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Saturday, February 03, 2007


I was publicly humiliated today yesterday. Never in my life have I been treated like that before. When I think back about it right now, I really feel like strangling those guys to death. Damn geram now! :flaming hot peri-peri:

This Yesterday afternoon, I patronized Watson's which is just a stone's throw away from my workplace since I arrived there much earlier than the stipulated time. When I was thinking of leaving empty-handedly, I felt that I might look weird since I was in there for quite an hour. Thus, I decided to get me a box of mint and headed back to work.

When I pulled open the door and prepared to step out from the shop, the most embarrassing thing happened. The anti-shoplifting sensors that flanked me suddenly came alive and sent out deafening beeps which alerted all the staff and customers inside. I was shocked. One of the staff came up to me and asked me to follow him to the store-room while asking another staff to come along too.

Since I was sooo innocent, I didn't care to lodge any objection. After 3 of us were inside, one of them closed the door behind us. The acting-like-he's-tualiap staff started interrogating me. And to add salt to my injury, I was carrying with me my backpack during that time! Grrr... That just made me to appear more suspicious. The damn staff then ordered me to open my backpack and showed him all my pockets. Fine, as long as he was not abusing me physically.

And when he couldn't seem to get from me what he was looking for, he gave me this ridiculous excuse (not in exact wording):

"Mungkin sebab barang yang anda beli itu dah lama..."

Bla bla bla... (I didn't have the mood to listen to his so-called explanation.)

Excuse me? What kind of reason is that? Have any of you guys heard of this explanation before? This is sooo illogically absurd! They simply put the stupid, brainless sensors up and got me into all these stupid troubles for no reasons? Damn! @#!%#! I feel like smashing those useless sensors too!

Worse still, they made absolutely no apologies to me! Fine. I was not in the mood to quarrel since my class was gonna start very soon in just a few minutes. I didn't want this incident to cause me late for work. 俗语说: "大事化小, 小事化无" 嘛! OMG... I couldn't believe that I was being so magnanimous! 我撞邪啊? :shocked:

Fortunately, there were near to zero customers the moment I was being suspected of shoplifting. At least I could still salvage some of my dignity. One thing for sure, this particular outlet ain't gonna win my heart back in the future. I'm boycotting it from today onwards! And you know what, most of the displayed items there are quite dusty as if they've never been dusted before. Useless, lazy staff! =.=

就是这可恶的家伙害死人的! But it's damn yummy though... :P


sophisticatedsoul said...


Barley Mint Frozz is my favourite. But your Blueberry Mint Frozz reminds me of my housemate..hah..

I digress.

And to tag me? No

angel said...

Huh?? And u let them get away just like that???????

SUE 9 THEM!!!!!!
Make you bo bin worrrr...

Mr. Goober said...

wahlau eh..
i never knew a mint would cause so much trouble....because i never like mints and never bought it ;D

kyh said...

sophisticatedsoul: 你真没良心! 你不同情我的遭遇吗? :sob:

Haha... You like Frozz too? I also love Barley Mint. But since I haven't tried this Blueberry Mint before, I just gave it a try lol...

I know you wouldn't want to be tagged since the earliest of times! :P

angel: Nevermind lah... Let it be. I'm becoming you leh --- an angel for a day! So 菩萨心肠! :P

Mr. Goober: You buy peanut butter and all those kacang snacks every time you shop? :P

Winn said...

i know how u feel..
i have those anti theft sensor oso
lasy time i always kena.....!! my laptop duno why everytime oso kena.
thats why i have phobia walking thru those sensors now.

kyh said...

Haha... Don't sked! I give you hugs! :)

This is not the first time I kena the sensors if I'm not mistaken. But it is definitely the first time I was mistaken as a thief! Do I really look like one now? Grrr... I am really flaming hot peri-peri like you lol, albeit in the other sense. :P

_butt said...

face problem kot? Kkkkkkkkkk.. kidding kidding!

they all malu already la cuz false alarm, that's why come up with such lame excuse.. tsk, tsk..

cool, coool.. *fanning*

kyh said...

Haih... Next time if I get to meet them on the streets, I'd sure baling stones or rocks towards them! But the problem is I've forgotten their faces! ALAMAK!

Pink Cotton said...


poor you


u shud scold them back lah!...and sue them just for extra measure...hahahah

kyh said...

I should get some free items from the shop in return hor? Why me so stupid one?! :(

Angele said...

Ohhh!Well for sure this must have been quite an embarrassing moment for you!

I say SUE THEM!!!Hahaha
*evil me*

At least they could have apologise to you and offer you some more free mint boxes =D


Selba said...

Frozz got blueberry mint??? We don't have it here in Indonesia.

I think there're only:
the white (orignal mint),
the blue (barley mint),
the orange (orange mint),
the pink (cherry mint),
the green (hmmm what mint? can't remember).
That's all... and I only like the cherry mint :D

Aiyayaya... must be so bad being "caught" like that...

kyh said...

Angele: Yeah... Not mint boxes, but chocolates! Those imported ones! :P I'm not being mean by demanding this, am I?

Selba: The green one is Lime! I think I've never seen Orange one before. Maybe I should go and check it out (definitely not that stupid shop!).

Yeah... It's really bad that it hurts me so much! Haha... Just kidding lol... Now I'm fine! :)

Winn said...

haha..dun peri peri hot! i give u hug back oso..

err! thief got thief looks one meh

day-dreamer said...

Kesian... kesian...

There's this Popular Bookstore in Ipoh where its sensor are damn kisiao sometimes.... walk past it also scared scared liao...

Psst~ write to The Star or NST about it. Jatuh Watson's face kao kao!

kyh said...

Winn: Thanks for the hugs! I feel so warm now! :)

Maybe thieves really have certain kind of looks. But hopefully not as I don't think I look like one. :P

day-dreamer: 俗语说:"大事化小, 小事化无"。就这样算了吧! 在这儿埋怨几句就没事了。何必搞得人家这样呢? 看我这样菩萨心肠, 往日一定有好报的喔! 呵呵... :)