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Sunday, February 18, 2007

God's prank on Chinese New Year!

It's been an extremely unlucky Chinese New Year. In fact, it's the unluckiest Chinese New Year I've ever experienced. Do you know what happened last night on CNY's Eve? I'll let your imagination run wild for a moment...


Can't guess it? No surprise. Itellu, even though our rooms are located upstairs, they got flooded with rain-water! Doesn't make any sense right? But things won't happen without a reason. And in this case, there is a reason.

It rained torrentially yesterday evening. As long as I can remember, it never rained during CNY. It used to be scorching hot to a rather uncomfortable level during the festive season. When I noticed the sky was gradually turning grey with cumulonimbus clouds dangling low in midair, I knew there was gonna be a downpour. And as expected, it soon started to rain.

Things were still all right at this moment. Each of us sticked to our own chores, without bothering about the rain. As usual, I was surfing the net in my room while the ladies were preparing for dinner in the kitchen. Once I heard the calls of thunder, I immediately switched off my PC and left my room. There I saw my dad watching CNY specials on TV.

After don't-know-how-long, my dad went to his room. And it was at this very moment things started to turn worse. My dad called my mum frantically from his room and shouted, "Flood!". My curiousity raised once I heard this. I walked to his room without much expectation in my mind, but was left flabbergasted once I was inside. In front of my eyes was something you wouldn't wish to see --- gushing water cascading down from the ceiling, just like a waterfall. For a moment I stood there frozen. It was a sight that I've never seen before in my life.

Suddenly, I thought of my room which was adjacent to theirs. I rushed there and was greeted by the same horrific scene. Water hit my desk, wardrobe, bookshelf and books. It was a living nightmare. I nearly fainted at the sight. I immediately rushed to get a pail to fill the dripping water. Then, I grabbed a mop and started to do the cleaning job. Since rain-water was dripping down profusely from one stretch of the ceiling, my room was soon inundated. The same happened to my parents' room. We rolled up rugs and placed them at the rooms' entrances to prevent water from pouring into our living-room.

Not long after that, my relatives arrived. They were equally aghast at the pathetic sight. Some of them volunteered to help us clean up the mess and to move things out of the affected rooms. I felt like as if we were moving house. When they left soon after they had their dinner here, we still hadn't finished our tasks. It was not until 1 something in the morning on the first day of Chinese New Year we could manage to rest. Due to hours of feet soaking in the water, they were aching like hell! And since I'd been exercising so much, my stomach started to growl again. I had my dinner supper once more to fill my midnight hunger.

This flood has caused quite a damage to our furniture, since most of them are made of wood. Even my parents' 1-year-plus King Koil mattress isn't able to escape the mishap, albeit still usable. My festive mood is completely destructed by this sudden CNY disaster! What's more, while we were busy cleaning our rooms, the family staying opposite us was having a party! What an irony! =.=" And whenever it starts to rain now, I become quite anxious. Hopefully there's no 2nd time...


day-dreamer said...

Wah... congratulations! Looking on the brighter side, your year will be filled with water (水 a.k.a. $$) whole year long!

Cantonese say, yao sui yao sui!


L B said...

Really trajedy! Oh dear, roof koyak now, needs total reroofing.. Sorry to hear about such a mess for your New Year.. but at least your PC is safe.. *gives you a nice lo kam*

kyh said...

day-dreamer: What lah you... Is that a satire or a compliment? Too much of anything isn't good one you know... Except friends, health, life-span and $$$ lah of course...

L B: :sob:

All those workers are happily cuti! So geram now... Can't do anything but to pray for no tragedy again!

And yeah... Luckily my PC is all right! Thank goodness!

Thanks again for your sweet and juicy lo kam! :)

angel said...

Oh dear oh dear... I can totally feel you! I had that sort of experience before when I came home one fine day from work to find my bedroom all banjir!!! My mattress all also kena... boy.. it was a nightmare..

Hey, this morning rained again here... did it rain at your place? Hope it's fine...

*faster faster calls back all the Roof Workers in AS*

Cum, cum... *hug hug*

kyh said...

Your bedroom kena banjir before? Man... That's so malang! :(

I can't remember about this morning... But I definitely know it rained at night.

Yeah... They should really commence working again! Can't stand them cuti so long when we were suffering here! =.="

And a big, big hug for you! :)

_butt said...

couldn't agree more with DD, I mean, look at the bright side.. water is $$ maa.. :P

okok, here's hoping no more second time..

kyh said...

Yer... Why did you say like that too... :(

You'll get a hard spanking on your butt if you tell this to those flood victims in Johor and elsewhere. :P