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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Peep a peep...

Somebody wanna see my desktop wor... And she is none other than the ever-so-lovely little miss may! may may 姐, your wish is granted! :)

I love to keep my desktop neat and icons-free (almost)

So how's it? Nice? I snapped this photo featuring Kedah's state mosque, Masjid Zahir, on my way home from my workplace yesterday. This magnificent edifice distinguishes itself from those ubiquitous local mosques with its exceptionally strong Moorish and British colonial architecture, together with an imposing archway that greets devotees at its entrance. Citing from this Wikipedia entry, the mosque has been voted one of the top 10 most beautiful mosques in the world. Wow... Very impressive indeed! And by the way, doesn't it resemble the stunning Taj Mahal and Delhi's Jama Masjid in this pic? I honestly think it's absolutely breathtaking when it's silhouetted against the evening sky.

And boy... The generous me is giving away CNY angpows! :P I'm tagging:

Ah Boy
Mr. Goober
Sin Ling

Happy Chinese New Year my lucky ones! :P

And for my breakfast on this Chinese New Year's Eve morning, I had a bowl of curry flavoured instant noodles! :P

Kiasuland brand... Pricier than local ones but definitely tastier! And no MSG!



angel said...

adoi... tq lah for your 'angpao'... the original tagger tagged me i also notchet do, u tag me again... my desktop can be 'choking'... how? u sure u wanna see???

haiiii... we so opposite... how to be brad & angie?? :P

is the koka noodles nice? hv not tried b4... no MSG?? u sure bo??

Keong Hee Pork Chai, ♥kyh♥!

may said...

waaaaa, I like, I like! the photo looks like you took it at some foreign land, so the canggih!! love that sunset. and the setting. really cool.

thanks for submitting homework! *hugssss*

Gung Hei Fatt Choy!!

kyh said...

angel: You're welcome! I tagged you again is to urge you to fast fast do your homework! 今日事,今日毕! Of course I wanna see your desktop... If not why do you think I wanna tag you leh? NBTD meh... :P

We can find similarities amongst differences. :P

IMO, it's nicer than local brands. The noodles are much more Q than local ones. The packet says no MSG one ma... True or not I don't know leh...

Muaks for my dear empress! :P

may: Like taken in India or Pakistan, right? :perasan a bit: :P

Hugs for may may jie!

Happy CNY! :)

Mr. Goober said...

eh tipu!!
curry flavour is REddish! not like that..thats chicken flavoured !!

kyh said...

Adoi... Who wants to tipu you guys lah... So NBTD meh? What's more, I can't consume chicken flavoured one since I'm a vegetarian! =.=" It's not reddish maybe due to the turmeric powder in the soup base.

L B said...

You need to stop eating off a doggie bowl, my fren!! But at least your desktop is gorgeous!

day-dreamer said...

Angpao again... this kyh memang rich. Can't you tag some other people?? :P

Ti(p)u la... curry flavoured noodles the colour where got like that one?

LOL @ L B's comment...

kyh said...

L B: What?!? Doggie bowl??? :piak:

And yeah... I do think my desktop is gorgeous! :P

day-dreamer: I love tagging you! Cannot meh? :P

If you don't believe then suak... You can go and try one yourself. I've got no more energy to argue with you guys... =.="

_butt said...

an impressive picture taken, I must say..

kyh said...

Of course lah... :P

Anonymous said...

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