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Monday, February 19, 2007

Festive Feast I

Despite having sauté codfish, curry prawns, meat-filled bean curds, and black pepper chicken on our dining table, I couldn't have any of them! :(

The only 2 dishes me and my mum could savour and enjoy were the choi sum and claypot tofu. They were specially ordered for both of us.

And to compensate for that, we had mahjong at my cousin's place. :)

Happy Chinese New Year everyone!


L B said...

How come? On a diet? Or turning vegetarian? Hmm, second day already? That codfish looks good, eh? *yummmy*

day-dreamer said...

So the yummy-looking!

We had chicken, hai sum, hu pio, fish and many more! Haha.

Nvm la, choy sum and tofu healthy! :D

p.s. Your word verification: "deedy"

day-dreamer said...

Dear L B doesn't know our dear kyh is a vegetarian who dreams of siu yok chu par everyday!

Same comment time! How come his comment appears first???

kyh said...

L B: I guess DD has explained the reason why in her comment, albeit sans the siew yok chu par part... :P

Yup... It's the 2nd day!

Yummy eh? :give you 1 portion:

day-dreamer: Haha... Don't drool! :P

Vegetables have always been a highly recommended health food! So eat more!

LOL at your word verification! :P

I dream of $$$ more leh... :P

Same minute, but different seconds ma... One minute has 60 seconds my dear! One second apart can make a big difference you know...

angel said...

Hey, wanna tell us why you turned vegetarian? Not vegemaster LOL!

My dinner that night sucked... :(

kyh said...

Hmm... Due to spiritual factors... And also for the sake of my health. :)

Sucked? Come... I belanja you a nice, nice meal (vegetarian one of course)! :)

_butt said...

wahh.. I'm still craving for the yummlicious meals I had that night during reunion dinner.. went vege on the 1st day though..

win more at mahjong game!! :D

kyh said...

Yum yum! :D

Gotta win more this time... :P