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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

No thanks... I'm not interested!

Months ago, I came across a work-at-home job ad in a Chinese daily and was intrigued to find out more about it. The ad didn't state the job's nature or other important particulars, except the emphasis on the pay, which was ranging from RM 3k to RM 5k or even more. Along with these eye-catching bold words was a link which I was told to log on to. To be frank, the pay wasn't the main appeal to me, but the Work at Home phrase certainly was. Since I was jobless that time and spent quite a lot of time in my home-sweet-home, I decided to try it out.

As instructed, I logged on to their web site. Still, particulars about the job were nowhere to be seen. All I saw were things like 'Are you interested to work at home?' or 'Thinking of generating extra income without compromising your current job?', something like that. I was then told to fill in my particulars and to include my e-mail address in order to receive an e-book which I would be told what to do next. Fine then. After receiving my e-book, I opened it to read. And still, no job particulars were found. Hence, I deleted it from my inbox, thinking it was just a piece of crap.

And let's fast forward to today. While I was at my workplace, my phone suddenly rang. And oh, I'd set it to silent mode earlier in case you were curious. The phone displayed the word Withheld and thus I had absolutely no idea who was calling me. I excused myself for a while and went to answer my call at the back. To my utmost surprise, the caller was from the company where I sent my particulars to on-line that day. On the phone, he asked me whether I was really interested in the job. He took a few minutes explaining to me about the scheme and asked me to leave him my MSN account as someone was gonna voice chat with me tonight. I needed to hang up the phone as soon as possible since it was not appropriate for me to chat for so long on the phone at work. And thus I gave him all positive response.

At night, that someone really did call me, via Windows Live Messenger. My grandma was in my room that time, and we both listened attentively to what he was gonna say to me. He introduced himself as Jonathan, and he went on to ask me all sorts of questions. Still, he didn't mention his company's name. He even told me about the story of a girl who earned thousands every month through their scheme until she eventually quit her job to work full-time from home. It might be true, but it really did sound very fishy here.

Not long after that, he finally revealed himself as a direct salesperson from Herbalife. Deng! The truth was uncovered. The company is recruiting new members, it seems. But sorry lah... I'm really not interested in direct sales. My mum joined me soon after, but I was the only one speaking to this guy, without him knowing the presence of both my mum and grandma in my room.

And later, the ugly side of direct sales was wholly shown. He requested RM 450 from me as a basic investment in the company, guaranteeing lucrative rewards coming my way anytime soon. Really 狮子开大口! You think I'm filthy rich meh?!? I'm just a student okay... =.=" My mum and grandma were totally shocked at that startling amount of sum. The mischievous me then decided to play a prank on him. LOL!

I tried to prove to him I was poor, very poor:

He first asked me whether I have a mobile phone or not.
And of course, I said NO.

Then what about my own car?
And again, NO.

Motorbike? Bicycle?
NO NO NO. =.="

How do I go other places then if I don't own a car?
Easy... I tumpang my neighbour's one lah... If worse comes to worst, I'll just call my friends or relatives to fetch. So simple!

P/S: OMG... This is getting increasingly syok!

What's my dad's job?

Oh... Is that a secretary?
NO... It's a clerk.

What about my mum?

Are daily meals a family problem financially?
Quite. I have instant noodles as my lunch or dinner at times.

And bla bla bla...

Itellu, I almost burst into laughter in the middle of the conversation. I had to mute my microphone several times just to laugh my ass off. Both my womenfolk were amazed by my fibbing skills and they too burst into laughter. Hahaha...

Before ending our conversation, he left me his phone number and told me to call him back when I'm ready for it. I didn't reject his offer straightaway as it might seem impolite for me to do so. I just told him I needed some time to ponder as this was probably the best answer I could think of without having to hurt either parties' feelings. Giving someone hope is always better than destroying someone's dream, right? And he apologized for wasting my time before we ended the call. Actually, I think I'm the one who should really apologize for wasting his time on something he's not gonna get from me anyhow.

And a million thanks to him as if not for this Jonathan dude, I wouldn't have something to blog today. :P


L B said...

You were being too kind. Not that that was bad, but I would have told him right away not to waste either of our times. Still, I guess you derived some entertainment out of it. Maybe I am just a bit jaded, but I get these calls in the evenings on my landline from people with a thousand and one offers. After awhile, they are just a huge nuisance, so after the first sentence, it's Sorry, Bye Bye..*click*

day-dreamer said...


It's really syiok you know, to main-main an irritating person like that! I absolutely enjoy doing so at times.... wakakakaka!

Well well well, what a scam. Lucky you did not fall for it (again? after the Yahoo one). :P

angel said...

I'd have done like l b. Hate these unscrupulous tactics... and Herbalife?? Errr... I'm also a member...

But what was misleading was that 'work-from-home' attraction. Didn't you ask him how to do that?? And with direct sales, how to sit at home and generate $$$? Stupidos...

Pink Cotton said...

HAHAH terrible la those direct sale ppl...tehy r really desperate

why dont they just reveal which company they r from la..haiyoo...act so secretive for wat

may said...

I always run far far far away from these people whenever I can. and oh, from those kind of ads too. never trust them! always go for jobs where they reveal who they are, if you can.

I usually just say "not interested" after they say who they are, and then put down the phone. I'm that jaded as well.

_butt said...

I would've cut him off right away.. waste time la talking to people like him.. unless you're too free nothing to do la.. lol

kyh said...

L B: LOL! What a drama! And I know I'm just too kind... :P

day-dreamer: :naughty girl spotted: :P

Of course I didn't fall for something that wanna rob my $$$!

angel: OMG! You're its member?!? Shoo... :P

So do you know this Jonathan guy? If you do, don't tell him I bullied him har... ;)

Pink Cotton: They know most Malaysians are anti-direct sales one ma... So must be secret secret a bit lo...

may: LOL! L B and may may 姐 would definitely make a perfect couple! :P

_butt: Haha... I was indeed NBTD last night. :P

Simple American said...

Definitely good blog material. Not much value beyond that. Nice you can entertain your mum and grandma too. :)

kyh said...

It's definitely a good evening joke. I kinda enjoyed it. :P

Chen said...

i will cut him off right away too :D
these direct sales people very sian wan..

Mr. Goober said...

this is quite funny..
i bet the conversation must've been quite lol

kyh said...

Chen: I'll do that next time. :)

Mr. Goober: I'm bad at descriptive writing, thus I couldn't actually carry out the scene here. But I can tell you it's really funny!

Kikare said...

in this case, i'd say destroying his 'dream' is better than giving him hope. you think he didn't know you were pulling his legs?? haha

it is a wonder how direct sales can still manage to exist. who really buys from them?!

kyh said...

Whatever... I'm never gonna attend to such person in the future! Never!

Kristopher said...

How to work at Home? Direct Sales need you to run outside like a normal Sale Person does. And true, some Direct Sales companies do carry a good products like FLP and AW but most are Ali ba ba companes. WOW!!1 u need so much to join HL ah? but i think better that LB.

zewt said...

hahaha... someone trying to con u ended up in your blog.. not bad....

that guy probably is making millions... but joining him doesnt mean you will make tonnes too... wise choice.

kyh said...

Kristopher: Yes... It sounded strange.

What kind of brand is LB? At first glance, I thought you were saying about the Apple King, L B! LOL!

zewt: :P

That's why most of us detest direct sales so much!