dear... Tuuu... That charming guy lor! Dashingly sweet and handsome and youthful-looking! Definitely not an uncle with flabby skin (alluding to the emperor)! Even his name is equally sweet and alluring --- Lee Hom! Dear... Don't you remember?"

Lee Hom ~ Spokesperson for my phone! :P

The emperor was left speechless. Just then, his trusty eunuch, Siu Kiong walked in. It was the moment of truth. Siu Kiong and Siu Pao were astounded to see their own selves standing before each other!

Siu Kiong

What would happen next? Could both of them be long-lost identical twin brothers? It's all coming up next in Chapter 9! Be sure not to miss it!


And due to 1 whole week of sleepless nights, the emperor decided to pen his own Chapter 8 for he could no longer wait for mine! Since he's summoned this lovely girl to continue with the story, I shall tolerate him this one time! So, you go girl! ;)

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Da Grandest Event on Earth

No... It's not the much-anticipated, paparazzi-crazed Brangelina's lavish marriage we're talkin' about. I doubt it's gonna be so soon either, especially after all the hustle of welcoming another child into the family. Right, Angie? ;)


And no... It's definitely not the construction of another luxurious 7-star hotel for those wealthy moguls and glitzy stars.

The world's 1st 7-star Burj al-Arab, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

We're doing much bigger and better than that, of course!

I now welcome all you potential chuppers out there to my premium T H E H U G H U G C L U B™, the one and only place where you're gonna earn an infinite flow of smooches and hugs! If you've been desperately hungry for affectionate kisses and passionate cuddles, now here's your golden moment. Get your pouty lips ready and chup all your way to da top! We would be extremely delighted to reciprocate munificently. It's so simple to entitle yourself to one of the most coveted titles on Earth --- Chupper da Ultimate™!

For this time only, I'm gonna award the night's 1st lucky star an auspicious 8 huggie points instead of the usual 5! So what are you guys still waiting for? Come on over and chup here all over!

Under the auspices of Mr Chairman himself, I now proudly declare the latest franchise of the world's only 10-star resort chain officially OPEN!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Doomsday... Now...


Dare not think. Dare not see. Dare not sleep.

Listening to the ticking clock.

Listening to my heartbeat.

My doomsday has finally arrived.

12 hours to go.

Wish me luck.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Childhood Meme

The bestest chef in London and abroad assigned me a task in late February as she wanna kepo on the 10 games I played when I was young. My childhood was kinda bland and boring lah... So this tag is gonna be another big headache for me! Take a look at that emperor... His childhood was so interesting! That's the beauty of the last generation --- the generation of no worries. My generation is where the so-called kiasuism among kids started to kick in. We competed against each other since primary times. We jotted down exam scores of each other in a notebook. We even ranked the top students in our class after tallying their total scores. See how kiasu we are when we were young! But kids nowadays are even worse... Those Kumon pre-schoolers can even cry hard when they lost in one of their many kiasu battles! Gosh...

Seems like I drift a bit too far. Back to the topic then. And oh... Here's the compilation of my very own T O P 1 0 C L A S S I C C H I L D H O O D G A M E S™:

1. Card games
UNO! Snap! Happy Families! What else? These card games have definitely brought a lot of innocent laughter and happy moments back then. Once I made my own UNO cards and brought it to school despite it was listed an illegal item. We even played stealthily during our English lesson but the teacher was so sharp-eyed that she caught us playing it. Alas, my masterpiece was confiscated. And as a punishment, 4 of us were asked to stand throughout her lesson.

2. Board games
Millionaire (local version of Monopoly, which I think is much more enjoyable)! Sahibba (local version of Scrabble)! Snakes N Ladders! Chess! Draughts! And so much more... Yes, we played these all the time! O the fond memories...

3. Marbles
We used them to play congkak and the shooting game. How nostalgic!

4. Hopscotch
I seriously love this game. Hop and hop... Draw your own home in one of the slots... Throw stones to bombard one's property... It was so intoxicating!

5. Catch N Run
Run for your life! LOL! Another thrilling yet exhausting game. But it was worth every second!

6. Lasy
Not Lego meh? Just a lesser known brand and comes in bigger pieces. It was fun nonetheless.

7. Play-Doh
Another favourite of mine. Mine was the Teeny Farm pack. Dough in, farm animals out! And there were also moulds for the tractor plus Mr and Mrs Farmer! The reason I loved Play-Doh was because of the wonderful extruder included in the pack. I'd wished to own the other packs too that time, like the amazing Fun Factory and the stunning Ice-cream Maker.

8. Mastermind
Da game for genuises! But I ain't a genius. :(

9. Digimon
The trend of owning a virtual pet toy swept across the globe like a pandemic a decade ago. How could I be left behind? No way! Mine was blue.

10. Video & PC games
The cyber era has arrived! My dad bought me a video game console and the hit that time was none other than the ultimate mushroom lover --- Mario!

My first PC arrived when I was 11. Still considered young, right? It was a Pentium MMX. And yes... The Sims series were a global hit. They were a hit at my home too! :)

Thank goodness I'm done! My mind is so exhausted right now reminiscing about the rather uninteresting childhood. What I remember most about it is books, books and books! Grrr... =.="

And wait... Who am I gonna pass this meme to? Hmm...

Nobody! I'll let you guys enjoy some P E A C E F U L M O M E N T S™ first before I unleash my evil in the upcoming tag! Kekeke...


Angeline! If you're reading this, can you please extend my congratulatory message to both of your sisters for scoring straight A's in SPM? I'm so proud of you girls! :)

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Da 'Klang Klang' legend...

Let me narrate you guys a wonderful legend preserved in time...

... in a land far, far away, there lived an Applelicious™ emperor with his harem of 30,003 Apple Juicy™ concubines. The wise emperor ruled the fleshy Apple Empire™, bestowed on him by the Angielicious™ angel, an angel who blew Apple Luscious™ kisses whom he met in one of his Apple Sweet™ dreams. He was extremely revered by all the noblemen and commoners in his empire. Besides, the emperor was a notable visionary centuries ahead of his time, for his sumptuous Apple Palace™ was stocked with all sorts of technologically advanced Apple equipment which his people had never seen nor heard of before.

And bla bla bla...

Umpteen centuries later in the year 2007, on the 8th day of the 3rd month, the whole world celebrates his birthday anniversary with all da Klangs and joy. He would be remembered as the man of Apple Visions™, Apple Delicious™, and Apple Bliss™ for all eternity.

And let us all wish this great legendary man of great visions, His Imperial Highness Emperor L B a very Applelicious™ Klang Klang Day, and together we spread his Apple Visions™ far and wide for centuries to come.

H A P P Y K L A N G K L A N G A N N I V E R S A R Y E M P E R O R !

Sunday, March 04, 2007

The end of a joyous celebration

I'm supposed to blog about this yesterday, but laziness held me back. I ended up watching American Idol and blog hopping instead. Me being the king of procrastination, decided to defer it to this day.

So we were on the streets last night. And surprise, surprise! We bumped into a Hindu procession half-way. What festival were they celebrating? I first thought it was Thaipusam, but according to Wikipedia, Thaipusam fell on February 1st this year. Hmm... Anyone knows?

The main streets leading to the city centre were congested with traffic. Unlike the Nine Emperor Gods Festival 九皇爷诞, streets were not closed to traffic, hence the traffic jam. Our car moved inch by inch, but the unique procession ahead thrilled all of us. Pious Hindu men carried the stunningly decorated kavadis with long sharp skewers piercing through their flesh. There were also dancers in trance chanting all their way from a major Hindu temple where the procession began to another temple situated not far away.

Swarm of Hindus filled the streets and converged at the temple where the procession ended. It was a rare scene since I'd never seen so many Indians in my city before. My dad told me that the majority of them had lived in the estates for generations and they were still living there today. That explained why their presence in the city was so scarce.

The captivating procession

We finally arrived at our destination. And guess what? My grandpa treated us to a steamboat dinner! My paternal cousins and relatives were all invited. What a family reunion night!

An array of yummylicious ingredients

Check out those humongous prawns!


Of course me and my mum couldn't enjoy this sumptuous meal. I was busy playing with my cousin's new mobile phone the whole night instead. LOL! And yeah... I'm a super phone fanatic, just like the bestest chef in London and abroad, Wennnn. :hi 5:

Sadly, the 15-day festival has finally come to an end. Awww... No more angpows till next year! Gracious... :counting down the days:

Hope you guys have an auspicious and memorable year ahead, and wishing all you Chinese folk out there a Happy Chap Goh Meh! 元宵节快乐! :)

Addendum: I forgot to mention about a cute Indian boy I met. You know what... He looks exactly like an angmoh kid! His skin colour is white, really white, to the point that it seems whiter and fairer than those angmohs! His hair colour is, not ebony, but blond! Striking Scandinavian blond! His eyebrows and eyelashes are kinda white or blond too. Now the weird thing is, his parents are both dark-skinned, so do his siblings. He's obviously the odd one out. I do think it's this disease that causes the boy's skin to be extremely pale. Perhaps Dr Chen can help us identify it?

Thursday, March 01, 2007

A 'heavenly' gift

O holy Angel!

She tagged me.

Just when you think all angels are kind, gentle and sweet, this one is out for revenge! Grrr... ><"

1. Who is the first blogger you meet?
First blogger? I met this girl long before she becomes a blogger. It was... let me see... 13 years ago, back in the year 1994. How did we meet? Because we were classmates! And I soon found out that she's actually a cousin of mine.

2. Who is the "most wanted to meet blogger" for you?
This is so tough. I have absolutely no idea. Could be the sweety pie may may, who's now seeking her own sunshine paradise in Sydney. Could be His Imperial Majesty Emperor L B, the Applelicious™ monarch who makes no secret of his palace harem's 30,000 concubines. Could be the fallen lovable Angel, who's also the sizzling hot Angelina Jolie in disguise, blowing muaks and kisses everywhere she goes. And last but not least, it could also be you, you and YOU! I just wanna meet all you bloggers out there!

3. Who is the "I can meet, want to meet but somehow never got to meet" blogger?
I can meet but never got to meet? Gosh... This is so contradictory! I'll just give this question a pass... =.="

4. Who are the group of bloggers you most wanted to meet?
This one is simple. Need no guess at all. Of course is the prestigious, world's only 10-star T H E H U G H U G C L U B™'s huggable sons and daughters! All the hugs, muaks and chups! :)

5. Do you have any bloggers/blog readers that you wish to meet right now?
Again?!? No redundance, please... :puke blood:

This is probably the most ridiculous tag I've seen so far. The repetitive questions... My gawd! Let me be an angel this time for not tagging anyone here. Don't think you guys would love to do this silly tag either. :sigh of relief for DD: